You Call This Entertainment?!

Hi, guys. So I am writing my paper. My goal is to finish the first question tomorrow. Then I have time to write the second question on Monday and Tuesday, since the paper is due on Wednesday before 10 am. I have to drop it off at school (wtf?!). Yeah, yeah. So far I have written 349 words for the first question and it has to be a minimum of 450 words. Only 101 words to go. Hahaha. I hope that I'll pass. Passing is the only thing that I care about. At least for my first assignment that after that i don't want to do any worse that I did on my first assignment.

OMG! I am so bored! It's freaking Saturday night and there is absolutely nothing good on TV! Maybe that's my problem, relying on the telly for entertainment on a Saturday night. Yeah, yeah. Hmmm. But still, Sweden your TV listing sucks on weekends! Suckley suck sucks. That's what it does. Hahaha. Okay dokey, the SNL episode with Justin Biber from last weekend airs in Sweden tonight at 23:30 aka 11:30 pm. There is also a rerun of that at 10 am tomorrow. Both on Kanal9.

your writer, Erika

.p.s. Happy Birthday to Ryan Follesé :) Mwah :D


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