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Ariana Grande - Love The Way You Lie


@ School

It rained today incase you wanted a weather report. I don't know the lines for any of the plays I have to learn study lines for, which means a lot of studying this weekend. Film paper and three fucking scripts to study. Okay that fucking might sound like I am nagging like it's a bad thing. I mean yeah, of course I am complaining I have alot of schoolwork to do and not knowing any of the lines is going to show the most. If I don't know the answer to a question on one of my finals okay it's just one question, it's going to hurt me more if I don't know any of my lines. My professor for my Beginning Acting class told me that on Monday he will take note of who can and who doesn't know their lines. Ooops! Fortunately, I don't have that many lines for that play. I am in one scene. We are doing the first two acts of Our Town by Thornton Wilder and I am Mrs Gibbs. For my Intermediate Acting A I have lines to half a scene to learn. The second half of the first sc…

Almost Home

Urgh! Today I took one of those study days again. Bläsch! I can't wait until I get to go home. Until all the homework is over. Tomorrow there is 16 days left! Can you believe how fast time flies? I wonder how it will be to come back home?

I took a break from studying and went to Starbucks.

Right before I headed out to Starbucks :)

After that I went to VONS because I need some things. I got something that I should be ashamed but I don't want to buy alot of coffee since I am leaving in two weeks. It is just unnecessary. LOL, it cost 99 cents so, yeah. Hahaha.

your writer, Erika

Soon It's December

Happy girl! Well, that depends. LOL. I just saw that on Cost Plus Word Market has glögg on their website. Yeah! So if they have it in there store here in Santa Barbara I will but it tomorrow. Well, that's if it's alcohol free. I zoomed in on the picture of the bottle and I couldn't see that is contained any alcohol. Yeah. Well, I am going there anyway tomorrow to buy a chocolate advent calendar and Nyåkers gingerbread thins. I could go to CVS and get Annas but I din't know if CVS downtown cary them. Ah, we'll see. Oooo, talking about Christmas calendars I am going to buy Starbucks advent calendar tomorrow. I was going to buy one this weekend but the Starbucks that I went to didn't have one.

Hahaha, on Saturday it's December 1st and that means Julkalendern (all the swedes out there knows what I am talking about). If I can't watch it in SVTplay from the US you are going to see me rage on facebook and twitter. It's a tradition to watch it even if it su…

Black Friday

Hi guys. What up? Haha, yeah I said I was going to blog about Black Friday and yeah so I will. Haha, Mohahaha.

I bought a few things. I don't know if I really made any huge deals. Okay, yeah I would call the deal that I made on the coat that I bought at Macy's. It was $89.50 and I paid $34.50. I have looked at it before so I thought why not get it.

Of course I went to Victoria's Secret! Duh! I wouldn't really say that I made a huge sale. I mean I got two bras and one of them was 50% off and that I got matching underwear (which were not on sale). Hmm, with my purchase I got a secret rewards card and a tote bag. Inside the bag there was a perfume sample, a lipgloss, a body spray and a body lotion. Yeah! So even tough I spent a lot of money I got free stuff and, I mean, who says no to free stuff? Not me anyway.

From American Eagle I got a top and belt. I got a sweater from FORVEVER21 that I have looked at before. Carolyn from my Intermediate Acting has the same sweater. I…

Bridgit Mendler - 5:15

Bridgit Mendler is not just an amazing actress she is also an amazing singer. Listen to her song "5:15"...

your writer, Erika

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend in session for BBC Radio 1

Seriously this is pure magic! Okay I understand that everyone might not like his music (no, I really don't understand that) but you have to admit that he is extremely talented.

your writer, Erika

Aaliyah - More Than A Woman

R.I.P. Aaliyah. I wonder where she would be in here career if she still was alive. Tragic that she died. I mean unlike other of singers she seemed to know what she was doing.

your writer, Erika

Favorite Things

Yo! My favorite things video is here :)

your writer, Erika

Union J

I like this cover of "Call Me, Maybe?"

your writer, Erika

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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: Ryan River Sessions

Just a little evening chill music....

your writer, Erika

Work Out

Hi guys! How are you going? I am good. Good, good. It has just been a slow day here. Urgh. I took another study day. I need to work on my english project so that I have something to show my teacher tomorrow. I mean it's not due tomorrow, it's just that we are going to work on our projects in class tomorrow and I have to have something more that just a few lines to show my teacher. You know what I am saying, right. Hahaha.

I think that I am going to start work out. I want to get more fit. LOL. No but really it's healthy to work out. Good for your body. I need something more than yoga. I am thinking pilates. I don't know I am not the expert here. I think Miley does that and it is apparently woking for her. I love that episode of Married To Jonas when Dani and her sisters take their father to a pilates class. I don't know. I need a trainer. Someone who's up for that challenge? Just be aware that I will probably whine a lot in the beginning. I thinking that I want …

Joe Jonas - All This Time

I've waited all this time.....

your writer, Erika

To Be Over

All I can say is that I can't wait for this semester to be over! It is not so much that I want to go home, I like it here (sorry guys). It's more the thing that it will be nice to take a break from school for a while. even if if won't be that long, it will still be a break where I can breath, read a good book, watch a DVD. Do whatever, the time is mine to spend on what I want. Ahhhh. Well, at least there is a new episode of How I Met Your Mother, 90210, Gossip Girl and I can watch the new episode of Solsidan (well, I can actuaslly do that now but nah, I want to go to bed a little bit earlier tonight and I won't get up earlier to watch it I already wake up at 5:30 and that's too early!). Plus on Thursday there is Thanksgiving and on Friday, Black Friday! Damn, I am going to go mad through all the stores. Hahaha. 
I have been editing someone of my favorite things video. I edited about five minutes or so and so far I have deleted about one minute of footage. I am goin…

"Diamonds" Remix

Rihanna - Diamonds ft Kanye West


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Hi, I am feeling sad right now. Frustrated more than anything. I've been feeling alot more frustrated lately. More than usual. I just HATE that feeling. Oh, gosh. I just want to throw my computer across the room. Toss something, just something. the more significance it has the better you will feel for that micro second before you go back to feeling damn frustrated again. I would say that there are five stages of frustration. 1) sad, 2) frustrated, 3) angry, 4) fucking angry and 5) annoyed. Well, maybe there are just three. The first two and then any of second three. Hmmm.

Sometimes I just think that it would just be simpler if I just didn't exist. That might sound suicidal but I it's not, it's just that all of those frustration triggers (I don't like that word "triggers") wouldn't exist. I am just saying that it would all be simpler not better. There is to much joy in life to be sad or take the easy way. We should take action, instead of bitch about i…


Hi guys I just want to make a quick post! Tralala!

How have you been? Did you tweet for @TeenThings? I most have done it about a 100 times or so. I hope that my followers are not mad at me *smiley face*.

OMG, so Sara asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I just went blank. I mean seriously. I have a lot of things. When I see something that I want I'll buy (maybe not instantly, but I'll buy it). I have that opportunity now since I "have" all this money. Ha, I guess I am lucky that way. LOL. But seriously, I always want something Bieber and 1D, a date with Cody Simpson (on the top of my list - ALWAYS!!!) and a bunch of other fangirl related stuff. A good book is never a bad thing, I love the body shop. I don't, I am just surrounded by a bunch of things here that I want and, they are not here so they can't get me that. Hmmm.

This weekend I am going to post my favorite things video (I just have to film it first, :p) and I might do an other one 'cause I jus…


Heigh ho, heigh ho. Four weeks today! Four weeks! Aaaaah, can you understand this? Hahahaha. Well, in exactly four weeks I will be on a plane somewhere over America. Hahaha.

Have you watched my "What's In My Purse" video yet? Hehehe. Maybe not the most interesting video but I just thought it'd be fun. I am going to start making more videos. This weekend I am going to make a "Favorite Things" video. I got inspired my Meaghan Dowling's video. BTW, Ariana Grande is having a #DinnerWithAriana in New York and Meaghan is a really huge fan of Ari so help her win by tweeting #DinnerWithAriana I nominate @MeaghanDowling or #DinnerWithAriana I nominate @TeenThings because those are her twitter accounts!

your writer, Erika

What's In My Purse


For The Love of A Daughter

Have heard this amazing song For The Love of A Daughter by Demi Lovato? It was first supposed to be released on her sophomore album Here We Go Again but it was cut but made it for her third studio album Unbroken. The original version differs from the version the got released on Unbroken. I just heard the original version, 'cause I didn't know about it. I like them both, but the Unbroken is better. The lyric change and the piano - awesome! (Her voice is amazing on both version, no denying that!)

For The Love of A Daughter (original/ Here We Go Again version)

For The Love of A Daughter (Unbroken version)
Sorry but this is the  best version of the Unbroken version that I could find. This song is a little faster the the album song (I guess it's the only way it could be uploaded to youtube without not be taken down because of claims and rights)

Also I thought I would share with you the leaked lyric video of Shut Up and Love Me that everyone has been talking about lately. This son…

Little Mix

Hi, hi! I actually started a real post last night. I mean a post like this with text and not those two music videos that I posted. I did, o just never finished it 'cause it just didn't appeal to me. Hahaha.

Okay maybe I should be nice and give you guys a little brief of what I did yesterday. I went Downtown and to the East Beach. There was some kind of market there where people were selling handmade stuff, paintings etc. I didn't know that, I just saw a lot of painting when I got to the beginning of the Stern Wharf. So I continued along the east side 'cause there were more stuff. I didn't buy anything 'cause the stuff were too crazy for me.

Awesome vy right!

Now on to today. I went and saw Wreck-It Ralph. It's so good. You should really go and see it. I know it is a animated movie but it has a really good story and the animation is really cool. They really did a great job with this one. They really did.

A nail polish that I bought today :)

Look at my nails!…

Becky G - Problem (The Monster Remix) ft.


Cher Lloyd - Oath ft. Becky G



What's up ya'll? You are probably having much more fun than I am, not that I am having a none fun time. I just, ah you know what I mean. Hopefully.

Hahaha. I went Downtown today because I had to mail a birthday card for a friend who's birthday is next week (you know who you are - LOL, how embarrassing this would be if I have more than one friend who's birthday is next week and I don't know about it, but most people I know are born in one of the first six months of the year). Hopefully she will get in time. The postal service is a little weird. Hmm. I am waiting for a package from back home but yeah. The first package that my mom sent me took about three weeks or so before is arrived at my doorstep. Hmm, yeah yeah, I'll guess that it will come here sometime in the near future. Hopefully since I am leaving in less than five weeks, one month left on Tuesday. Sidetrack: Talking about leaving, I bought my airbus (airport shuttle bus) ticket today. Not that this is t…

In Da Kitchen

It' Friday! Yeah! Today have (except from school, one class from 8 am to 9:25 am), I went shopping (I bought a Cody Simpson shirt) and went grocery shopping because I needed something for dinner (I didn't want turkey franks or eggs, whatever I had at home) and I wanted to make a chocolate cake for tonight (you are welcome to come over for some, you have my number so text me :p).

Now I am just waiting for my chicken drumsticks (which is what I bought for dinner) to be done. on the side I have a salad and the awesome ketchup and whipped cream sauce. Yum! Later I will have chocolate cake with whipped cream. OMG, it has been so long since I last baked. It was nice. Welcome back old friend!

your writer, Erika

A Call Away

Hi guys. Watchadoin'? Nah, Imma just sitting here watching TV. Finished my homework about half an hour or so. Wold have gotten more done but, I had to go downtown to Paseo Nuevo and T-mobile (which is pronounced t-moble, incae you didn't know). Yeah, I had planned a study day at home but no fucking T-Moble (that was on purpose) had blocked my phone for some reason. Yeah, I tried to calling their customer support but all I got was this stupid computer voice. Eff them! But yeah, I went to t-moble (on purpose again) and I got my problem solved. I mean seriously how could they just block my phone without telling me? I couldn't call or text anyone and no one could call or text me! WTF?!

I talked to my mom this morning as I usally do and after I talked to her I called Annika. I was nice talking to her. We haven't spoken since August. That's a long time. We talked for a good 20 minutes or so. I have unlimited calls to landlines in the world through Skype, so I thought I j…


Exhausted is the word Madam! Exhausted! Damn I am so freaking tired that I am dozing off in class and that is not like me. I might be bored but I never doze off. I never did that in Sweden but I guess that's what three months of school does to you. It's good that I sit in the back in two of my classes (the ones that I tend to doze off in). Well, in my Introduction To Film class I always sit in the las row (or the second last) and when we watch a movie the lights are off so I don't think that my professor notices. Hehehe, as for my Intermediate Acting class - well - there are only two rows and so the is a slight (uhm, much bigger) chance that my professor notices. In the class we are about 20 students and in my Introduction To Film class we're about 160 people so, yeah.

This morning when I woke up all I thought was "Screw this, I want to go home!". I was tired and, yeah, as I said I was really exhausted. I just really wanted to go back to bed while I was in th…

Something Before I Go To Bed

There are alot of pros to stay in this country and continue study here next semester. Spring break and other holidays that you get off from schools. In Sweden you don't have breaks during the school year when you're in college. Well, winter break and summer vacation. So, that's a plus. The weather, yeah! Today I wore a short summer dress and it's November 6th! But on the other in Sweden I am closer to my family (but I barley talk to them anyway or see them, for some reason). Hmm. I don't k now but I guess it's just that familiarity.

Well, I got to go to bed now. I have an 8 am class which means I got to go up at 5:30 am. Bye and take care!

your writer, Erika


Hi, hi.  Today has been a confusing day. Daylight savings time. I mean just the sun. I mean (again), when I came out of the shower this morning the sun was really shining trough the blinds. When I came was on my way home from school today, you could see the sun about to set and then - BOOM! - it was pitch dark. Yeah, all that happened in like 30 minutes. Damn! Yeah, I know. The weather has been nice today 32 degrees celsius/ 90 degrees fahrenheit. That's not what a scandinavian girl like me is used to for November 5th but I am not complaining.

Have I told you this? If I have, well, then this will just refresh your memory. We are reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card in my english class. It's a science fiction book about a boy named Ender Wiggin (his real name is Andrew but he prefers Ender). He is six years old and super smart. Therefore he is sent to Battle School in space to be trained to be a solider so that he can save humankind from buggers (aliens?). Anyway, Summi…


Everybody go and see Flight starring Denzel Washington now. I totally agree with Ellen, he should get an Oscar for his part as Whip. In the beginning of the movie the only thing I could think of is that my flight to London is 10 hours and 15 minutes and why the hell did I choose such a long flight? Am I crazy? Nah, I am okay now, the slight panic has passed. LOL, just because the movie is rated R (from 17) I had to show my ID. LOL.

Here is the trailer incase you have ever heard of the movie before or if you simply haven't seen the movie before:

My friend Madde told me about this movie, a Swedish movie called Hynotisören which is actually Sweden's contribution for the Academy Award. Pretty cool huh? I think that the trailer is good. If you live in Sweden go an see it and tell me what you thought of it.

your writer, Erika

Surprise, Surprise

Urrgh! I am so annoyed! Why? I'll tell you why, that damn post office! That damn, American Post Office! What's wrong with that damn American Post Office? I'll tell you what's wrong with that damn American Post Office. They close at 2 pm on Saturdays so I didn't have time to mail my package. Fuck them all! LOL. Nah, I am just a little annoyed but what can you do? I just have to go back there on Tuesday and mail the package then. Well, well, I was going to ship a package to my mom. She asked me to buy her a few things and then she wanted me to ship it to her. Plus I bought her some surprise things.

Talking about surprise things I bought Martina something today. Most people, well a few people, are getting things from. Things like Hey-I've-Been-In-The-USA stuff. Hahaha, LOL "stuff" makes it seem less exciting. People don't worry your "stuff" is very cool (and that just makes it seem very naughty, :p). I am getting Annika something from Willi…

America's Next Top Model Application

Hi beautiful boys and guys! How's your Friday so far? Or if you're European or Asian or live in Europe or Asia, how was your Friday? Mine's good. I've been calling my bank and BA 'cause there was some issues with BA. They are not cleared yet. I might call BA tomorrow or just wait until Thursday to see if the problem has disappeared by itself. Yeah, yeah.

I am watching America's Next Top Model right now. Just want to let everyone know out there that they are currently accepting applications for cycle 20 of America's Next Top Model. Click here for more information. Hmmm, I read the eligibility requirements for the application and it says "You must be a United States citizen and live in the United States." but it also says "Producers reserve the right to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis." So does that mean that I can apply? Okay it also says, "Finalists must hold a current U.S. passport, as international travel may be required of…

One Direction - Little Things



Hi guys tomorrow is Friday and I only have one class. Yes. My plans for the weekend are nothing more than what I usually do. Shopping, going to the movies and mail a package to Sweden. I want to see Flight and Wreck It Ralph. But I want to see Flight more than the other movie so I will go and see Flight this weekend and Wreck It Ralph on Tuesday, since I have no classes then and since it's cheaper on Tuesdays. It only cost like 5 dollar and 25 cents (or something like that).
What's your plans for the weekend?

Both of those movies premieres next year in Sweden. Flight premieres on January 25th and Wreck It Ralph or (Röjar Ralf as it's called in swedish) premieres on February 8th.

People are crazy here! I mean for halloween. Damn. Halloween was yesterday, I know. I saw someone dressed up as (in full costume) as a hot dog on the buss when I was on my way to school. I saw banana too. Hmm. People would never do that in Sweden. I mean dress up like that in full costume for schoo…