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OMG, I saw the most amazing movie last night! I swear that it is one of the movies I have seen this year and ever. I absolutely love it!           I saw The Last Song as you probably guessed by the movie poster to the right.
          Miley was really good and Liam too. I love the scene when Ronnie and Will are in the car and She Will Be Loved is on the radio. It is so funny when Will start singing along to song.
         It is such a beautiful movie and I love the story. I recomend everyone out there to go and see the movie. If you live in Sweden you have to wait until next friday for the premiere.

I wrote a poem yesterday. It is not really poem. It is just something I wrote that I thought made sence.
Love is like a newborn baby.
Feed it, take care of it and
preserve it.
In return it will reward you
with one of the greatest gift
off all.

Watch Jessica Jarrell's music video Almost LoveNOW!

your writer, Erika.

The Erika and Linda Show - GAGG

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Can't Back Down music video

Before and After

So I wnet to a birthday party yesterday for this married couple I know. I the was not there because he is really sick but his wife was (of course). I said I was going to post pictures of my outfit. I did not have any time to post them last night because I had more important stuff to do.
Here is the before picture (sorry you that you can not see my whole face. Just imagine me without no makeup.)

Here is the after pictures

you writer, Erika


Today two people I know have a birthday. I think that is cool because they are married. So cool! Don't you think. I may post pictures of my outfitt that I am going to wear to their party.

I wrote a poem really lat last night. I thought I should post it. Pleas teel me your thought about it. BTW I wrote on english this time.
I feel so suicidal
Because everyday with you is like a trail
Don't runaway
Because I wouldn't know what to say
You are sometimes way too much
But I know I can be such
I want you here
Otherwise everyday would be a fear

your writer, Erika.

Me, Myself and I

Got bored a while ago so I wrote a poem about myslef. A little ego but I really hope you like it. BTW it is on swedish (the original).

Dikten om mig
Jag gillar ditt bruna hår
Det är som ett ulligt litet får
Du ler med dina vita tänder
Du har så vackra små händer
Dina rötter är dina fötter
Du har så vackra ben
Å din hud den är så len
Jag har aldrig mött någon som dig
Du är den enda för mig

translated into english
(google translate)
I like your brown hair
It's like a little woolly may
You smile with your teeth white
You have such beautiful little hands
Your roots are your feet
You have beautiful legs
On your skin is so smooth
I have never met anyone like you
You are the only one for me

(translated and changed by myself)
I like your brown hair
It is so beautiful it is not even fare
You smile with your white teeth
Oh, I like your little feet
Dear you never fear
I love your eyes
They are like the sunrise
I have never met anyone like you
So let me write you a haiku

your writer, Erika.

Two friends

Did you know that Linda and I have started a webshow on youtube? Well, now you know. We have only done two episodes so far. Here is our latest episode:

Right now I am waiting for a bread (it is actually two breads and I have made them befor) I made to be done so that I can taste it. I am also looking at old cd's in abox that I have. I want somw more songs on my iPod.
      I have alot of cd's. If they all would fit in tv bench I would have them all there but now they don't. That is why I am looking through the box. i have found cd's I found cd's that I forgot that I even had. It's like birthday all over again.

your writer, Erika.


I have a dream that the world will stand as one. That the people who live here feel free to be who ever they aspire to be.
I have a dream for people to dare to dream. Imagination is for the society.
I have adream of world peace, a free world.
I dreamt yesterday, I dream today and I will continue to dream tomorrow.

your writer, Erika.

.p.s. We had to write a speech (a short one) in english class inspired by Martin Luther King Jr famous speech.

A Poem

Blind hearts through out the years
Nothing that makes away my tears
Now I am here to see your life
but I only see you beautiful wife
The words I said to you at nine
I thought you said that they were fine
Please say what is right
and this will not be goodnight

The Whole JB Chat From MSN When They Were In SWE

helia: where are you right now? nick i love you :D

Jonasbrothers: Hi, we are here now and will answer your questions.

Jacqueline: Does Joe relly have straight hair, or it is curly like Nicks?

Jonasbrothers: I have naturally straight hair. =)

Stacey: Hi! I love your music so much! Its so hot! I would like to ask if you guys could participate in these campaigns and groups for preventing global warming and pollution? It would be really cool and all your fans would appreciate and love yo even more plus you would help the world. Thanks!

Jonasbrothers: We do that by driving hybrid cars and we are trying to get our bio-fuel for our tour bus this summer.

sandra: which candy is your favorite?

Jonasbrothers: Nick: marsbars!!

Joe: fig newtos!

ida: what would you do if you were mcgyver?

Jonasbrothers: We would do our best to protect the universe.

Ruba: hey guys, i love your awsome music and awesome lyrics, but i wondered what kind of job would you three work in if you didnt work with m…

My Honey

I am not talking about honey. I am talking about my honey (I wish) Jesse McCartney! It is his birthday today! Go an wish him happy birthday on MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, call him if you know him and ect.
     OMG, he his 23! I remember three years ago when he turned 20 (I was in school) thinking that he was old. I was only 14 then. I wrote about it on my blog. (If you want to read about it go back to April in 2007.) Now I am 17 and I am ready (For what exactly? Tell me 'cause I don't know.).

your writer, Erika.

The Day Before The Day

If you already did not know tomorrow is my 17th birhday! Yeah! Birthday, birthday!
     I hope I get something with Justin Bieber because I have been talking constanly about him for a month now. So I think my mom has got the point.
     I read on aftonbladets or expressens website that Justin Bieber might be comming to Sweden in May. Lets hope so! I really want to see him in concert! I really really really really want to!
     Well, I should not cry about that because tomorrow is my birthday. My cake is soing to be awesome! I have to take a picture and show you guys.
     I have made the whole cake myself. Tomorrow I have going to decorate it. It is going to be beautiful, a work of art! You will know what I am talking about tomorrow.

Bye my little followers <3
your writer, Erika

Good Friday

Why is it called Good friday in English? In Swedish it is called Långfredagen (lång = tall, fredag = Friday). Boxing Day is called annandag jul in Swedish (julafton = Christmas Eve, juldagen = Christmas Day). Not that this information may be useful to some of you out there I just though I should mention it (or rather it was that I wanted to mention it).
      What have you done today so far? Because it is a bank holiday, I am free from school. Nice (or najs as you would write it in Swedish, btw it means the same thing, just more Swedish that way)! I have not done much today except from that I made snicker doodles. They are delicious! You should try to do it sometime. I really recomend it to anyone who likes peanutbutter. If you like peanutbutter you should also try Ben & Jerry's ice cream peanutbutter cookiedough, delicious!

your writer, Erika

Diary of Justin Bieber