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I wrote this yesterday because I meant to post this yesterday but I have/ had (it's on and off) really slow internet connection so I didn't have time to post it last night. Since I didn't blog yesterday I will try to make it up to you today with two posts. I mean that's unless the internet connection decides to fail me again. I hope it doesn't, because I am listening to Hot Chelle Rae on spottily and no one, NO ONE messes with me when I am listening to HCR. NO ONE! Then I am going to find out where the owner of the company for the internet provider that we have live. Hahaha, I might and might not be dead serious right now. OMG! You should have seen me when I called and yelled at target. I was pissed off. Here's the story: I had ordered to cd's from Target. 1D's Take Me Home Target exclusive and Bridget Mendler's Hello My Name Is. I had ordered them because they don't sell them in Sweden plus I had placed the ordered in them so that I would get them before I had to leave for Sweden. Yeah right, NO ONE messes with me and my 1D boys. So then I got this email that my oder would be delayed and that I would get what I ha ordered between the day before and the day after I was leaving for Sweden. So I saw no other option then to cancel my order. You would think that would be possible since they haven't even sent my oder yet. Okay, no not according to Target. Gosh, so annoying, right! So I got really mad and the guy told me I had to be a return note on the door about my order (WTF?!) and that would have to call them so that I would get my money back. It's nice that I would have gotten my money back but I was just so annoyed. Anyway I got my cd's two days before I had to fly back home. So they whole thing worked out in the end.

Here is what I wrote yesterday:
I went to the opening of the 1D World store here in Stockholm today. The first 1D World store in Europe. Yeah, suck on that! Haha. It was fun. I was kind of unsure if I wanted to got to the opening. I mean, get up early (not that I went up that early, I got up at like 7 am), stand outside in the cold (OMG, I remember the premiere of High School Musical 3: Senior Year) and all that. But, you know what, it's all worth it! It's fun! I told myself to go and have fun. Hahaha! It wasn't that cold but minus 2 degrees celsius (28,4 degrees fahrenheit) get kind of cold when you stand still for two hours. It was yeah. I mean, I stood outside and waited for two hours and maybe half an hour inside. That's what you do for your idols. It would have been perfect if they had been there but they're not. They're in London because the Take Me Home Tour starts today, so I wish my boys, Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall some massive luck! Yeah! Are you going tonight or are you going to see them during their tour? i am not unfortunately.

your writer, Erika


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