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On My Way Home

Hmm, I miss home. I do, but on the positive side it's only 43 days tomorrow until I fly back home. It feels better to think 43 days instead of six weeks and one day. Those 43 days will just swoop by like I didn't know what happened. Hmm, I want to go home. I just got to calm down and think 43 days. Well, 43 days tomorrow. 42 days on Thursday. 41 days on Friday. 40 days on, yeah you get it. I know that I will receive package from home either this week or next week depending on how fast the Swedish and American post office is. Plus here we get mail on Saturdays so hopefully this week.

Hmm, I tried to pay an extra suitcase. Well, I did because the money has be withdrawn from my bank account but at the last step it said that the transaction couldn't be completed. Hmm. But I e-mail BA to see what they have to say about it. I mean I HAVE paid for an extra suitcase but it doesn't say anything about it on my BA page and I have received a conformation e-mail. Well, I just have …

That Bitch Named Sandy

Damn! Have you heard about that bitch named Sandy? Excuse my language, but I mean the hurricane. I hope she doesn't decide to take a trip here to the west coast. Since this hurricane is so severe I am glad I am not going to school in New York (Wow, that's a sentence I thought would never leave my mouth). I mean, I have been checking BMCC's, NYU's and Columbia University's facebook pages and they have all canceled and closed campus today and tomorrow. NYU wrote something earlier that they encourage everyone to stay where they are and to not use elevators and candles (candles, why? Okay, I am not a hurricane expert). But about 15 minutes ago they posted that the storm has passed through New York and were successfully able to serve meals in the dorms, but people should still stay where they are. OMG! I would be freaking out. I want to go to Columbia (preferably) to get my masters one day (I might changed my mind about that) so I hope no natural disaster happens when I…

Sur La Table

Hi guys! Europeans, wazzup! We are on hour closer since USA is a little behind the flow since they don't turn back the clock until next Sunday. Retarded! Just when I had figured out this whole time difference between Sweden and California, they go and be a bunch retards. Yeah, yeah it's just one week hopefully I can live with that. Hopefully. Duh, I am not going to die, but you get my point - right?

Anyways, I had lunch at Silvergreens today. The one on Chapala and not the one in Isla Vista (IV, whatever you like to call it). I am not gonna go all the way to Isla Vista to go the Silvergreens when there is one on Chapala. I was going to order something with pasta but when I came there saw that they had burgers so a burger I ordered. A veggie burger with sundered tomatoes and avocado. Yum. While I was sitting there enjoying my burger (I was sitting outside since the weather is so nice) I saw someone getting pulled over by a police car. I have never seen that before.

After that I…

Fun Size

Hi, guys how's everyone's Saturday going so far? Or (if you live in Europe) how was yesterday? My day has been awesome! I had the ultimate Things-That-I-Love-day. I went shopping, saw a movie and bought Swedish candy, cookies and coffee. Now, well I am finishing off the day by watching Girl vs. Monster on Disney Channel. It's Halloween after all. LOL. I would call that a pretty awesome day. Also the weather has been awesome, maybe too awesome. Gosh, freaking hot!

As I said I went and saw a movie. I saw Fun Size starring Victoria Justice. Gosh, I love Wren's little brother Albert. Cutest kid ever! So cute and so funny! The movie got kind os sad towards the end, I think almost cried, I don't know but I definitely cried at the end when Albert made all of those phone calls this his mom. I cried because I laughed so hard. Damn that kid is funny! I definitely recomend you to go and see if it is playing at a theater near you. DO IT!

Part from having an awesome tim a the m…

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Yop! It's Halloween this weekend, well actually it's next Wednesday, so that will be in a week but it's Halloween weekend this weekend which mean tons of parties. From what I have heard IV is going to be crazier than the past few years. Not that I would now anything about IV Halloween since this is my first year here and ever. I don't understand how it could be anymore crazier since from what I have heard about the past IV Halloween's. I mean all the cops, the drugs the booze. Just all the everything. Hahaha, if I went to such a party I would make all the photo's on facebook from the parties not available for some people to see. When I say "some people" I mean family members. They see me in a certain way and - yeah - we want it to stay that way. Yes we do. Not that I have a wild side, but once in IV, I guess. Who am I to talk really? I haven't been to a IV party, and not to IV for that matter either. I have been to the UCSB campus but that was bef…

From Me To You

Falalala la-la-la. Today I have bought some more Christmas presents. To Cornelia and Belle. I also bought something for Åsa and Sara but I haven't decided if I will give it to as a Christmas gift or just as a present when I come home. I don't know about the kids but I know that Åsa will rave when she open's her present. I know that she will absolutely love it. Sara will too. I bought them the same thing. You they're sister, I want to avoid a fight (LOL, they're 40 and 34 so they're not that childish). But none of the kids has gotten the same thing. Okay, but Caesar and Charlie are the two who I have bought the most similar things to. Olivia and Cornelia are second, but also no. I mean they both got something with Hello Kitty on it but it's really not that similar except for the Hello Kitty thing.

On Thursday it's six weeks left until I will fly back home. Six weeks can you imagine that?! Time just flies by. Huh, isn't that funny. It's probably g…

Not My Day

Today has been quit the day. This morning when I was reading in the in my Introduction to Film course book, which I have the online version of, the internet broke down. Oh my god, so annoying like you have no idéa! I tried to fix it but nothing worked and when Lisa came home (the woman that I am staying with now) she she tried to. She even tried to call the internet provider. They didn't answer. So I went to La Cumbre Plaza 'cause I wanted to get so Christmas gift. See if they had anything there. While I was walking I got a text from her that said that the internet was up again. Just when I had left.

Yeah, since the internet was down I couldn't talk to my mom via Skype. Instead she called me from Skype to my cellphone since it's cheaper to call from Skype to cell than from cell to cell. While we were talking I to my mom I was making myself some lunch and I din't have the kitchen fan on so the fire alarm started beeping, LOUD. Yeah, yeah at least the internet is wor…

Too Close



Wazzup? Saw Taken 2 today. Good, alot of suspense but I liked the first one better. That movie made me afraid of traveling. Kinda didn't want to go anywhere after I saw it especially here, but that feeling didn't last long. I also had that feeling when I saw Air Force One (with Harrison Ford) the first time. I was like "Huhu, I don't know how I am going to get on a plane and go to London in about a week." ('Cause it was right before I went to London - the second time, no it was the first time.) I still loved the movie but I was kind of scared to death there for a while. And when I went on a cruise for the first time when I was six, an hour or so before we got on the cruise ship, I got scared. I was like "I have seen Titanic. I know what happens!" Not those exact words, but you get it. Okay I still liked Taken 2, you should go and see if your thinking about it but I didn't get scared and I was kind of hoping that (for some weird reason). Especial…

College Edition

Wooh! I was a little worried for today that what if I go back to school in Sweden next semester that I won't be able to transfer to Columbia University to get a masters. But I just looked it up and, wooh, no worries I can make a transfer. Maybe I don't want a master maybe I want another bachelor. Either way I want to go to Columbia. Well, I might be tired of school after a few years of college. Yeah. If I go to school in Sweden I could actually work and earn money so that I might not have to take a loan or take not have to take as huge of a loan as I would if I continue here. Yeah, if I continue here I might not be able to afford Columbia even with just the loan and no money of my own. Yeah. I want to go to a university here that is my dream not some city/ community college. I mean that is if I want to continue study in a few years. Ha, I thought about it today that I am going to try to get my bachelors as fast as I can, take summer classes and all that shit. I mean that's…

My Favorite Things

Favorite excuse: Whatever?!

Favorite ice cream flavor: Strawberry cheesecake

(picture source:
Favorite junk food: Chocolate

(picture source:
Favorite reality star: Kevin Jonas

(picture source:
Favorite tweeter: Funny Tweets 
Favorite viral video: Justin Bieber -  Beauty and A Beat feat Nicki Minaj

(picture source:
Favorite Actor: Logan Lerman

(picture source:
Favorite author: Meg Cabot

(picture source:
Favorite celebrity: Cody Simpson

(picture source:…


OMG, I got mail from my mom today! Yeah! I got three things (or two depending on how you see it). I got the latest issue (September - October) of Elle Mat & Vin, a chocolate bar (it came with the magazine) and a book (Full House by Maeve Binchy). The chocolate bar had almonds in it and it was really good. I was dark chocolate with almonds so yum, yum, (and lets throw in a third one) yum! So my night is all set!

I wore the Jessie J top today. I realized that I was kind of dressed like she was at the iTunes Festival last month. I promise, I didn't plan it, it just happened. You know that I told you that I was going to wear leggings to the top but this morning I realized that it didn't look that good. Okay I was wearing a shirt over it and the whole outfit, nah, so I put on the thigh and the shorts. It turned out way better, dontcha think? Well, I like it anyway.


Jessie J (source:…

Sunday Night

I am sitting here in my my bed watching Once Upon a Time and waiting for the dryer to be done so that I can fold my clothes or at least take out the clothes that I want to wear tomorrow. It's just a pair of leggings and this awesome top that I bought last weekend at American Apparel. I posted a picture of it right? Anyway, it looks like the top that Jessie J wore at iTunes Festival last month.

(picture source:
It is not as glitter tough....
This is what it looks like (and oh, I did post a picture of if last weekend) (picture source:
Just for the heck of it, here is the picture again of the top that I bought...

Oh my gosh I just bought the most delicious thing today, Bailey's coffee creamer irish cream! Yum! I am so going to buy two or at least one Bailey's coffee creamer to take home with me to Sweden. Gosh! Yum! My mom wants to taste it I thi…


Yo, wassup?! Nah, just chillin' in my bed watching What Happens In Vegas on FX. Today I have been shopping (as usual), but nothing for me this time. Okay, that's not entirely true, hehehe. I just bought myself some essentials. A pair of gloves (because it is cold when I am getting to school in the morning),  TSA locks for my new suitcase and a spatula (for some reason, it's pink and looks like a pig). The not-for-me stuff was three post cards and two Christmas presents. One for my friend Linda and my mom. OMG, Linda's present is so awesome that she's gonna freak out, well she has too. I don't know, otherwise I will feel unappreciated (JK). My moms present is cool to. I hope that she likes it. The same thing there.

OMG, I bought the most delic' ice cream today! Häagen Dazs peppermint bark. It's a limited edition, but why?! It tastes so good! Yum, yum, yum! Want more, well there is more, in the fridge but I can't just hose it down like a pig.

your wri…

Cooking With Bridgit

Yum! I love this girl even more now :)

your writer, Erika

Today Is Friday

It's Friday! Finally. Hallelujah! No school for two whole day, I'm so happy that I could cry.

You know what earlier this week I saw an apartment in Stockholm that I want. I saw it online. It's in the Old Town. It's so nice. I sent the link to my friend Linda and she said "You don't need a two bedroom apartment." 'Cause it's a two bedroom apartment. Maybe I don't, but in this shopping rate I probably will. It would be nice to have an extra room for whatever. The only problem is that they (the people who live there) want to do an exchange and I don't have an apartment in Stockholm, so yeah. F that shit. I want it anyway since it's in the Old Town. Seriously it was cheap for being in the Old Town, and it was kind of normal price just in general. We can all dream, can we.
I've seen another apartment that I like, it's okay but it's not in the Old Town. *Sad face*

Yeah, let's not be sad about that, it's Friday. Except for…

Making Cat Noises

When you get bored doing homework you do this instead....

your writer, Erika

My Weekend

Oh em gee, I saw the best movie today! So so so good. It was sad but that good kind of sad because it mad you engaged in the movie. Just so good. It made you feel, you know what I am saying? Okay, I saw The Perks of Being a Wallflower. You have to see it! You have to! Oh em gee!
Oh, I saw Pitch Perfect this Friday. Hehehe, yeah I love movies and plus there is so many movies premiering this fall that I want to see. Yeah, plus it's way cheaper here than it is in Sweden, it cost half as much here than it does in Sweden. Oh, yeah I looked up when some of the movies that I have seen since I came here premiere in Sweden and they premiere next year in the spring. Pitch Perfect premieres February 8th, Flight (hasn't premiered here yet but does in a week or two) premieres on January 25th and Anna Karenina (hasn't premiered here yet either) premieres on February 15th. Yeah. So this spring when somebody asks me if I want to go see a movie I will be like "I've already seen &#…

A Week Out of The Ordinary

Yo, sorry for the absence. It's been a couple of weird days, a weird week. Gosh! OMG, the ups and downs this past week, so extreme. I can say that I really enjoyed the ups - a trip to LA to see Justin Bieber in concert. Yup! And I went there by myself, kind of scary at first but I got over it.

Let's start from the beginning, with the downs, so that this whole story makes sense. Okay, so you know that I have had housing problems. You know first with the crazy lady and know with an other old lady that is just weird. She thinks that I take too long showers, that I am inappropriate who puts on my makeup while watching TV in the morning, that I can't cooked, etc. Like what a fuck?! She told me last Saturday that she didn't want me here and that would have to move the next day. I was like even more "Huh?!". I mean she can't say that because I have paid for this homestay. I have paid for the whole semester already and she's just gonna kick me out. Then she w…