Today I have a lot on my plate. Good thing that I have already finished my workout so I can cross that off my list. So what is on my list for today? Well, I have to do laundry (which I am doing right now as I am typing this - I am so thankful that I have a washing machine at home), iron some clothes (I have been putting that off for a while now because ironing clothes is boring), I have to clean my apartment and pay some bills. This sounds so boring and it is. But the truth is that these are things that eventually can't be put off. Ugh it would be so great if I had someone who came a cleaned my apartment and ironed and folded my clothes once a week. I mean I can easily do those things myself but those aren't fun things.

Here is a black and white version of one of the pictures that I posted the other day from my photoshoot with Pelle Larsson.

Oh, I am also going to do some work for this blog of course. I have some post that I need to prepare.  am going to try and book a photoshoot for the next week or so if I find a photographer that I like. I do have photoshoot on Saturday but I want more pictures and more experience.

your writer, Erika


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