Super Bowl

Hi guys! What's happening? Hahahaha. Watching Super Bowl I guess? Hmm, I am well it's just some pre-talk pre-studio thingy where they are discussing different things related to American football. Hahaha. It's crazy because it started at 11:30 PM (remember that I live in Sweden and not in the United States) and it ends at 8:30 AM tomorrow. Like whaaat? I mean I am not going to watch the whole thing. Like yes, I want to see the performances but I'll just watch it on youtube tomorrow. But like i am going to watch a bit now before I'll go to bed and then some tomorrow while I am eating breakfast. Like I am not interested in American football. Yes, if I lived in the states I would be watching Super Bowl on TV right now and you'd may not hear from me. Hahaha. Like I am not into American football but like if I live in a new country I want to experience their culture and what makes them them and for America, American football is a big part of that (or seems to be anyway, hehehehe).

OMG, so that thing, the Super Bowl, is in New Jersey? Like, hmmm no, I mean I would actually go to it if it was in a warmer state. Hahaha. I just prefer the warmer weather. But like also i think that it would be a fun thing to do. Hahahaha, I say that now and like when I actually do it I'll probably want to kill myself from boredom. I know nothing about the game so, we also have that factor. But what I mean is is that it is that it just would be a fun thing to experience.

Oh, I before I leave you guys tonight I just want to congratulate Kevin and Danielle Jonas on baby girl Alena Rose. I wish you all the best!

your writer, Erika


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