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What's crackalakin motherlovers?! Finally some well deserved rest. And three whole days of is! That's not too shabby. Plus I got to leave work early today. Half an hour so it wasn't that much, I mean if I would have had to work that extra half hour I wouldn't have had mind. Really didn't care, since I was supposed to anyway but since I was a Friday it felt nice to leave a little bit earlier. You know what, today was my third day and I thought that I never would get board with his job but today at like 4:50 PM I just had they feeling like "WTF?! It's only ten to five! Kill me now! I have two hours left of this shit!" but then the customers started poring in and it got really busy and before I knew it was an hour and half later. Whoops! Just like that. Hahahaha. There is never really a boring moment because you don't have time to think about anything, you're too busy taking care of customers. Oh, maybe I should explain, I work at McDonalds. Yes, I am one of those people know. Hahahaha. You learn a lot. But three days off, most important I got the 26th off. Grey's Anatomy returns then. LOL. I want to see it. Like seriously (don't tell me what happened if you have already seen that episode), if April and Jackson don't end up together, then, then, I just, hmm. Okay let's just say that they have to end up together.

So what have you done tonight or are planning on to do? I have done much. I got home around 8 PM or so and then. I watched a movie with my mom that I made her rent. LOL. We saw We're The Millers. One of the most hilarious fucking movies that I have seen in a long time. I laughed so hard at time that I had to laugh into a pillow. OMG, you have to see this movie I strongly recommend it to anyway how's looking an awesome movie! Like I have been wanting to see this movie for a while now. I follow Emma Roberts (who play Casey) on instagram and a few months back se posted a lot about We're The Millers and so I got curious about what kind of movie it was. I looked it up and was like "I HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE!" when I saw the trailer. Freaking hilarious and I really strongly recommend it!

your writer, Erika


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