Live While You're Young

Sorry for no post last nigth. I went to a party so I didn't have time to blog before and afterwards well it was in the middle of the night. The party was awesome! I had a really good time, so glad that I went. Really glad. Got to party with my BFF and her other BFF, who to totally awesome! She's also a Belieber and Directioner, so what is there not to love?! Beliebers are always there for each other and the same thing goes for Directioners. A family, not a fandom! But one thing I don't get is why some Beliebers hate Directioners/ One Direction? It's just childish, I mean I am both a Belieber and Directioner and I love them both equally! I don't see the problem?! I really don't. Do you, if so please tell me!

OMG! Before the party I was really stressed out about one thing. I have seriously been stressing out about it and I was like or yeah I told myself that I wasn't going to talk about it with everyone at the party except for maybe Linda. LOL, I talked about it with like everyone. What is wrong with? I think that I am starting to get obsessed. Hahaha, no! I just don't know what to do about this whole situation but I got some good advice from everyone. I am just scared what's going to happen. Hmm, maybe not scared but something, just something. A feeling I really can't describe. Hahaha, I had a deep discussion with Linda about this Friday night. Reading the conversation makes me laugh. She's laughing at me, or yeah, she was sending me :p smileys.

Today has been quiet mellow. I mean I haven't done much. First time I woke up was like 7:15 AM or something and I was thinking that there is no chance in hell that I am getting up now since I didn't go to bed until like 3:45 AM (I don't somewhere around that). Then I woke up around ten but I didn't out of bed then. Like all the cool people I stayed in bed for a while checking my iPhone (the love of my life).

you're writer, Erika


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