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Excited For Tomorrow

OMG! Tomorrow is the day! Nickelodeondagen! The day with the big N. Huge N! It's going to be awesome and so much fun tomorrow! I can just feel it. I mean I know it. Isac Elliot! Believe it or not but he's the one I am most excited about. The 12-year old little Finish dude. I mean it's because he's not Swedish so it's not that easy for me to see him live all the time. I mean, let's take Anton Ewald for example, I am seen him live five times in the past four months. I mean if I lived in the US I would probably see Justin Bieber live alot more often. I am glad that 1D are european, they're Brittish, well four of them are and Niall's Irish. I mean England and Ireland are not that far away from Sweden. I mean it's not expansive to travel from Sweden to England and Ireland sine it's so close. Yeah! I so can't wait for WWAT next year! OMFG! That is going to be superb! It's going to be better than that, mind-blowing! Aaaaah, I just want to screa…

The Typical Erika

Ha I am starting a post before 10:30 PM. That's early. Well, earlier than usual. Hahaha. Yeah yeah, who cares anyway?! I mean maybe I'll post something before midnight. So what am I going to blog about then? LOL. Do you know what I am really excited for? Nickelodeondagen (the Nickeoldeon day) at Skansen on Thursday! Yeah! Isac Elliot, Anton Ewald and Oscar Zia. Mostly the first two but I want to see Oscar too. He's cute and I like #fail. I know some people from SWD that are going and I'll probably meet that girl from SWD that I have met at the two last Anton events that I have been to. I am not the biggest fan of Skansen, so I am just going there for the Nickelodeon event. I mean I am 20, I have been there done that plenty of times, like show me something new. LOL, I don't know but I am excited for Thursday, I mean just ask Linda and she'll tell you. OMG, I kinda had a slight small fangirl yesterday while I was shopping with her. She was just rolling her eyes a…

Ulrik Munther - Requiem

Prime Time

Hisihopasan people. How are you? I am fine. I went shopping with Linda today. I am in bad need for a primer, I mean I am out of it so you see why I had to get one. Like, I am not not going to use primer when I have lived with the magic of it. Like hello! LOL. But seriously though primer is magic and absolutely necessary! I got Lumene's eyeshadow primer since I mainly wear eyeshadow (and of course lipgloss). I never wear foundation. I mean I rather have a fresh a face than foundation. But also I just think it's really hard to find the right color that matches my skin tone. I used to wear foundation in like 5th grade. LOL. 5th grade. But that was because, I don't know. I guess I just discovered makeup then and wanted to play with it. Thank god I don't have any pictures (that I know of) with me and my foundation face. LOL. Do not want to see that.

Tomorrow, I am going to a nail saloon and see if they have time for me. I want/ need a mani pedi. I have gift certificate ther…

Victoria Justice - Gold

The Wanted

Okay so yeah. No videos. Yup. No video from The Wanted's rehearsal yesterday at Gröna Lund. Oh, why you may ask? Well I'll tell you why! Oh, yeah because you know that on/ off button on iPhone 5, the button you look your screen with didn't work on my iPhone. Well, it hasn't work for months and have just been to lazy to get it fixed but today I went and did it! Yeah and the reason I don't have the videos from yesterday is because I didn't transfer them from my iPhone to my computer before I went to the Apple Store. I mean the gave me a new phone and I don't have the videos on my new phone. So yup that's life. But I have the pictures! Yeah! So pictures you'll get.

Gry Foresell (the host) during the rehearsals
Gry during the live show
LOL, I took a picture of myself in mirror on the stairs
Janet Leon and her dancers during the rehearsals
Janet during the live show
A blurry picture together with Janet
Loreen dancing by herself during the rehearsals

Hell Ya Fucking Right

Home again after my usual Saturday activity. Sommarkrysset of course! Yeah. The Wanted, duh!! I feel like a bad Directioner. Lika I am cheating on them. IDK but I had fun anyway. During the rehearsals I gave Max a blow kiss and he gave a blow kiss back to me. AKLSDJFN! Up close, I gotta say, Max George has the most beautiful eyes. They are really beautiful! You know what? During the performance, or I mean right before their performance (before the cameras were on them and it was their time to sing) Max winked at me! AJSHFKLH! Oooo, I got to hold Nathan's hand! ASJKFSN! I was like "I am never washing this hand again! My precious!" I was joking. The Brand New Heavies were there too and Simon and Andrew looked at me a lot. Ok, maybe 'cause I looked at them a lot (I stood really near the stage, aka close to them). Simon posed for me when I was taking a picture. He was like "Oh, she's taking a picture." It was so much fun. Andrew kissed my hand! After their …

Taio Cruz - Wish You Were Here


I feel to empty to actually blog tonight. I feel stupid about it because it is stupid and few people would really understand. I just want to cry, it's that bad. Twice tonight I felt that I just wanted to burst into tears. OMG, what is fucking wrong with me. It would be easier if I told you what this whole thing was about but I am not going to do that. I am just going sit here in my own misery and probably cry myself to sleep. Yup, I am that pathetic. No, I am actually worse, but that's another post for an other day. But seriously I just hate this feeling. I literally just want to bang my head against the wall. What will that help with? Basically just all of it. But IDK, then I'll have to keep banging my head against the wall for all eternity.

Hahaha, now that feeling is gone 'cause I got distracted by something in SWD. Funny stuff. Hmm, I kind of feel like only the people in SWD would understand me, but though we are close to 2 000 people there are only a few people in…

Sweetie Cutie

OMG! People are too sweet! Too sweet! I just want to hug them all! I mean seriously! Have you seen my latest instagram post? Follow me @eriikaworld so that you won't miss anything. But seriously that is so sweet, telling me I am perfect! C'mon! Awww. I just love SWD, the nicest people ever! I just wish that I could thank every single one of them with a hug. A like is not enough. I don't react well with compliments, I mean either I believe you and slightly over react or I don't believe you and just give you a simple "thanks". Yeah, and there is the slight possibility that I say nothing in return. I mean say, I really don't know how to responds to compliments. I mean is there "a correct way" to respond? I feel a little bit awkward about this. Like a little left behind or something. Like I there is some secret I wasn't told about. Eh whatever! I guess I'll learn it eventually.

So today I went to Grönan with Åsa and Alex. I actually went on …

Believe In Yourself

I was like "Hmmm, I am going to start today's blog like this 'Ever since Jessica's party I have been obsessed with Selena Gomez's new music, especially Love Will Remember.'" But, I mean yeah I love her new music but I just listened to LWR for like the millionth time today and just had this feeling that I am sick of that song. I mean because I have listened to it like one millions times. LOL. I just have to not listen to it for a few days and then I'll be craving it like crazy. It's like that time when I lived in Santa Barbara. I used to eat chickpeas all the time, I mean c'mon they are freaking delicious! Anyway, since I was eating them all of the time I got kinda sick of them. You know the get-them-oit-of-my-sight kind of sick. I had had enough so I didn't buy chickpeas for like one week. After that week I was like "Gimme gimme gimme! I NEED MY CHICKPEAS ASAP!" So I just have to be a good girl and distant myself from her music o…

Best Day Ever

OMFG!! Directioners we did it! We fucking did it! On the perfect day too! Today is the three year anniversary of One Direction! I am so fucking proud! We fucking did it! I still have the video on repeat! They deserved it! It's all for them! All I do is for them! Ahhhhh! I am so fucking happy right now! I love them forever, to the moon and back! Is it weird that I want a "Directioner" tattoo? I am serious. I have been thinking about getting like a charm bracelet tattooed around my right ankle and then tattoo in charms that means alot to me. I don't I kind of have the same attitude about tattoos as Niall does. I don't know, we'll just have to wait and see I guess.
So today, I haven't done much. I mean I bascily didn't leave the house all day. I "babysat" Alex and Belle. Later when Åsa and Alex went to the movies I went down to the grocery store and mailed some things. My day. Basically. I mean I haven't just been sitting around doing nothi…

One Direction - Best Song Ever

That Annoying Moment When

Hi, yolo and all of that shit. LOL. But you know, no you don't, but today has been a day of I don't know. I mean the internet has been really slow all afternoon and this evening. It kinda just started functioning again. I mean function properly. I got really bored. LOL if you read my tweets from earlier you'll notice that. I tweeted some pretty meaningless stuff. I mean when you're bored you just tweet every single thought. I mean well at least I do that. Um, yeah sometimes. I do. I never delete tweets and blog posts. Never. Okay I have deleted some tweets right after I tweeted them or like the next day and there are blog posts that I have deleted because they were maybe not appropriate words coming from a 15 year old girl. Hahaha. OMG. When I say appropriate I don't mean mean things about others I mean kind of stuff we write about in SWD at times. Seriously I am so happy that all of the groups, SB, SWD, SM and some other groups are closed, 'cause if my family …

Sommarkrysset 20/7-2013

I can't describe yesterday as anything less than magical! True pure magic! I had so much fun! I mean this thing that I keep saying to myself "When you act the world reacts" is true. Fucking damn true! These past few months I have had so much fun and done things I have never done before. Just have fun, be yourself and do what you want to do and I promise you that things will happen! Oh, BTW did have you seen the pictures and the videos that I posted earlier? If you want to check them out. LOL, you don't have to I am not making you do it. LOL. (LOL, why I write LOL all the time? I mean LOL has lost it's meaning! I mean I don't actually laugh out loud when I type. I mean it basically means that I blow air out of my nose a little bit harder than usual, if you know what I mean.)

I took a lot of pictures yesterday but most of the pictures of Anton and Robin and Kenny (his two background dancers) are a bit blurry since they danced around alot. I took a few videos to…