How To Be Vegan Pt. 2

Hello everyone! How was your weekend? I see that you really liked my How To Be Vegan post from last week and that inspired me to do a part two of that post. This post is going to be about my favorite vegan food brands.

I feel like that when people think about vegans they think that we only eat salad. That is not at all true. Yes a vegan diet is 100% plant based but that doesn't mean that we only eat salads. There are a lot of vegan alternatives/ versions of "regular" food. Some of them taste exactly the same or much better than the non-vegan version. Like this vegan mayonnaise. I would say that homemade mayo (at least the one I used to make myself) taste a billion times better than store bought. So when I tried this vegan mayo I was a bit sceptical but honestly I can't tell difference and the best thing is the it tastes just like homemade non-vegan mayo.

I have not tried other products by this brand only the vegan mayonnaise. I just used it as point to say that vegan products sometimes taste the same as non-vegan products.

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Obviously Oatly is my favorite vegan brand. Mostly because they have all of the basics. Yoghurt (oatgurt), milk (oat drink), creme fraiche (oat fraiche), half and half and a bunch of other products. These are essential products that I use everyday. The hardest thing for me before I went vegan was to find vegan milk and yoghurt that I liked. I actually tried oatgurt before I went vegan but I didn't like it. Yes I liked it but I thought that the regular yoghurt that I was eating tasted better. Mostly I started buying oat drink because my mom drinks it because she's lactose intolerante and then I just started drinking it. Plus idk when this happened but the thought of drinking cow milk started to disgust me.

Astrid och Aporna's mega delicious vegan BBQ burgers

Hälsans Kök's addictive vegan sesame nuggets

Though I rarely eat anything that I haven't made from scratch, Astrid och Aporna and Hälsans Kök have delicious burgers, hot dogs, soy mince, cheese and other products that I love. Astrid och Aporna have these delicious vegan BBQ burgers that I am obsessed with. I bought them for the first them when I was going to visit my mom. I wanted to have burgers for dinner. Since this was kind of a spontaneous visit I had to buy all the food. I saw these burgers at the store and thought that I would try them. OMG they were so delicious plus they are very satisfying. Oh, one tip if you want to try their vegan cheese buy a flavored one because the natural one tastes like nothing. Hälsans Kök have these amazing vegan sesame nuggets. They're like chicken nuggets that they're vegan and they're soy based. If you want to try these products make sure that you buy something that is 100% vegan because I know that Hälsans Kök have some products that are lacto-ovo-vegetarian.

I hope that you found this post helpful and that it has inspired you to try more vegan food.

your writer, Erika


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