Sommarkrysset 20/7-2013

I can't describe yesterday as anything less than magical! True pure magic! I had so much fun! I mean this thing that I keep saying to myself "When you act the world reacts" is true. Fucking damn true! These past few months I have had so much fun and done things I have never done before. Just have fun, be yourself and do what you want to do and I promise you that things will happen! Oh, BTW did have you seen the pictures and the videos that I posted earlier? If you want to check them out. LOL, you don't have to I am not making you do it. LOL. (LOL, why I write LOL all the time? I mean LOL has lost it's meaning! I mean I don't actually laugh out loud when I type. I mean it basically means that I blow air out of my nose a little bit harder than usual, if you know what I mean.)

I took a lot of pictures yesterday but most of the pictures of Anton and Robin and Kenny (his two background dancers) are a bit blurry since they danced around alot. I took a few videos too but I'll try to upload them tomorrow. The files are around 400 MB so I don't know if youtube will allow that, hihihi. But for now I'll post pictures (plus the originals of the ones that I instagramed).

Anton is rehearsing Begging

Anton rehearsing Can't Hold Back

The Sommarkrysset staff handed these out to the crowd for people to wave in the air when Anton performed

A picture from the actual show

Ulrik Munther performing the awesome song Requiem

Nanne Grönwall singing Heaven's On Fire

Ansiktet performing Äckligt

LOL, it's funny that Robin (the guy to the right) is keeping a straight face because a lot of people were screaming his name

Anton performing Can't Hold Back

Ulrik during the rehearsal

Nanne during the rehearsal 

your writer, Erika


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