The Dream Remains

Hello my darlings! It is Friday. I would say that I am really excited for the weekend but since I don't have a job right now other than this blog everyday is like a weekend (sort of). But I am still excited for this weekend.

Yesterday I was sitting on the couch doing something on the computer and listening to music. Just all of the sudden I had this feeling about how much I missed bloggning about music and movies and all of that. But also just the other day I was talking to a friend about how I probably wouldn't want to be doing that anymore. Even though that blog was very successful I don't think that it would feel right to be doing that. Meaning that that isn't me anymore. I wasn't derogatory in any way, I was just simply reporting on what new music and movies and stuff like that that was out now. Yes, I gave my opinion on things but if I didn't have a good opinion I didn't share it because I didn't want to be like that.

Before I want off to college in Santa Barbara I remember saying to my mom that I had like a five year plan of what I wanted with my life. The plan was to first do two years of community college and then two years at a big university to get my bachelors. Then take a year of from school and maybe live in London or New York. I also remember that like my dream job was to be able to live off my blog. To make money off the blog and be my own boss.

Being my own boss has actually always been my dream. To have my own company and do whatever I wanted. I have always wanted to start my own company as long as I remember. Just now thinking about this makes me think that I should go to business school. Actually when I was applying to high school I was thinking about choosing a school where I could major in business economics. Instead I choose to major in media. I think that I came to that decision because I have always been a creative person. But the dream remains of staring my own business.

Maybe what I need to do is to put the same heart and soul into this blog as I did into my entertainment blog. Not just say that I am going to do it but actually do it. I guess we will see what will happen.

your writer, Erika


  1. Thananks to sharing your experience with us I like to read your post very much


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