Pain In My Throat

It's Sunday, but it does not feel like Sunday. Every day is a weekend for me because I have no job. It has its perks but it also has its downside. Well well.

OMG I have had this horrible pain in my throat the past few days. I seriously hate this because I've had this pain probably three or four times within the past six months. I googled earlier about having my tonsils removed. I feel like I do qualify for that because on 1177 it said that you have to have had tonsillitis at least three to five times within a year or two to be considered for that. But I think that that means you have to have been diagnosed by a doctor. Ugh so annoying.

I am going to call 1177 tomorrow and ask them because this is annoying. The pain is so bad that I can barely swallow and medicine rarely work. Does anyone have any tips for this? Have you had your tonsils removed? I need as much help as I can with this!

your writer, Erika


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