The Typical Me

Hi guys! How was your sunday? I went to the movies with my mom. She kind of made me take her. LOL. Like I have (had is the correct term) almost 1000 kr in gift certificate. LOL. We went and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was really good. You should go and see it if you haven't seen it. Hmm, like there is not a lot movies playing at the moment that I actually want to see. I mean I have lot of gift certificates so like, um yeah. Hahaha. I got so bummed out yesterday because I really want to see The Awkward Moment with Zac Efron but it won't premiere in the theaters here in Sweden, it will go straight to DVD. Like WTF! I have been wanting too see that movie since October! Plus it comes out on DVD on June 18th! June 18th OMG! Like I want to see that now. Americans are so lucky because they get to see it now!

I don't have to work tomorrow! Yeah! So therefor I am going to stay home all day long. LOL. I just want to stay home and watch TV, like Ellen. I have missed so much Ellen because I have been working. LOL. OMG. Yeah! I am going to catch up on a few other TV show, which I can only watch online and watch some youtube videos. Is it only or does that sound like an awesome day! All you need is some Ben&Jerry (LOL, no I have had enough sweets for a while).

your writer, Erika


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