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Wedding Special: The Dress

Okay, so I want to do a wedding special since I am obsessed with weddings! Like which girl isn't?! I am in love Say Yes To The Dress and Tori & Dean: SToribook Weddings. I am not a experience wedding planer, but I just want to put out my thoughts on what I think is beautiful. This doesn't necessarily mean that I want my wedding to be like this. I am just saying that this is what I think is beautiful. When it is time for me to get married this will be really helpful. LOL.

I was trying to think of the top five things at a wedding and that is totally impossible because each little detail at a wedding is just as important. From the napkins to the dress. Okay, yeah of course the dress is way more important than the napkins but you can just have any napkins. I would absolutely die (emotionally) if I had to cheap napkins that just crumples as soon as they get wet or when you touch them. Therefore (since there are no top five things) I am just going to pick a few things a random (…


Okay! I am not gonna lie, I looked up green card. I googled it just to see what it really is and what the difference it is to actually have one instead of a visa. I am domed, as of right now. I have nothing for me that will get me a green card. I am not saying that I want one. I am just saying. I know all about the student visa that I had so I just want learn more. It's a part of the common knowledge. I like learning, to a certain point and if I get to decide what I think is just rubbish and what is actually useful. Gosh! I am just saying that America has to be one of the hardest countries to get into unless you're a citizens. Yeah. No, it is not that it is hard it is just that it is complicated.

Look what my mom got me today! These cute wonderful cupcake cases. Ever since I bought the cupcake stand my mom have said that I need some cute cases for the stand. So she came home with these today. Yeah! Super cute, right!

Do you have any tips for cupcakes that I can make? Post the …

Trying To Live

I don't really know what to say today. I am still a little sick. I went to school today since I only have a cold. When you have a cold your body is just playing a trick on your mind that makes you think that you are worse than you actually are. So you think that you have a temperature of 40°C when you actually have a normal temp. Hmmm. Yeah, yeah. I felt like I had a fever today but when class ended and it was time to go home I suddenly felt not sick when I stood up. So I walked to the metro since it such a lovely weather here in Stockholm this afternoon. 8°C! Yeah.
I have special home remedies for when I am sick. I eat raw garlic. A few cloves of garlic each day. It really works. There is something in garlic that is good for the immune system. I don't remember what it is called. Google or wikipeadia it.

Right now I am watching Grey's Anatomy and listening to spotify. Going old school with some Destiny's Child. It was so annoying 'cause when I came back form the US…

So Sick

So, I just thought that I would stop by and say "Hello". 'Ello! Ha. Naw, today I have been kind of sick. I woke up with a sore throat this morning. I hate having a sore throat. Don't you? Always when I get a sore throat a cold afterwards. So tomorrow I will probably wake up with a cold. Nice! Thank you for this practical joke. So the only thing that  have done today is renewing my SL card and I went to the pharmacy. I got a new anti-bacterial gel and a new facial wash from Neutrogena. Have you ever tried their products? I think that they are amazing. I think that this is the second pink grapefruit product that I am trying. I just need a new facial wash so I just got this one. I hope that it's good. So far I have been pleased with their products.

Okay. I did some homework this morning. But that's it. 'Cause I'm sick I don't want to exhaust myself. As much as I would like to stay home from school tomorrow, I don't want it to be because I am sick…

A Job

Yo. Gosh I need a job. I don't want a job but I kinda need one. I mean it would be nice to have some extra money just for fun times. Also I have all of this free time. I go to school three days a week, so I have four days off but I rather not work weekends. Hahaha. I rather keep 'em free. In the US I went to school Modnay's, Wednesday's and I had one lesson in the morning on Friday's. So I had a lot of free time as you can tell. What did I do with all of that time? Well, what did my time after all my homework was finished? I believe that/ feel like your free time is more rewarding when you have all your school work out of the way. At least the huge things. So what did I do with my time you ask? Well, I spent my money. I went shopping. I tried to do other things, like all the tourist attractions. But I went to all of those in the first month. Hahaha.

I have all this free time that I rather not give up but I don't do anything. I watch the Kardashian's/ Jenner…


Aww. I love my readers so much you are so amazing! It has been really fun to blog about fashion and beauty this week. I am sorry that I didn't blog yesterday. I don't know why the internet thinks that we are in this on and off relationship, I am in this for the long hall. I love you baby let's get married, mwah! I am serious. Dead serious.

This week I am almost exclusively listened to Hot Chelle Rae on spotify. I try to mix it up with some other artist so that I don't get sick of them. Not that's that's ever possible, but sometimes you get an overdose of an artist and need to take a break again and then you listen to a song you haven't listen to in a while by that artist and damn it's like you're hooked on crack. I am just guessing, 'cause I don't do drugs. Drugs are bad kids, stay in school.
No but seriously I love them. Ryan is so hot! All of them hot for that matter. I was gonna say that I think that Ian looks like Reid Ewing but now the …

Where To Find Me

Okay, so you know that I don't just have to blog. I haver all of these other social media things too. Like twitter and instagram. So, I don't know if you what my twitter is, my instagram and all that so I thought that I would post it here. Yeah, I can hear y'all screaming with joy. Admit it, you're crying too? Hahaha.

Twitter: @erikaworld

Instagram: @eriikaworld

Youtube: @onenineninethree

I use these three most frequently. I am thinking about getting keek but I don't know, I want to follow Jesse McCartney because I know that he post a lot of things there. I've been in love with him since i was like 12 or something so, hehehe. I mean is it any good?

your writer, Erika

1D World Stockholm

I wrote this yesterday because I meant to post this yesterday but I have/ had (it's on and off) really slow internet connection so I didn't have time to post it last night. Since I didn't blog yesterday I will try to make it up to you today with two posts. I mean that's unless the internet connection decides to fail me again. I hope it doesn't, because I am listening to Hot Chelle Rae on spottily and no one, NO ONE messes with me when I am listening to HCR. NO ONE! Then I am going to find out where the owner of the company for the internet provider that we have live. Hahaha, I might and might not be dead serious right now. OMG! You should have seen me when I called and yelled at target. I was pissed off. Here's the story: I had ordered to cd's from Target. 1D's Take Me Home Target exclusive and Bridget Mendler's Hello My Name Is. I had ordered them because they don't sell them in Sweden plus I had placed the ordered in them so that I would get t…

Beauty Friday

Yo, yo, yo! How are y'all doing on a fine Friday night like this? Ha. I did a facial earlier and those pore strips. Have you ever tried pore strips? After I have pulled them off I look at them to see how much got stuck on there. Haha, when you haven't used pore strips in a while it's kind of disgusting to look at them. I'm like, yuck! Or what do you say. or maybe you are just a pretty princess with perfectly clean pores? Ha. I think that it's nice and fun to do a facial and other beauty treatment. I do them at least once a week. I mean, who doesn't like to look good.

I put up some more things on blocket this morning. A few bags, including a pink bag from Victoria's Secret, and some lamps. Check out the bags and the lamps.

your writer, Erika

Girly Nails

Hi guys! I am sitting here watching one of my favorite reality shows, Pregnant In Heels. Ha, I love Rosie she is so funny and the show is educational too. I read her blog sometimes and I follow her on facebook. Hahaha, stalker much. Nah, but she's cool.
I meant to blog earlier tonight but I had really slow internet connection for some reason. Urgh! So, annoying! I am just saying that slow internet connection is one of the worst things in your everyday life. Don't you agree?! I mean there are of course worse things in the world but I am talking in the modern everyday life where people have modernities. Do you get what I am saying?

Since I am on a roll with this beauty theme this week I just though that I would continue with that since people seem to like it so much. Yeah! I did my nails earlier. Not the best that I have ever done but they're girly and I like it. I just sat and painted them and listened to Hot Chelle Rae. Ahhh, it was perfect. Hahaha. Do you have any favorit…

One Step At a Time

I took some step by step pictures this morning because I said that I would do so. I also took pictures of the products that I used. I am not going to explain each step but if you want me to do so some other time, I can definitely do so.

No makeup

Step 1

I used the one in the middle
Step 2

I used the on top in the middle
Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

This lipgloss is awesome! It is really good for dry lips!

I also took a picture (I got my to help me) of my outfit today. I really liked it so I wanted to show you guys. The dress is from H&M DIVIDED, the tights are from Forever21, the belt came with a dress that I bought at JCPenny and the cardigan is from H&M. The gold (not real gold) necklace I got at a Gwen Stefani concert.

(Say "hello" to Merlin in the right down corner!)

I put up some clothes on blocket. Check out the ad!

your writer, Erika

Beauty Queen

As I mentioned yesterday I like to look good because it makes me feel good. I took a before an after picture of my makeup today just to show you. Maybe tomorrow or on Friday I can take step by step pictures. 

I have found the perfect sandals for spring/ summer 2013. Damn! I am in love. LOL. They are so cute. I love the little bow! Such a perfect touch. They come in four colors. Apricot, green (but it look like blue on the pictures), yellow and black. I like the apricot one.

La Redoute also has these shock color pumps in suede imitation. Adorable! I don't know which color is my favorite but I decided to post my three favs. They also come in brown (but I think that they look alot more beige than brown), red and black. Click here to check out the other colors!