Beauty Queen

As I mentioned yesterday I like to look good because it makes me feel good. I took a before an after picture of my makeup today just to show you. Maybe tomorrow or on Friday I can take step by step pictures. 



I have found the perfect sandals for spring/ summer 2013. Damn! I am in love. LOL. They are so cute. I love the little bow! Such a perfect touch. They come in four colors. Apricot, green (but it look like blue on the pictures), yellow and black. I like the apricot one.

La Redoute also has these shock color pumps in suede imitation. Adorable! I don't know which color is my favorite but I decided to post my three favs. They also come in brown (but I think that they look alot more beige than brown), red and black. Click here to check out the other colors!

Enough about shoes (haha, you can never get enough of shoes). I saw this really cute top (also from La Redoute). It's off-white (as it's called in the world of fashion). It's a really cute see-through top, so you'll have to wear a white bra or a something white underneath so that you don't go and flash your sister for everyone to see. A cute bralette or bandeau could work too. Victoria's Secret PINK have really cute color ones. Check out all of VS PINK's bandeaus and bralettes here.

your writer, Erika


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