Birthday Party

Oh hi guys! I thought that it was time for me to say hello. I mean I have been away for three days. I have been working so much that I just have not  had time for you. I am sorry. really not that way that I want it to be, but a sister got to work. LOL. Thankfully I have a nice boss that changed my schedule so that I didn't have to work late on Sunday. Yeah! Thank you. I made it thought these so called "hell days". Well that's what I called them in my head. I mean 'cause that's the truth. That's what they were. Hell hell hell. But soon it's weekend and that mean Justin Bieber's birthday, which also means BIRTHDAY PARTY! That's just something you can't miss. LOL. I know a feel people that is going to  the party. LOL.

I feel like I sometimes mess up at work but the someone else does something bad or mess up and whoever's in charge doesn't seem to mad about so I beat myself up so bad about whatever happened. LOL. I just have to ask you guys, like am I a bad person for whiting that someone will hand me an old 100 kr bill or an 50 kr bill so that I get the opportunity to tell them that it's false and that they can't pay for their food. I mean like "I am sorry sir but this is a old bill. You can't use a to pay for things anymore. I am sorry." Then I hand it back to them and inside I am like evil laugh. Mohahahaha! OMG! I just realized how sad my life is if that is like the highlight of my day. I mean because every time someone pays cash I secretly hope that is an bill and it's not and I get like sad. OMG, that is sad. I really don't know which is sadder in this little story. That I wish for someones misfortune or that like that is the only excitement in my life (I mean that I don't look forward to anything else). LOL, what has my life come to? This really is sad. I mean, really.

So like my 21st birthday is coming up. (Yeah yeah it's over a month left but still). I mean like I watched the latest episode of KUWTK earlier and they all went to Six Flags Magic Mountain for Kendall's 18th birthday party. Well they rented out the entire theme park. It would be awesome if I could go to Vegas for my birthday but obviously that is not happening. I don't see the odds of it but I still want to do something fun. Yeah I am not the biggest fan of theme parks or amusement parks but yeah I guess it would be fun to go to Grönan for the the day or rent out the place. I don't really see that happening either, plus Grönan doesn't open until the 26th and my birthday is April 6th. 20 days before. There is a gap there. It would be fun to go out to dinner at like Hard Rock Café or Texas Longhorn. IDK. Like I want to to something fun and different this year. I don't see anything out of the ordinary happening. I mean like renting out a theme park. I don't care. I mean like I would really like to go put and eat the like either Hard Rock or Longhorn but that like all I really know. If you have any ideas please comment below.

your writer, Erika


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