Trying Something New

Hello! I love Åhléns! I went shopping there yesterday and got a huge discount. I am a member of there loyalty club so every now and then I get pretty nice discounts. I buy all of my facial products there because of the discounts that I get. I also collect 1 point for every 1 kr that I spend.

Anyway I bought two new facial products that I have never tried before. I have tried other products by those brands so I hope that these will be just as good.

I have wanted to try Biorés deep pore charcoal cleanser for a while so now that it was time to buy a new one I decided to try this one. I also bought FORMULA 10.0.6s Seriously Shine Free mattifying oil-free moisturizer because I need a new night cream. I know that it is a day cream but I can't use regular night cream because they're not oil-free. The day cream that I use has SPF and you shouldn't wear SPF during the night as well. That is why I need two day creams.

Since it usually takes a couple of weeks to notice any real difference when you try out a new facial products I will update you guys in a couple of weeks.

your writer, Erika


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