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Best of 2007 and hopes for 2008

First I just want to say something quick, Mikas video Love Today is top 58 on the top 100 2007. So, congrats to him for that! I have made a promise that won´t eat candy for a whole year. It´s probably going to be hard, but yeah I´ll make it. There will be a reward at the end. Yummy!
And now to the main things:
Best of 2007
If we start with me life and things I´ve done this year, things I think count as a "Best of 2007", we´ll probably start with Mika. You all know that that I am a total Mika freak. That´s kind of obvious. But now I am going to tell you something that may chock you: I HAVEN´T ALWAYS BEEN A MIKA FREAK! I know it chocks me to. Here´s the story: What first got me into Mika was his song Grace Kelly. I loved that song (and I do love it now as well). But the as the song/video got more and more popular the the radio stations played it all the time and so did MTV. So you know, I got kind of bored and tired of the whole Mika thing. So every time one if his videos got pla…

Hollywood Hills

Now I am going to tell you what I got for christmas, I got a iPod (the new one), 3 CD:s (Britney Spears new CD Blackout and best of Sugababes and Nelly Furtado), clothes (2 skirts, one from Thailand, a pair of shoes and "vest"), 3 different shower gels and some other thing and some other stuff. I haven´t got my christmas present from dad yet. I hope he got me an computer. Well I just have to wait and see.
Well, on "mellandagsrean" I have bought a black t-shirt that it stand Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles and a pink hoddie with a tiger on the back and with the text WILDCATS on the front. Just like that High School Musical team! Today I bought a pair of earrings that looks like two "tigers". They are really cool. I really love them and they match the pink hoddie (the earrings a silver).
Miley Cyrus made her first real music video Start All Over. It´s really good, so I thought I post it here and I also thought I post Ashlee Simpsons new video Outta My Head (Ay Y…

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody, so:

Love, your writer, Erika <3

Coming Soon.....It´s Christmas

Only a few day to go now and then it´s christmas!! Yeah!! I wonder what Santa will give me this year!! Hope he gives me Arvikafestivalen 2008 tickets!! What do you want from Santa this year? There is so much that I want, I don´t know where to begin. So I wont (begin).
Soon I have to take on this best of 2007 and write about it. I remember that I started this blog in March. But in May and June , I think, I didn´t write at all or post anything. So that´s two whole months in my life that you´ll never get to know what I did. I don´t think you care but ,yeah, anyway.
So what am I going to do today? I don´t know. Well I am going to tidy up my room a little bit or yeah the whole way. I get to see how it goes. Well, I am not going to stay home all day. That´s just boring, so I got to come up with something to do.
I know it´s friday and friday is a school day but I have winter break (or whatever you guy call it) for two weeks!! Yeah!!

So much love from your writer, Erika
I wish all my readers a Mer…

Arvikafestivalen 2008

I so want to go to Arvvikafestivalen 2008!!! The tickets are really cheap, they only cost 695 kr + camping ground! That´s not much. Even my mom thinks so! So that´s a plus sign. I really really really really really really really really really want to go! The Foo Fighters may play there. They haven´t booked them yet. They are on the TOP 50 list (you can vote on Arvikafestivalens homepage for the artist you want to play there). If you want to vote ( I command you to vote for Mika, then you are free to go) go to this wedsite and vote! I´ve voted fo Mika (x2), Justin Timberlake, Foo Fighters (x2), Lily Allen, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Alice in Videoland (x2). I hope one of them plays there. If Mika plays, then I really really really have to go! I love Mika.
Mikey in Mikas band is so cool. At Mikas concert here in Sweden he had blond hair! A chinese with blond hair, how cool isn´t that!!! I think it is really cool or yeah Mikey is a cool …

Eric Stark Maskin

Today I´ve met Eric S. Maskin. He is one of the Nobel prize winners in economics (there were three of them)! It´s me my friend Agnes and Eric behind us! I was so fun to meet him and in the church he talk about his life as a teenager. It was fun listen to that. I hope I get to meet him again! He seemed very polite or he was very polite! `Cause he was. I hope that I´ve get the chance to meet him again! If I get the chance to meet him again I hope he remembers me then!!!! Oh, I almost forgot to tell you, my friend Agnes (the short girl on the picture) and me gave him a christmas card! I hope he enjoys it! Don´t you?! Outside one of the science rooms in my school they have put up a poster of Eric and the other economics winners (of the work that they have done). I am going to remember this for the rest of my life and I am going to print that picture and some other pictures of him :)! Eric said that (in the church when you could asked Eric some questions a guy asked him a question and Eric a…


A month ago today I went to Mikas concert here in Sweden. Wow, I loved it!!!!
Now it´s december and it´s soon christmas!! Can´t wait!! Oh, i got to call UMG tomorrow and ask is they will let me"praoa" there. Hope they will. If they wont let me, I just have to call someone else.
I have updated both my MySpace profiles! Check them out:
I´ve used lovemyflash on both of them!!!! I love lovemyflash!
Oh, search for Måns Zermerlöw on MySpace and YouTube!! His songs are great (he is swedish). He is one of the best artist here in Sweden!!

Something I wrote a week ago:
I so much to tell you guys! Nobel,..........that´s kind of it! The Nobel prom was we had in my school was on thursday (30/11). I had so much fun! I loved it. There were two guys in my class that won. Alex and Erik. So congratulations to them!!! You should have been there at the prom after the dinner. The school band played and then after they played a "DJ" play…

Mika or Caleb Casey

Hotties here and hotties there. What a world! How would we survive without hotties like Mika or Caleb Casey (Affleck)? Look at Caleb Casey (as I like to call him), he and his brother (Ben Affleck) got to have some super genes! Hotness got to run in their family (or not)! I haven't seen anyone else except Casey, Ben and Ben's daughter. In Mika's family I've only seen him and his sister! But they look cool too!! Who do you think is hotter, Mika or Caleb Casey (C.C)?
I like them both.
Did you know that Casey is 32 years old!!!! He is only a few years younger then my mom!!! Mika is 24, which make him 10 years (9 years and 8 months) older then me! Which is not that much!
I just want to say before I go that I really look up to Miley Cyrus!! She rocks! Love you Miley, you are my hero <3

Je t´aime Mika
Depuis êre écrivian, Erika

if you want to e-mail me:

The making of "One In a Million"

Relax, take it easy and Miley C's b-day

Today is two weeks since I went to Mika's concert! I still miss that concert. It was the */&%¤*^=(&%¤¤%&&/(&#"#&%)=)`) best concert I´ve ever been to. Fucking best concert ever! I had the best time ever!!! Have you seen Mika's new animated video, Lollipop and his new Relax, (Take It Easy) video? I HAVE! Here watch them:
Relax, (Take It Easy)


Oh, don't forget It's Miley Cyrus birthday today!! Happy birthday Miley!!!! She turns 15 today. My 15 birthday will be on April 6th. There is only 5 months and 2 weeks to my birthday!!
OK, christmas comes first I know! Ha, tomorrow it is only one month left for christmas!! Yeah!!
Check out these cool websites:

Something you should try: FANTA WORLD "MANGO"

Never let anyone say that you can´t do anything even not yourself. You have to believe in yourself, it'…


Nobel (or whatever is going on in my life)

Oh, today Mika finally accepted my friend request on MySpace. Well, I sent one over a week ago. OK, maybe a week ago. But Miley Cyrus and Hilary Duff accepted the same day!!! Which was yesterday. Well, Mika has only accepted my music MySpace! But he has accepted which is the only thing that really matters!! Or what do you think!! Hehe!!
Oh, I didn't get nominated in Nobel, :(!! Well, it´s sad that I didn´t get nominated, but yeah there were like 11 other people that also had literature. There were this guy in my class (who is like the smartest guy in our class) who had medicine and he DIDN´T get nominated. He started crying because he didn´t get nominated! But my friend Agnes did (in medicine)!!! So cheers for her!! She has a blog too but I don remember the URL, so I´ll have to post the link tomorrow then!!
Tomorrow we have a maths test! BLÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ! It sucks!! We have tests all the fucking ´time. I am getting sick of it!! One had one last week, we have one this week and one next week…

Mika month

I am going to try to make this as quick possible. Well, tomorrow in school we´ll get to know who's got nominated in the different categories in Nobel. I really hope I get nominated. The categories are literature, physics, environment (only in my school I think), medicine and world peace. I think that's only those five subjects. I really don't remember.
This month has been about Mika, Mika, Mika, Mika and more Mika. If you have read my blog this month you´ll understand! It´s not a bad thing, it´s just that I don´t know. He´s hot!! OK, I just felt like mention that. But he is!!! :)! Yesterday I saw a picture of Mika in a girlypink cardigan (look at the pictures below). He looked so hot in it. Now I want one. LOL. Well, I have seen cardigans that is quite similar to the one he had at GinaTrocit and MQ! So, I am going to check them out. Hehe.

Je t'aime Mika
Depuis êre écrivian, Erika

Pictures of Mika


Mika videos

One week and One day

One week and one day ago (8 days) I went to Mika's concert in Sweden! I miss it!! I was such a great moment in my life. OK, a great memory. I loved it!! I wonder when he comes back. Well I just hope that he will come back next year! I know he had three concerts here in Sweden this year but any way!
Yeah, yeah enough about that!! So what is everybody doing this weekend? I am not doing so much. Well, I am going to try to find a birthday present for my friend, Agnes. I have already bought her a card, but a present wouldn't hurt!! LOL!!
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I have made a "fan site" on MySpace for Mika. Go and check it out at I will post videos of Mika that I have found on YouTube and post articles that I've found on the blog. Of course I will post other stuff too! Don't forget to check it OUT!!
have you heard Britney Spears new song's; Piece of Me and Radar? They own!! WOW, I love them. I am actually listenin…


I just want to say that I went to Mika's concert at Annexet right here in Stockholm and it were the most amazing concert I've ever been to!!! I TOTALLY LOVE HIM!!! I LOVE MIKA!! OMG, have you heard his song Ring, Ring?! OMG, I love that song. If wasn't at his concert at Annexet you missed alot!! He spoke swedish (really really really rerally really really really good), he took his shirt of and then he stared slamming on the drums. When he was finished slamming on the drums he threw the drumsticks out in the audience!! He was amazing. He's was way better then Gwen Stefani!!! He is such a performer!! I LOVE YOU MIKA!! When I left the concert I just wannted to go back. Do you know he even asked everyone if he should star over again before he sang Relax, Take It Easy!! He sang Relax, Take It Easy twice!!! It was the first and last song he sang!! Oh, I so want to go back and relive that concert!
My TOP 3 list from Mikas's concert at Annexet 9th of November 2007:
(this is …

Mika is talking swedish


I just wan to say that it´s offical: I AM GOING TO MIIKAS CONCERT!!!!!!


I have decide to learn french! On my own. No teachers. I wonder how that is going to go. I hope I learn something.
So here is what I have learned so far:
Je t'aime Mika - I love Mika
Je s'appeler Erika - My name is Erika
Je être âge quatorze - I am fourteen years old
Je aimer musique - I love music

I hope i got it right. Remember that I am teaching myself. So if I´m not that good remember that I have no teachers to teach me.

Depuis êre écrivian, Erika

Mika's concert

Oh, Mika's concert is on friday and I really really want to go. If I go I am going to go with my dear friend Maja. My mom wont let me go alone. I really really hope that Maja's mom lets her go. If she can't go I can't go! I hope, I hope, I hope , I hope!!!!! Don't you think I should go or at least my that mom should let me?! It seems like I can do nothing but hope!
This week in school we have like a nature theme. It's weird. tomorrow we are going to see Al Gore's movie.

My play list on YouTube right now:
Relax, Take It Easy - Mika
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) - Mika
Love Today - Mika

I just want to say that i just saw a video of Mika : He is H-O-T, HOT when e talk french!! Olalala!

LP from your writer Erika <3 "jag älskar MIKA" "je t'aime MIKA" -hope I got it right!

Love Today

So on friday Mika has a concert here in Sweden. I really really want to go to his concert. I don't know why but lately I have started to completely love his music!!!! Look at the picture doesn't he look cute/hot! Did you know that his real name is Michael Holbrook Penniman?! or that's what I read on wikipedia. I think that my mom should let me go because today I cleaned my room and took away allot of stuff that I have on the computer ( thing i really don't need). She really wanted me to do those stuff. AND!, I said that I will pay for my own ticket, so that, kind of an other reason to let me go. I saw a girl-hoddie (the one at the top that I really want. I think I am going to buy it. Recently I have found, these last few days, like curly hair. OK, I have always liked curly hair, but now it´s like "OMG, it´s so beautiful". Look at Mika's hair, it's so…



My Interpretation

WOW, realised that Mika is kind if cute! I love his song My Interpretation! You should really listen to it. It´s a great song! He has such a great voice. It´s beautiful. I don´t understand I have always hated his music, but now I love his songs. I know hi is cute and he is 24. I´m 14. He is only 24! Not that he looks older or anything. But anyway. He is so cool. Did you see his performance at MTV EMA´s 2007 last night. Oh, I loved it. He is such a great performer, which kind of means that he know how to put on a great show. LOVE YOU MIKA!

Yesterday I saw Ratatouille with my mom. It´s a great movie. But that guy, Linguini, looks like a younger cartoon version of Shia LaBeouf. It´s so weird! But he does in a way.

Songs you should listen to:
My Interpretation
Happy Ending
Grace Kelly Lollipop Here is a story a wrote a while ago: Sandy and Blake Lane sat down at their kitchen table and had a little talk with their three beautiful children (Naomi, 7, Timmy, 9 and Kat, 16). Blake looked at the…

From eleven to fourteen

Haha LOL, right now I am reading a story I wrote for the Nobel Price we have in school. OK, this story I wrote like three years ago. It´s so funny because the words I use and my "writing style" I a bit weird. I was like eleven when I wrote it , when I stared the story, and now I am fourteen.

Wow, now I have read a half chapter. The second half of the first chapter. The story, well I don´t have a name for it yet, is quite good, Yeah well I wrote it so what do I really expect?! Right now i am also listening to Justin Timberlake song My Love. I love that song and his whole cd.

Okay, I am on the second chapter now and I just want to say a thing regrading the "klasslista". Here is the "klasslista":
Laura Angelica Anderson
Angelina Bengttjej
Adam Blixt
Lina Cure
Amanda Damson
Kurt Ekbo
Joackim Ekman
Enya Hållmer
Maja Karlson
Kurt Karlsson
May Klangeman
Ann Lantbo
Oliver Larsson
Erik Martson
Erika Serné
Ben Serneson
Dakota Swan
Susannah Malin Terin
Tanya Tibbilin
Linda Tibbilin

Fall Break

Woho! Finally! Fall break! This week I have fall break. It´s so nice to be away from school. So I think that I am going to see 1408 this week. Oh, a funny thing; this weekend when I watched Heroes I saw that the number on Peter´s door was 1407! Haha, me and my mom reacted at the same time when we saw it. I just screamed 1407. My mom was like; Why couldn't it be 1408! Haha, whole thing was so funny!!!
OK, the worst thing with this week is that none of my friends are home. Madde is in Egypt this week (OK, she lives "far away" from me but anyway), Hilda is in Aruba this week and the next one (compared to Madde she lives "far far away"), Towe is going to visit her friend, Elin lives almost next to Denmark and Agnes and Maja I don´t know where they are going to be. The only I know about Maja is that she may become a "Hede människa". Towe trys to bring everybody down. Those I mentioned now is my closest friends! OK, maybe not Elin, but the others are.

LP from…


Today me and my friend, Towe, got to hold a PE class for some kids. The kids were about 4 years younger then us. It was really fun and the kids said the they had fun. Hope we get to do it again soon! Wish us good luck!
Right now I am doing homework and I am listening to Nicole Scherzinger song Baby Love. Oh, I wanted to post a picture if Shia LaBeouf that I have but then I remembered that I said to my self that I wouldn´t post any pictures or videos until the page is only filled with text! But I will keep it!! You will see that I will. Sorry that I didn´t wrote so much this time, but I have to go!

LP baby from your writer Erika *puss på er allihoppa*

Josh Duhamel and Shia LaBeouf are H-O-T, HOT!!!!

Her Name Is Erika

Hello my fellow readers! What's up? Well, I am listening to songs and writing this. I am listening to S.O.S with the Jonas Brothers and some of Nicole Scherzinger songs. Do you know that at first I hated Nicole´s song Baby Love but now I love it! It´s always like that, at first I really hate a song and then after a while I love it. It´s strange! Or maybe it´s not. Not for me.
Here is a list of the song I am listening to right now:
Whatever You Like - Nicole Scherzinger
Baby Love - Nicole Scherzinger
Love Story - Katharine McPhee
Not Like That - Ashley Tisdale
Whine Up - Kat DeLuna ft. Elephant Man
Umbrella - Rhianna ft. Jay-Z
He Said She Said - Ashley Tisdale
Big Girls Don´t Cry - Fergie
Try - Hayden Panettiare
Come Back To Me - Vanessa Hudgens
Long Way To Go - Cassie

LOL, as I wrote the list it came to me that all the singers were girls. What a strange coincidence!

LP from your writer Erika <3 Älskar er alla/Love you all

the blogs email:

Stardust & MTV CHORUS

WOW, today I saw Stardust with my mom. I loved the movie! It´s great just like Shire said. I think that you should really go and see it if you haven´t done it yet! Tristan he looks so hot when he has long hair!! Robert De Niro is so funny in the movie "We always knew you where a fag, captain" LOL! The whole movie was a blast! You should really go and see it.
Oh, thank you Shire for showing Never Before Scene: Stardust on Chorus tonight. You rock!!! WOW you have really lighten up MTV since it became Swedish here in Sweden! And Ola (Svensson) looked so cute on chorus. Oh, if you want to hear some good songs then listen Ola´s song SOS.
It´s great and I love it!

LP baby from your writer Erika!

A typical friday/ My weekend

Finally FRIDAY! I have been waiting for it the whole week. I just ate dinner with my mom and then I watched A Cinderella Story on DVD. Right now I am writing this and listen to music (singing along :). Soon I am going to watch TV again. WOW, I am getting really busy at singing along to the songs. It so fun. I just want to say that Shia LaBeouf is H-O-T! HOT! Don´t mind that. Oh, soon it´s eight o'clock. So I better hurry up! Tomorrow a am going to see a movie, a new one. Not on DVD or VHS. And on Sunday I am going to try on some dresses for the Nobel prom. That´s kind of my weekend, so far. I may tell you the more about my weekend an other day!

LP from your writer Erika XD

quick update

Today nothing special has happened. Just the normal basic stuff, like waking up, school and watch TV. Quite boring. Don´t you think. Nothing happens in my life or I think so. I don´t know what you think.

LP baby from your writer Erika *puss* *un beso* *kiss*


So what do I have to say today? I don´t know, but just read on and you´ll see :)! Yesterday I made a video with only pictures in it and I posted it on YouTube. The video is about Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia. I think that they truly Hollywood's hottest couple right now!!! Don´t you? I only mean if they are, but it seems like it :D!
Here is the video:

Listen to the song (My Hero Is You sang by Hayden Panettiere), dosn´t it just give you hope? Hope about everything or yeah it gives you a feeling. It feels like that to me when I listen to it!
When you think about that word "hope" it feels like it´s kind of powerful. I mean that if you really really really want all the wars in the world to end you can´t just say "Hope is all you need". I mean if you hope that all the wars will end dosn´t mean that they will! Do you get my point?
There were something I was supposed to tell you about but i think I forgot it. So I will just write along and see if it comes to me.…

My life

WOW, so 4 days ago, the 10th, I saw Gwen Stefani live in Stockholm. It was amazing!!!! The concert only last one hour and 30 minutes. A bit short I think, but my mom says that that is normal. It was so cool because in the middle of the song cool she just started walking around in the audience. I just wish that she could have past by me =)! That would have been fun. Oh, at the concert I got an necklace, you know the one she wears on the album cover (The Sweet Escape). Cool, uh!!! I love it.
Look at Justin (Timberlake)------------>
and at the necklace I made for my mom!!!
Dosen´t J.T look cute?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I think so.
Ha, do you know what I´ve heard!!!! That Hayden Penettiere and Milo Ventimiglia is dating!! Match make in haven!! OK, maybe not but they look cute together. Even if there is 12 years between them, who cares!! They already got a name "Halo". Like that game. Halo 3.

LP from your writer Erika XD peace out V

Love Stroy

Hi everybody! So sorry I´m that I haven´t posted anything since Monday! What Do you think about the picture of me? I like it though! but I want to know what you guys think! So please tell me!!! So the reason that I haven´t posted any post this week (except for today and Monday) is that I had tests in school and much homework :( ! Homework sucks!!! But the rest of the week has been quite good. Today I went to "Naturhistoriska muséet". It was not like really fun but it´s better then sitting home and doing homework.

LP from your writer Erika XD<3

Just an other day

Here in Sweden MTV is on swedish and TRL is only on saturdays and sundays X( ! I love TRL! it´s one of my favorite shows on TV.Ok, we are gonna have a thing called Nobel in school. It´s almost like the Nobel Price. On that "party" the girls have to wear dresses that goes under the knee. I´m not gonna get a new dress, I just know that. Because my mom thinks that all the dresses that i tried on cost to much and then today I tried on some of my friends dresses. I liked the dresses but it´s just that I want my own and a new dress. Is that so hard for everybody to understand?!?!?! I could totally pay for a dress that I tried on. But my moms friend thinks that I should spend my money on something less expensive. But I really really really want a new dress.If you want to see the other videos click on this video LP from your writer Erika XD

Shout Out

So, this is just gonna be a quick shout out or something like that! So this weekend has for me been about music, fashion and make up. OK, that´s what I´m all about but anyway XD! Oh, today when me and my mom where at my aunt place or yeah when we were going home, I saw some people who were giving out free clothes! So I found a skirt from ESPRIT and a t-shirt and a vest. The clothes were really nice!!!! I love them and then when I got home one of my moms friends called and said that she had some clothes for me. So I´ve got some new clothes today!!
WOW, I just singed in on myspace and then I saw someone who had posted a bulletin called "Jesse McCartney has a new song". So I read the bulletin and then listened to the song and I can say that it´s really good!!!
Oh, the thing I really wanted to say that I know I spell some words wrong and I am aware of it. I just notice it when posted the "post". So, just so you know I am aware of it.

Love and Peace (LP) from your writer E…


Whats up everybody? Did everybody had a great friday? I did! I took my camera to school yesterday (friday) and I shoot some videos and I uploaded them YouTube so I´m gonna post them here. If you just scroll down you´ll see them. Right know I´m listen to some of Paula DeAnda songs. I love her songs and she is such a great singer! My favorite songs with her is Easy and When It Was Me. I love those songs. It´s so cool that Wilmer Valderrama is in her video Easy. You should visit her MySpace page ( and her YouTube ( So what is everybody gonna do tonight? I´m gonna watch TV I think. I´m gonna watch shows like Instant Star and SNL (Saturday Night Live). That´s all I know. Tomorrow I´m gonna me and my mom are gonna visit her sister and her sisters son, Kevin. That´s all I´m gonna do this weekend.

Much Love and Peace from your writer Erika XD

Here is some videos for you to watch:
HIP HOP POLICE - Chamillionai…

love you baby

What´s up everybody!!! Has anyone had a great week so far? I think I´ve had one. You never know. Oh, yesterday in school we had a "sport" day. So when you were done with all the stuff you could go home and for me and my friends it only took about an hour and a half. I´ve posted some videos on YouTube from that and here´s one:

It´s my friend Agnes saying Hally Potta. Our other friend Maja (standing next to her) sad that that´s what they call Harry Potter in China. If you wonder why we are in the forest I can only say that more then half of Sweden are covered with trees. Weird uh! Now you know that. Not that it´s important to anyone but anyway.
If want to send me an email, do it here -

Much peace and love from your writer Erika XD

Here is some videos for you to watch:
There is something about Ashley - trailer

He said, She said - Ashley Tisdale

Wine Up (the song, not the video) - Kat DeLuna


Oh, I´ve realised how much I love Jesse McCartney. He´s so damn HOT!!!!! WOW and I have heard that he´s single!!! I know I thought he and Katie looked good together. It´s not like I would have chance but anyway. Haha, I love him and his music ;D!
Ha, in my english class we are going to work with a project and me and my friend are going to make a short movie. But about what I don´t know! If you have any ideas please tell me. Have anyone here seen Britney Spears music video Gimme More? `Cause I really want to see it. I have heard the song so, yeah I want to see it!

Much love and peace from your writer Erika ;D

The Music In Me

So my new favourite song is Potential Breakup Song by Aly and AJ. Wow I really love that song. Don´t you? Right now I´m listening to music on MySpace and YouTube. I listen to music all the time. I love music <3!
Here is some of my favorite songs:

Potential Breakup Song - Aly & AJ

SOS - Jonas Brothers

Kids of the Future - Jonas Brothers

Umbrella - Rhianna

When You Were Young - The Killers

The Pretender - Foo Fighters

I love all of these song and of course there is more song that I like. But these are the songs I listen to most at the time.

That was all for this time.
Much love <3 and peace from your writer Erika XD


Here is some videos I want you to watch on youtube:

Please watch this videos on YouTube: was all for this time!!Peace, love ya <3>

So much in my heart, but nothing to build

Today I went to Kista Galleria with my mom. God she is not the person you should go shopping with or maybe sometimes if you want something you can´t afford. Haha!!!! hope you like the song i posted yesterday! I know I can´t sing but I posted a video so you know how to sing the song. Wow, I saw an episode of TRL today and guess who was a guest? No other then Shia LaBeouf!!! So I saw the whole episode. And I can that say Shia is so hot and so hilarious!!!! I totally love him!!!I so want to be an actress and I got to do something about that. I mean I´m 14. I now I write books and songs but they never get posted somewhere. I now the books never get finished, but anyway. Some people say I can sing and some don´t and some people say I can act, but I never get the real fact. Is it just because everyone has a different opinion? I got to be that or, I don´t know. Hope you like the new picture of me. I look kind of goofy. Haha, ain´t I funny!!! I talked to a friend a while ago and she liked the…

In The Mind of a Teenage Girl

Tjobaloo!!! LOL
I hope you read what I wrote last night! Yesterday when I was on imdb to find out Shias last name I looked at some of Erik Per Sullivan and I guess that some of the are new. If the were new he looked kind of cute/hot! Look at the picture of him --------> Dosn´t he look cute/hot! LOL! Well I think so. Did you know that his mother is from Sweden! Cool, I mean I´m fron Sweden so, yeah. So, yeah now I´m gonna write down one of the song I´ve written here on the blog so enjoy: (I couldn´t find the song I wanted to post here so here is an other to enjoy)

(verse 1) You see me You follow me with your eyes and you´re thinking I don´t know what you´re thinking One thing I´m sure about is that you like me
(chorus) Come and see me Come and follow me through the world I wanna kiss youI wanna hold you in my arms I want to be with you forever `Cause you are the on (and) the only You are mine, my own man
(verse 2) When we walk around in the city you´re all I see You´re mine, you´re mine Because you are…

Umbrella / In the Mind of a Teenage Girl

Wow, I found the genius musician of the acoustic version of Rhianna's song Umbrella. I think his version is better then Rhianna's. (And) his name is John West! I found his MySpace too and so I listen to the song he has there and they are good. If you want to listen to the songs here is two sites and tougth that I can post one of the songs I´ve written here so I will do it soon. I don´t know if it will be today. But I will do it.
A while ago I posted a video of me saying a line from High School Musical 2 and today someone comment it. The comment says: "WOW". I hope who ever posted it means well. I mean that she or he don´t think I´m a bad actress. If you want to see the video just look at one of my other posts here on the blog and you´ll find my YouTube.

Peace, love ya <3>

Cade goes to college

Hi! So I found this really cool and hot guy on YouTube (and his quite funny too). His user name on YouTube is Cadegoestocollege ( ). You should really check his channel and of course his videos. Here is one of his videos:

Haha, I love that video and he is so funny! Don´t you think? I saw that they made so you can post videos right here on the blog. That´s good. Then i don´t have to take one from MySpace or YouTube. Oh, remember to check my YouTube and MySpace ( and ).
I think that I will post some new pictures of me soon and maybe a video. So, check the blog every day so you don´t miss it. So tomorrow school starts for real ;( . I don´t want to. But I have to if I want to be able to have a good job some day! Please vivist my YouTube channel and look at the video when I´m singing a part of Ashley Tisdales song Be Good To Me.

Bye, bye from your writer Erika
Love ya <3
Peace …

Catching up

So, some new things has happened I got the new Hannah Montana2: Meet Miley Cyrus CD and I love it. But the coolest thing is that it comes out on Wednesday where I live cool, uh!! I mean that I really got It before everybody, and I got Just My Luck and John tucker must Die on DVD. Well, yesterday I went to a pleace to print out some fotos and it were so cheap. I couldnt almost belive it. And an other thing about yesterday, the weather were beatiful and it was hot, I mean really!! So I thought why don't go to the beach. So I did. But when I had been there for about an hour the sun disappeard!! What happened!!!

That's all for this time. Much Love from Erika!!

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I Found This Thing

Well, like an hour ago I found out that Miley Cyrus has a personal YouTube. Cool, ah!! But she hasen´t been logged in for like 10 months. but anyway isn´t it cool that she has one. I think so. Here is one of the videos she posted:

In the video she´s on the Ferris wheel with her sister Noah and her dad. Watch the video and click on this link to get to her YouTube . That was really all for today!!
Love, ya<3
Hi, my little readers!
So on friday the Simpson's Movie has premiere. Is anyone out there going to see it? Well I think I´m going to see it. I´ve heard that it took TEN whole years to make the movie and one episode takes about SIX to NINE months!!!! I don´t know if that´s true. Well, right know I´m watching What About Brain and I heard a song in the background and it was We Are All In This Together from HSM. But it were an other version and an other singer. Well this were really it for today!

Here is my favorite song with my absolute favorite band:

please go on YouTube and watch more (The) All-American Rejects videos!!!

Greetings from YouTube Erika

Sun, sun, sun and more sun

Hi everybody!Today I mean this morning I bougth the new Harry Potter book. I love it and I´ve already read out the first chapter!! But everybody who has the book would understand. Well, I probably read out the second chapter today too. Well as you probably I am not the best person on english, so when I read the book i don´t understand all the words but when I have read them a few times I start to get the mening of them. That´s good. I mean I learn so many new words on english. Today is the first day since I stared this blog that i´ve made an entrence four days in a road. Cool, well I think so!!! So today have been a sunny day. That´s good, beacuse it´s been raining the whole summer or at least every other day. Uhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I think this is it for today. I maybe put up a video later today. I don´t know if I am going to do that, but yeah stay turned.Love ya, Erika <3

Harry Potter

WOW, an other day has past by in my life or not a whole day (but you get it). Well two days ago I told you that I were going to a store in the Old town in Stockholm to buy the new Harry Potter book, but now I´m not going to do that any more because my mom think it´s a bit risky to do it because it is in the middle of the night. It´s not that she don´t trust me but she don´t trust the weird people out there. If she had let me buy the book there she would obviously be there with me. I went to that store today and I saw a long line of poeple just waiting to buy the book tonight and some of them were dressed on Harry Potter clothes. Cool, and in the store you could buy a Harry Potter tie, scarf and hat. "Cool", I thought. I can say that they are not cheap but their not expensive either. I can also say that I want them. As I said I´m not going to that store tonight but I´m going to an other store tomorrow to buy it. Well, I´m not just about Harry Potter, so today my mom bought me…

Can´t stop the style, can´t stop the effect, cutest dam ladii, betta show respect

Today I bought this really cool book!! The book shows you how to mix your own ring tones. Doesen´t it sound really cool!?! Well I think so but the bad thing I don´t get it!!!!!!! It´s drives me nuts :( . I don´t know what I to do, but I will get some how. Won´t I? Well enough about that a few days ago I watched The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Daniel Radcliffe were a guest. But when e walked on stage he looked really nervous. I mean really, really nervous and then when he were about to say that David Yates will direct the 6th as well he said the 4th. I mean what is it with him? He is still one of my favorite actors but anyway I just wonder. The whole thing was just weird. Yesterday I updated my MySpace profile and I really like how it turned out to be. If you want to see it just click on this link . Well I don´t know what write anymore. ´Cause I can´t really concentrate, ´cause I listen to music right now. So bye bye. Much Love From Your Writer …

Now and Then

WOW, it has been a long time since I made an entrance on this blog. Much has happened since then. Now I have summer break and I enjoy it, because I get do stuff I like. For example I´ve seen the new Harry Potter movie, I´ve been in Gutenberg (Göteborg) with my mom and then we went to Liseberg and Universeum, yesterday I went a preview of the Swedish move Ciao Bella (the movie premier in Sweden August the 3rd and last week my friend from Gävle come to wisit me for 3 days. I mean it´s better then school. I´ve done so much these past few weeks or at least i think so. Oh, and on friday I´m going to buy the new Harry Potter book. I now it comes out on saturday but a store in the Old town (gamla stan) (Si-Fi) will have midnight open so I´m going there with my mom. I wonder if there will be many pepole there? Well in my last entrance I said that I made a fansite for Miley Cyrus on MySpace but it´s gone now or MySpace took it away. Well who cares really if they took it away is just rules. But…

This day

Hi there!!!!

I´ve did a fan site for Miley Cyrus on Myspace. Here is the link .

Well to day I have to go to a party. It´s not exactly a party, it´s someones birthday.
One is turning 53 i think and the other one is turning 60. But those two people does
not look that old. About oldness, when you are 45 you an´t that old but at 50 you are.
So the makes 60 really old. Don´t you think?
Well make sure you visit the Miley fan site on Myspace.
Here a new song from Mileys upcoming CD:
Not this girl

I´m just like you

WOW!!! I just felt like writing that. So I hope that everyone of my readers had a great week ´cause I know that I had. This weekend I saw the movie Epic Movie. I liked it but it was just a lillte bit enjoying on the end. Everyone who has seen the movie understands me. I think. Last week I saw Norbit. I loved it. Eddie Murphy is a great actor. He had played four characters in Norbit! He plays Norbit, Rasputia an Mr Wong. I knew he played Norbit and Rasputia but Mr Wong, wow, they did a great work with makeup there. Everyone who haven´t seen these movies should run to the nearest cinema as soon as possible.
But enough about that. Here is the Hannah Montana Video Just Like you and I´m posting it because it is my favorite song right now, so enjoy:

And an other thing about the Hannah Montana song Just Like You, I walk around and sing all the time. And I love the show Hannah Montana. Who dosen´t?
Good night everyone and thanks for reading!!
Much love from Erika!!!! Love ya all!!

Jesse McCarteny 20th birthday


Hope everyone had a good Monday! I had. (I think). For everyone who don´t know this today is Jesse McCartney's 20th birthday! Thought about it earlier today and he´s old. Or his is not. He is really young and I am younger then him and he is older then me. So, it´s like that. If you are a fan and want to wish him happy birthday click on this link
He has uploaded 4 songs from his latest CD. So go on and wish him a happy birthday.
I´ve already wished him happy birthday but now I want to do it here on my blog so:
HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY JESSE!!!! Hope you have a great day. Love ya peace <3

Here is something to all Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus lovers, I have made a
fan video that I´ve posted on
So please click on the link and watch it or click on this link and watch all my videos I´ve posted on
youtube. Here it is so I hope you enjoy!

Hello everybody

Hello everybody!!
Hej allihopa!!

I hope enjoyed yesterdays blog and the songs. It would be really
fun you guys commet the blog sometimes and let me know what
you think and what you think I should write.
`Cause I would really appreciate it! Oh, today I watched
High School Musical. I´ve already seen it before,
but any way. LOL!!
Right now I don´t know what I should write so I´m going
to give all the readers liks to websites I like:

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I got a lot of presents. I got two ticets to Gwen Stefanis concert here in Stockholm, a Cinderella story (on DVD), Shark Tale (on DVD), High School Musical (on DVD), a body scrub, bedclothes, Chocolate indulgence soap, Chocolate indulgence body lotion, Chocolate indulgence shower gel, Chocolate indulgence cream bath, 7 jeans, shoes from Milan and some other stuff. I haven´t got all my presents yet. Besides my birthday presents I got 500 kr (70,40 USD, 52,81 EUR, 35,76 GBP, 84,64 AUD) and a new spring jacket. The money I am going to save for the summer. If this counts as a birthday present I got silver VIP on pa from my friend Malin. Malin is the one in the pink sweater. The other ones on the picture are my other friends and of course me. Here is something to everyone who reads my blog: beacuse I don´t write on this blog as often as i want I am giving everyone 14 songs (14 = because I am 14): Lovestoned / I think that she knows - Justin Timberlake http://monkey.n…

I´m Sorry

I´m so sorry that I haven´t written since wednesday! But sometimes I´m just so tired. But enough about that. Next friday it´s my birthday. If you don´t I´m turning 14. A big day! I wonder what I get and if I´ll get anything from my wish list. I hope so, because if I don´t it´s not gonna be a happy moment. It will be but I will not be happy. I mean birthdays are really special. They are for me! Really, really, really special. On your birthday you are suppose to be happy or you should. Don´t let your mom, dad and siblings get in your my on your birthday. It´s your day. I hope that my mom dosn´t destroy my birthday!!!! It a day I should be happy. I´m happy other days of the year but this one is the one I really, really, really should be happy. And if my mom planed anything without me that I don´t know about and I got other plans she can´t make me go on with her plans. I mean she didn´t tell me about it so she can´t make me.