Good Moments

Hi guys! Monday, another week. Hahaha. It was a really mellow day at work today. Not much happened and not many guests. I mea, yeah there was guests at like all the time but there wasn't like a lot of guests at the time. I had time to run out with orders for guest who had made like a special order or something that wasn't ready when they ordered it. More days like this please! Pleeeeease. LOL. Tomorrow I'll work between 1 PM and 9 PM. 9 PM ain't that bad. Last Thursday I worked until 9 PM and at like that time there is not so many people so it is quite easy and not a lot to do. I like that. I mean I still get paid as much. LOL, last Thursday there was this girl who who told me that she had worked extra at twice at this other McDonalds in Stockholm and that it was so mellow there. It was like basically getting paid to so nothing. She and this other girl at this other McDonalds turned two trash cans upside-down and sat on time. LOL. Damn why can't I work there. I mean it sounds pretty sweet! LOL.

OMG! Today, or like this morning was great. I mean this day in general has been pretty sweet but like this morning was the best part of the day. Why? The sun was shining. Really shining, like I was almost blinded by the sun. It was just so amazing. Sunshine makes you so happy. It's just like an amazing feeling. Then when I came home from work my mom had made cinnamon and vanilla rolls. Yum yum!

your writer, Erika


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