Fangirl Is The Motto

Okay so I just got back from a BBQ with the fam and yeah, I showed them some tweets. Åsa read something and the later I showed them some other tweets. Fangirl kinda of tweets. Like the one I tweeted to Oscar and another thing that I tweeted to Nathan Sykes. Yeah. I told them about Jerry and stuff. OMG. Seriously if they read what I write in SWD and SB (mostly SWD, 'cause Directioner's are um, yeah, special and Swedish Directioner's are its own type of Directioner's. We are very dedicated to say the least and very observing, LOL) every single day. And OMG all of those imagine's, hihihi. Well, I am a fangirl so what do you expect? Fangirl, that's the motto ***** YOLO. I think that when I done with this post that I will write an imagine. Just have to see if I can find any gifs that I haven't already used or aren't over used already. LOL.

But seriously, I may talk about JB, 1D and everyone else alot it's because they are kind of my life. How much I talk about the also depends on who I am with. I don't talk about all the fandomism as much when I am with Linda 'cause she doesn't really understand. I do talk about 1D and JB, trying to make her realize how amazing they really are! I mean she need to get to my level. It's crucial for our friendship. Hahaha. At least she doesn't hate them 'cause that I don't know. Good thing Anton like Justin. It would be weird if he doesn't since he has covered Somebody To Love. But that was a while ago.

your writer, Erika


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