IDK what wrong but my computer is getting really slow. Hmm. IDK why because I don't have a lot on my computer. I mean like I think I have around 500 GB and I have only used up about maybe 120 GB. I mean that's not a lot I mean, is it? I mean thinking of the total GB that I have. Is it? Hahaha. I need to pay the Genius Bar a visit. There is more things going on than the computer just being slow. Yup. Plus the iPhone, I think. I mean why not when I am already there. LOL.

Hmm. Has anyone out there seen Scandal? I have never watched Scandal. Until this weekend. IDK but there was this, I guess that it was a recap of what has happened until now and it was like really interesting. Drama. LOL. Drama is not fun to live in but it a sure as hell is fun to watch. I mean, why else has The Real Housewives series become so popular? It's not for the educational purpose. I don't like the shows but I watch them because of the drama. Anyhow I think that I might start to watch Scandal. The next time I have some time off I will watch a bunch of episodes. I mean, I want to start from the begging in so that I get/ understand what the show is about.

your writer, Erika


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