In The Right Direction

Hello hello! So I am finally going to build a new website. I have decided that it's time that I get a site that is more user friendly. I actually thought about this yesterday. I was thinking that I could just switch to a platform that is free and still very user friendly. No, I want my own site where I can decide everything myself. Where I can build a site that I am proud of. I have always wanted my own website for the blog. By doing this I am moving in the right direction towards what I want with this. I think it will be easier to make something of this with a user friendly site. That is what I want. That is what I've always wanted. This may also mean that I may start to be even less active on this blog, but I am going to try and make up for it by using my other social media accounts way more. Be sure to follow me on instagram  ( @eriikaworld ) and twitter ( @erikaworld ). your writer, Erika


Today I have a lot on my plate. Good thing that I have already finished my workout so I can cross that off my list. So what is on my list for today? Well, I have to do laundry (which I am doing right now as I am typing this - I am so thankful that I have a washing machine at home), iron some clothes (I have been putting that off for a while now because ironing clothes is boring), I have to clean my apartment and pay some bills. This sounds so boring and it is. But the truth is that these are things that eventually can't be put off. Ugh it would be so great if I had someone who came a cleaned my apartment and ironed and folded my clothes once a week. I mean I can easily do those things myself but those aren't fun things. Here is a black and white version of one of the pictures that I posted the other day from my photoshoot with Pelle Larsson. Oh, I am also going to do some work for this blog of course. I have some post that I need to prepare.  am going to try and book a p

Pain In My Throat

It's Sunday, but it does not feel like Sunday. Every day is a weekend for me because I have no job. It has its perks but it also has its downside. Well well. OMG I have had this horrible pain in my throat the past few days. I seriously hate this because I've had this pain probably three or four times within the past six months. I googled earlier about having my tonsils removed. I feel like I do qualify for that because on 1177 it said that you have to have had tonsillitis at least three to five times within a year or two to be considered for that. But I think that that means you have to have been diagnosed by a doctor. Ugh so annoying. I am going to call 1177 tomorrow and ask them because this is annoying. The pain is so bad that I can barely swallow and medicine rarely work. Does anyone have any tips for this? Have you had your tonsils removed? I need as much help as I can with this! your writer, Erika

Trying Something New

Hello! I love Åhléns! I went shopping there yesterday and got a huge discount. I am a member of there loyalty club so every now and then I get pretty nice discounts. I buy all of my facial products there because of the discounts that I get. I also collect 1 point for every 1 kr that I spend. Anyway I bought two new facial products that I have never tried before. I have tried other products by those brands so I hope that these will be just as good. I have wanted to try Biorés deep pore charcoal cleanser for a while so now that it was time to buy a new one I decided to try this one. I also bought FORMULA 10.0.6s Seriously Shine Free mattifying oil-free moisturizer because I need a new night cream. I know that it is a day cream but I can't use regular night cream because they're not oil-free. The day cream that I use has SPF and you shouldn't wear SPF during the night as well. That is why I need two day creams. Since it usually takes a couple of weeks to notice


Hello! I got some new pictures last night from a photoshoot that I did this summer. These pictures are shot and edited by Pelle Larsson. If I have one comment about these picture is that first one is overexposed. Originally it is not like that so he edited that way otherwise I am pretty happy the pictures from that shoot. We got some amazing shots and I can't wait to show you more but until then you have to enjoy these two. your writer, Erika

How To Be Vegan Pt. 2

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I see that you really liked my How To Be Vegan post from last week and that inspired me to do a part two of that post. This post is going to be about my favorite vegan food brands. I feel like that when people think about vegans they think that we only eat salad. That is not at all true. Yes a vegan diet is 100% plant based but that doesn't mean that we only eat salads. There are a lot of vegan alternatives/ versions of "regular" food. Some of them taste exactly the same or much better than the non-vegan version. Like this vegan mayonnaise. I would say that homemade mayo (at least the one I used to make myself) taste a billion times better than store bought. So when I tried this vegan mayo I was a bit sceptical but honestly I can't tell difference and the best thing is the it tastes just like homemade non-vegan mayo. I have not tried other products by this brand only the vegan mayonnaise. I just used it as point to say tha

The Dream Remains

Hello my darlings! It is Friday. I would say that I am really excited for the weekend but since I don't have a job right now other than this blog everyday is like a weekend (sort of). But I am still excited for this weekend. Yesterday I was sitting on the couch doing something on the computer and listening to music. Just all of the sudden I had this feeling about how much I missed bloggning about music and movies and all of that. But also just the other day I was talking to a friend about how I probably wouldn't want to be doing that anymore. Even though that blog was very successful I don't think that it would feel right to be doing that. Meaning that that isn't me anymore. I wasn't derogatory in any way, I was just simply reporting on what new music and movies and stuff like that that was out now. Yes, I gave my opinion on things but if I didn't have a good opinion I didn't share it because I didn't want to be like that. Before I want off to colleg