Official Princess

Hi boys and girls! What are you doing a Monday night like this? I just finished watching Nashville. Have you watched that show? I didn't like at first when it premiered in October but I kept watching because there wasn't anything else good on TV. Hahaha. And now, yup, I like it. I am a Hayden fan. Have been for a long. I loved her in The Ice Princess. It was my absolute favorite movie in the sixth grade. Hahaha.

You know that I like to do my make up. Maybe not, since I don't blog about how important to me. maybe because it's not. It's not like that I have to do it, but I like to look nice so why not, right? Hahaha. I mean who doesn't like to look good?! That's just a stupid question. Ha. Anyway, I took a picture just for y'all to show what how pretty I am and how good my makeup turned out. I am just that awesome. Lalala.

your writer, Erika


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