Nail It

Hi guys! How are you? You know what I have been inside all day too. I have nowhere to be so why be anywhere, right? Hahahaha but tomorrow though, that I have somewhere to be. I wonder what the day is going to be like. Fortunately I don't start until 10 AM but it takes about an hour to get there. Since I am not allowed to wear nail polish I kind of did a mini manicure on the today. Hahahaha. I removed all the nail polish, sharpened my nails and cut my cuticles. I mean if I can't wear nail polish I at least want to look a little bit stylish. Sometimes no bail polish is very fresh. I mean it looks good. Mine, well, they look okay. My dry hands are ruining everything. Hahaha.

OMG, guess what?! Justin Bieber's trainer followed me on twitter this morning! Whaat!? I mean, he just got twitter so I just welcomed him to twitter so he tweeted me back, favorited my tweet and followed me! Yeah! He's always so nice to Beliebers. Justin needs more swedes in his crew. Maybe he can bring me on? LOL.

Yep and that's me on his timeline! See :)

your writer, Erika


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