Hi guys! So just a little quick post again. I mean I start work at 1 PM and don't get off until 9 PM so I am doing this now. Plus I have a few things to do before work. Well, I need to go shopping. I need a new face mask and pore strips. Pore strips are amazing. LOL. There is also this peel off face mask that kind of works like a pore strip for your whole face. I have tried it a before. It's kind of fun when you have peel off the whole face mask in one piece. Looks kind of creepy, but it's cool. LOL. I mostly use this active purifying face mask from Nivea. I mostly use Nivea. I use Nivea's pore strips. Those are the only good ones. Well, at least in Sweden anyway. When I lived in the US I used some other brand just because I couldn't find Nivea. I don't remember the name though. I think it was Bioré, not 100% sure.

your writer, Erika


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