Bye Money, Hi Books

I am sorry that I haven't blogged for a few days. I am just exhausted out of boredom when I come home from school. No I am just bored from school, too bored to really do anything. Ah, I was such a better student in the US. Here, well I show up. Yes I do read what we are supposed to read but in the US I read more carefully because we always had a quiz the class. The teacher just wanted to make sure that we had read what we were supposed to read. The scores that we got on the test then counted towards our final grade in that class. So that motivated you more to actually do the reading. But just because I did the reading didn't mean that I got every single question right. We also had bonus questions that counted as an extra credit. So, yeah.

I have a little break from school. Next time there is something on the schedule is next Thursday. Yeah, and that's the only class that I have next week. Huh?! Like so weird! I know right! Yeah, yeah whatever. Hahaha, I am so annoyed (about something else). We have to get an other book for school!!! Like, why couldn't you tell us that these are all the books that you will need for the entire semester? Like, is that so hard to do? Or are you just that slow (JK)? So now I have to by another book, like, good bye money! Bye bye it was fun while it lasted. Haha, no it's not that expensive but yeah.

your writer, Erika


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