A Poor Situation

You know what I am just so freaking annoyed by this situation at work. Just like so annoyed. So this weekend I have to close the restaurant. Well, just not me, two other people but still. On Saturday technically Sunday I get off work at 1:30 AM and technically (Sunday) Monday I get off work at 0:30 AM. But like no. Heeeeeeell no! Like the problem is the inconvenience with the time. Plus surprisingly it's easier to get home Sunday morning than Monday morning. Like WTF?! Plus on Monday I am scheduled to work between 12 PM and 9 PM. Huh?! NO. I mean like I will get home so late and then I will only get a few hours of sleep only to get up and go to work again. Yes I know like this is normal for a lot of people. Hmmm, I mean I would never have taken this job is I know about this in the first place. Like I don't want to quit I am jus annoyed but this situation. My boss said that she won't give me shifts like that in the future. That's nice but like that doesn't help me now. Like I don't know what to do. Tomorrow okay the but Sunday and Monday then? It's like pick and choose there. TBH I don't feel like this is my problem, I didn't make the schedule. It's just but me in spoor situation. IK it's not like she new abut this either but still. OMG. Just frustrated over it all.

Hahahaha, I also feel like I don't have time with this. I have other stuff, important stuff, to take care off. OMG IDK how I am going to fit it all in. Why me?! Linda was like, work it's money. I am like, I didn't say this to her, but like I feel like life is not all about money. You have to enjoy life for the money you make to be anything.

IDK there was something else that I wanted to say but whatever, bye until tomorrow.

your writer, Erika


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