Best Night Ever

You follow me on instagram right?!?! So you already know what happened tonight. Yeah, of course you follow me. I don't need to tell you guys about that! I mean what's the point since you already know. I can just brush my teeth and go to bed then? LOL. It was seriously one of the best nights of my life! No! The best night of my life! No, best day of my life! I had. so much fun today. I mean I can't even, I mean I can barely function. It's all so much and I am just so happy right now! I met Anton Ewald - aka the finest of them all - again today (4th time but who is counting). I am seriously filled with joy to the moon and back! Thank you Anton for everything and coming into my life! I took the sweetest picture with him, I mean it's a little blurry with it's still very sweet! I love it! I got to hug him. That was seriously better than the hug and all the cd signings that I have been to. I mean 'cause has been all I ever wanted since I first met him back in March.

I am just sitting here smiling! I can't get over how amazing tonight was. Anton, Sommarkyrsset and Ulrik Munther's song Requiem. I am seriously pumping it right now! I mean I am not really a fan of his but this song is just wow! AMAZING! Just like tonight! I got to Gröna Lund around 3:50 PM. Yeah and around 4 Pm or so Anton came out and rehearsed both Begging and Can't Hold Back. First Robin (one of his dancers, such an amazing dancer! I can't get over how talented that dude is!) walked out on stage and then everyone (the Ateamers) understood that Anton would walk too, which he did. I have videos from the rehearsals but I don't know if I will be able to upload them on youtube. I mean I couldn't upload the videos from the signing because those files are too large. I'll try and upload them tomorrow. Oh, I'll upload the pictures from the signing and the pictures from Sommarkrysset then too.
I mean there is just so much I could tell you about tonight but basically when you act the world reacts! I mean just to sum it up! All of the artists were amzing tonight! Anton, Ulrik, Ansiktet and Nanne Grönwall. Ahhhh! Best night ever!

your writer, Erika


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