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Good Morning

Today is going to be a good day! All positivity and no negativity! My colleague and I have ordered som delicious fika for the whole office for this afternoon and tonight I am going to the Justin Bieber concert. I am so excited.

Justin Bieber! It's almost exactly for years to the date since I saw him last. Four years?! Can you guys believe that it's been that long? So much has happened since then. Four years, oh my God! I remember that I decided not to buy a ticket for the North American part of the Believe Tour because I had not yet been excepted to any college. I don't know but to me buying a ticket for to see him was to jinx the whole thing. Back the my focus was 110% on being excepted into a college in the US. Then I got a ticket to see him in LA from my family as a graduation gift. Living in Cali was absolutely one of the greatest experinces that I have had so far in my life. But I am only 23 and there is so much more to come and I am looking forward to it!

Here are so…

National Coffee Day

This day has not started off well. My new lipgloss that I bought this weekend is evil because it think it's funny to make its mark everywhere like my chin and nose but even worse the white shirt that I am wearing today. So annoying. During my lunch break I went to Fältan because I needed to buy a couple of things that I was hoping that they would have there but didn't. I was feeling very hot so I decided to take of my sweater. As I was pulling off my sweater my shirt got pulled up as well and accidentally touched my lips so now I have a very noticeable purple stain on my chest.

It's not all negativity today because it's international coffee day. I am so happy because in my Espresso House app I had 50% of any standard size coffee but since I have worked at EH I already have 50%! Which means that I got 75% off the total price and my latte was only 10,75kr. Hahahaha. But I won't keep that staff discount forever. I don't know for how long but my boss at EH said tha…


Hello! I have been mind block all day about what to write about. Urgh, so annoying. Last weekend when I went shopping I tried to find some new workout clothes. I had seen some one on H&M's website but I couldm't fint them in any of the H&M stores here in the city. So this afternoon I have been sitting here looking at sports wear while trying to figure out what to blog about today. I found these really cute tights and to cute sports bras. I am definetly going to order these when I get home.

Buy them here
Buy it here
Buy it here

What kind of clothes do you like to workout in?

your writer, Erika


Okay, so surround yourself with beautiful things to be successful?! I have said something like that, havn't I? I have. So this weekend I was looking at apartments. I went to a couple of showings of two gorgeous apartments at Östermalmstorg. Oh my God! I could kill to live in one of those apartments. I am more into the first one that I looked. It was a lot smaller than I thought. But if you consider the location and the beauty of the apartment it is definetly worth the price (that's if the furniture in the living room is included). Check it out for yourself. I am telling you that you're going to die when you see it -

Anyway I didn't start this post to talk about apartments. Got a little off track, sorry. My point form the beginning was to surround yourself with beautiful things to be successful. Inbetween the showings I walked around the stores nearby just to pass time. I went …

Chia Pudding Is The Real Protein Pudding

Hi. So you know I am all about that organic, chemical-free food life. Well I try. I was think about it this weekend how protein pudding is so unnecessary. Protein pudding is mostly just chemicals. Yes, it has a lot of protein which is good for you, but all of those chemicals makes it not worth it. The thing is that per 100g chia seeds has more protein than protein pudding have!* Plus chia seeds has so much more nutrion.

So why chia pudding? Well as I mentioned above chia seeds have a lot of nutrion. 16,5g of protein, 7,7g of iron, 335mg of magnesium (which is almost the daily recommened intake) and 631mg calcium (which is more than half of the daily recommened intake). Those are just a few of the nutrients that are in chia seeds. Chia really is a SUPERFOOD!

Chia pudding is so amazing because there are like a million way to eat it. I usally eat my chia pudding with organic strawberry jam, my own homemade granola or some organic berries. It can be a little tricky to make. My recipe for …

Vote 4 Merlin

Hello! I am going to start the day with doing a little promo for Merlin! Go to this link and search for number 4743 and vote for him.
Both Merlin and I will be very thankful!

Have a nice day!

your writer, Erika

National Apple Day

Apparently that is a real thing, national apple day. They were talking about it on Nyhetsmorgon this morning. Everything seems to have a day these days. Except me, I mean yeah I have my birthday but there is not really a day where everyone celebrates Erika. Okay January 24th, my name day. I mean a day where every specifically celebrates me other than my birthday. Anyway, moving on. It's national apple day. I love apples! Especially Swedish apples. Other apples don't really compare. I thought that I would dedicate this post to the apple!

We've all heard the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Does it really? Why are apples so good? The thing is that apples don't really have much nutrion in them. It's basically just water. But it does actually have about 15% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C and 5,5% of potassium. So apples doesn't completely lack nutrion. Apples are delicious (there is a reason why there are two kinds of apples th…

Saturday Fun

Hello! I have been up and doing stuff all day that's why you're getting a late post. I went for a long walk/ jog this morning and after that I got home and worked out some more. I did a different butt and thigh exercise that involved some cardio. It was okay but you're supposed to use weights and I don't have any weights. It's still a good workout even if you don't have any weights but it is more effective if you use weights. Try it out for yourself!

After I ate some lunch I went shopping. So you can say that I got a lot of cardio today. Hahaha. Any exercising is good exercising. But if you want to get the most of your workout you should really push your body. That's when things happen. Hahaha, I remember when I was younger there was this TV show called Gay Army. It was about a bunch of stereotypical gay men joining the army. I remember that there was this one guy who really didn't like working out. He said that the only exercise that he did was walking…

In The Mean Time...

Hello again! While I figure out this pages thing (gosh I probably got to take a day some weekend and just try to figure everything out) I want share my email address with you. So incaes you have any big questions and want to work with me or do some type of collboration you can always send me an email at Looking forward to hearing from you!

your writer, Erika

It's Friyay

Hi everyone! I am at work right now but nothing is really happening at the moment so I am trying to fix stuff with the blog. It is hard. I want to add pages but I don't know how that works. So frustrating. It's Friday and I got paid today, so that's always a good thing. Got to stay positive, right? Do you guys have any special plans for the weekend? Other than working out I am going to buy some new workout clothes and look at two apartments. I really have no intentions of buying them because they cost a ton of money. I just really fell in love with them when I saw them online so I thought why not! I thought it could be a good visualistion for where I want to be. Surround yourself with things that inspire you to get where you want to be.

Now I am just sitting here waiting for the clock to turn 11:30 which means that it's lunch time. Not that I am particualary hungry at the moment just bored. Hahaha. Plus I can take my walk, you know get that cardio in. I need to get bet…

3 Reasons To Choose Organic Food

Hola everyone! How are you today? I feel just fresh and fine because I just had lunch and took a long walk afterwards. Always so refreshing to take a walk after lunch. It is actually really good to take a little walk or get moving after you have eaten because it helps with digestion. Plus you will feel revived with all the oxygen that you body breaths in.

I know I talk a lot about organic food and that I try not to eat food with any artificial chemicals. But why should we eat organic food? Below I have made a list for you for why we should eat organic. First things first, what even is organic? Organic means that your food haven't been exposed to or have any artificial chemicals.

Here are my top three reasons to why we should all eat organic:
1) Better for your health: Organic food is natrually good for your health. It has grown on it's own terms without any chemicals. Because of that fruits and vegetables have more antioxidanter and vitamins. For example vitamin E and caroteno…

21 Questions With Erika

Hi, now that I have got more followers I thought that it would be fun to do a get to know me post. I found these questions on YOUTUBE SOCIETY.

Who was your first best friend? Linnéa.
How tall are you? 171 cm, 5'7".
Cats or Dogs? My mom has a few dogs so I guess it's dogs.
How many countries have you visited? 9
Are you in/gone to college? No and yes
What was your favorite/worst subject in High School?
What is your favorite drink? You mean alcohol, no I don't do that stuff....
What is your favorite perfume? Victorias Secret's Noir Tease
Tea or Coffee? Both.
What Sports do you play/Have you played? I did some figure stakting, I went to swimming school, and some horse backriding when I used to visit my sister when I was a kid. Oh, and I played lacrosse in Alena. Hahaha...
What is your favorite book? I really loved Meg Cabot's The Mediator series growing up.
What is your favorite movie? Don't think I have a favorite at the moment but the last movie I saw was Bridget Jones&…

How To Be Successful

There is really no recipe for success. It's also really hard to say do this and that and you will achieve whatever it is you want. But I would say that a big part of success is motivation. Yes I haven't achieved all of what I want. A goal that I have had in life and that I have been lucky enough to accomplish is going to college in the United States. The whole gollege thing may not have turned out exactly like I planned from the begining but I did it. That's a huge accomplishment that I am proud of and happy that I did. A former colleague at Espresso House, Emilia, said a really good thing about that. She has also previously studied in the US. She took a year off from high school in Sweden to study a year of high school in the US. What she said was that when she was growing up she didn't really do any sports or something like that that she was proud of. And going to school in another country is a really huge thing to have done and something that you should be really pr…

Nutrition: Protein

In the world of protein powder it may actually be hard to believe that there is protein in our food. Yeah, but there is and some foods are actually very high in protein. Today I thought I would help you guys with that. I mean listing some of those foods that are neterually high in protein and I guarantee than you have some of them in you fridge or cabinet already!

But first off why do we need protein and how much should we eat per day? Protein is an important building block for every cell in our body. Our hair and nails are basically only made out of protein. Protein builds lots of body chemicals. You also need it for building skin, blodd, muscles and bones. But unlike fat and carbohydrates the body cannot store protein, but that doesn't mean that we need to abuse it like crack. But we still do need a fair amount of it. Women need about 46g/ day and men need about 56g/ day. We still need to remember that protein is not about quantity and is more about quality!

Here is a small list…

Be Proud pt. 3

Hello my little darling! How are you today? I am good. I am actually going to go for a walk in a little bit but I have to take care of this blog first. My mom has been here all weekend which as been really nice but she has left now. Whenever my mom is here I find myself acting a little bit passive aggressive towards her. Which I of course really don't mean but I can't help it. I do it towards everyone. It's a bad habit that I have. If anyone has any tips on how to stop being passive aggressive please comment below!

I don't know but I feel like what I am going to write next is an important issue that needs to be adressed. I like to think of myself as a strong woman who has her shit together and that's the view I like to portray. I do have my shit together but I feel like that is because I have very high standards for myself (I can say that it hasn't always been easy). But you know I am human and the standards I have for myself as kind of unreasonable because I w…

How To Go Vegetarian

Hello everyone! How are you? I am good. I was thinking and I just want to give you a simple tip for how to go vegetarian. I mean I am pretty much a vegetarian. I can eat chicken and turkey plus fish and other seafood but I rarely do it. Not even like 5 times a year. I just don't because no.

Anyway, the easiest way to go vegetarian is to start small. Like maybe just go vegetarian on the weekends at first. I mean the weekend because the weekend has fewer days. I don't really think that is hard to eat vegetarian, but I been doing to for almost ten years now. My colleague and I was talking about tacos the other day. She and her boyfriend made vegetarian tacos and used beans instead of meat. When I told her that I was going to have tacos for dinner, she kind of looked at me a little bit weird and asked me what I was going to have instead meat. I told her qourn mince (I love quorn mince and always a have a lot at home). You can also use soy mince but I prefer the taste of quorn over…


Hi! OMG I know it's late, but I haven't been feeling well. It's that coffee machine at work. I haven't been sick or anything like that I just feel weird whenever I drink that coffee. I know this but I still continue to drink it. But I have decided that today was the last time. I'll just have to buy instant coffee or nespresso caps (because a woman at work said that I could use her machine) so that I'll get my daily two cups of coffee. 'Cause buying two cups of coffee at the café across the street will in the end be very expensive.

I hope that you all are feeling better than I am. I wanted to share a recipe for halloumi hot pot. I love making this asian stew because it's full of vegetables with amazing nutrients. It has broccoli, lentils, sweet potato, carrots, garlic and other delicious vegetables. I do recommend everyone to try this super delicious vegetarian dish this weekend. It is super easy to make and guaranteedly will impress anyone you serve it …

Good Morning

Hello and good morning! I want to start this post by thanking all you guys, my readers. Thank you for stopping by and reading what I have to say. It means a lot to me! Also a very big and warm welcome to all of my new readers! I am thankful for all of my readers, new and old. Thank you!

This post is really nothing more than me promoting my social media. LOL. Except for this blog I probably use instagram the most. Lately I have posted a lot of pictures of my food. So the is the place to check if you want some food inspiration. I also have twitter incase you didn't know that.

INSTAGRAM: @eriikaworld
TWITTER: @erikaworld

Have a good day!

your writer, Erika

3 Reasons On Why You Should Start Excirsing

I feel like I have been really mind blocked all day about what to write about. Having a blog is not easy! It is really hard coming up with new things everyday to write about. Especially nwt that I blog about a healthy lifestyle. I mean I have one topic that I can write about and that's it. It's a very broad topic but still. It's hard coming up with new things every single day.

With that being said and me having let out my frustration a little bit, I do have a topic for you guys today! I talk a lot about working out but never give you guys any reasons on why it is so good for you. I mean we all know it's healthy to exircise but why should we really do it? What are the benefits? Well below I have listed three things about why you should start working out.

1) YOU'LL HAVE A BETTER SEXLIFE! I will start with the best reason for why everyone should start working out- a better sexlife! Studies have actually shown that working out improves you're sexlife. It will impro…

Healthy Eating

Hello and good morning (because it's still before 11 am)! As you may know I think alot about what I but into my body because my is my temple. I think that everyone should live by those words. Why not treat your body as a temple? Eat right and exircise, right?! Yeah, but everyone may not have been blessed with the gift of cooking. So this is why I am writing this post today, to help all of you that need a little help in the kitchen but still want to eat right.

When I say "my body is my temple" I don't just mean that I try to eat right by getting all of the nutrients that I need. I try to eat as much as organic food as possible and food with as little as possible/ no artificial coloring/ stabilizers, chemicals and all of that stuff. NO THANK YOU! But you know organic food is expensive so everyone may not be able to afford it. But do the best you can! I mean everything in my freezer, fridge and pantry is not organic but the stuff that I eat often is.

Anyway, so what are…

Working Out May Not Always Be Pretty

I took these pictures on Saturday after working out. I was really tired and seriously thought that my legs were giving up on me. Working out may not always be pretty but it's always worth it. But thank God for snapchat though for making you look like a queen after working out when you actually feel like shit because you're so tired. Hahaha, I love that golden butterfly filter. Can I have it in real life, pls?!

your writer, Erika

3rd Times The Charm

Hello again! How are you tonight? I am super good. I borrowed Neo and we took a long walk in the woods and then I came home and did that booty routine I showed you guys the other day. I thought about skipping the booty routine because my legs are a little sore from doing it two days in a row. But it was hard at all! Okay it was but it was but not as annoying as the two previous days. It was hard but a good hard. Yeah, I will keep doing this one. Then after that I did 100 sit ups and 100 back lifts just because. I mean I feel like I am focusing too much on my legs so I just wanted to do something else. I didn't do 100 sit ups and 100 back lifts straight. I did 20 reps of sits ups and then 20 reps of back lifts and five sets of that.

your writer, Erika

My Next Move

Hello! Right now I am just sitting on the couch think about I should do for my workout later. Should I go outside or stay inside? The thing is I don't have a gym membership, I always workout at home. I have a lot of space in my living room so I don't see any need to get a gym membership. Plus I like the exercises that I do. I like my yoga and everything I can do in my living room. I don't want to take classes with a bunch of other people. But if I did have a gym membership I'd probably take spinning classes and barre classes.

I was thinking about start playing tennis. It's an over all good workout. Plus my favorite thing about is that it's a good general cardio workout. Or maybe badminton. Yeah, because I remember it being very fun when I used to play in school when I was younger. I always wanted to start playing it for real but that never happened. I don't think that I ever expressed that I wanted to either. I think that I wanted it like you want that shir…

Booty Boot Camp

OMG, my ass is so sore! I have switched to another booty workout that is way harder. But it's way better that it's way harder because that means I get more out of it. This booty workout is only 30 minutes but don't let the short time fool you! Instead you should actually fear that it's so long. Oh my gosh! I am crying half way through wanting to quit but I don't because I am so focused on my goal. Quitting won't teach me any good. What kind of mindset am I setting for myself if I quit? I mean if I quit this time maybe I'll quit the next time it gets hard and then it gets bad cycle of me quitting things when it gets hard. NO! It's when it gets hard that you have to push harder and harder because eventually it will get easier. When it gets hard I always keep focusing on the goal. It may not get easier at that moment but it makes it all worth it. So yeah in a way it gets easier.

I have done this workout before but just picked it up again because I know thi…

Ariana Grande - Side To Side ft. Nicki Minaj

Hello! It's Fri-YAY!

Everytime I watch this video or listen to this song I get really pumped the work out so I thought that I would share it with you guys.

your writer, Erika


Hi! So I think that I might have told you guys about this before, but I am really bad at cardio. That's something that I need to include more in my workout. (I should probably also start with some weight lifting, but I'll get to that when I have figured out my cardio hahaha!) So what is a good cardio workout? I mean if we try to think outside the box here and don't go for the obvious one - running. I asked a my friend Kathrine - who is a superqueen when it comes to working out - a while back if she had any tips for a good cardio workout. She actully gave me a great tip which as to pick up a sport that I like that involves a lot of cardio. The problem right there (for me) is that I really don't like any sports.

So since we are on this journey together and are here to inspire each other, I have done some research for us on how to better include cardio in our workout and how to get the most out of our cardio. I hope that you will find this inspiring because these tips hav…

If I Could Eat One Thing For The Rest of My Life It Would Be....

If I could eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be what I eat for breakfast every morning. Arla's mild greek yoghurt with my own home made granola. It is so fucking delicious! I even eat instead of chips or candy when I watch a movie at night. The granola is the one thing that I can't stay away from. It's like candy to me! It's my dirt little secret that I take small bites of here and there.

My own homemade granola with walnuts and cranberries :)

your writer, Erika

Be Proud pt. 2

In regard to last nights post, I saw this post before I went to bed by Louis Tomlinson's little sister Felicite. I feel like this was a little bit was Pam was talking about in her post.

Remember this, you're all 👑 Ett foto publicerat av Félicité Tomlinson Deakin (@felicitegrace) Sep 5, 2016 kl. 4:57 PDT

your writer, Erika

Be Proud of Yourself

Hello! So a I recently started following Pamela Reif, a fitness person on instagram with 2,5 million followers, on instagram. She just looks like the definition of perfect, which is really inspiring to look at thinking of what I want to achieve with my own body. Not that I want to look like her. It's just that seeing success feeds the successful person inside of me. It makes me more determined of what I want. Body goals and life goals wise.

Anyway, I saw this post on her instagram where she addressed a comment. I so relate to the comment, because when I first noticed her on instagram I started to feel bad about myself because I feel like she way prettier than I am and why would someone choose me when they could have someone like her. You know. Those insecurity demons start creeping and telling all kinds of stuff that's not true. It's not that I think that I am not pretty because I know that I am good lookin…

Nasal Congestion

Hi everyone! I am still sick but feeling a lot better right now. I have stuffy nose and mucus on my vocal cords, which is annoying. But I made my own home made nasal spray from boiled water and salt. I learned about this last year when I was having a cold. I just couldn't seem to shake this nasal congestion that I had. So I googled how to get rid of it, and the I found myself on Dr. Oz's website. There was some early helpful tips and since it's Dr. Oz I trust that this is good advice. If you want to read about them you can click here.

I am glad that I am just having nasal congestion (the mucus doesn't bother me that much) because that meant that I could workout when I got home from work. I mean I just do yoga. Even though I kind of advanced, high intensity and you sweat a lot. It's still pretty calm so it was fine. (It's weird because this yoga routine is high intensity and calm at the same time.)

your writer, Erika

Working Out While Being Sick

Hi every one! It's Sunday and I am actually feeling a whole lot better today. I have a little bit of a stuffy nose but no sore throat which is the worse. If you follow my tips on how to get rid of a cold you will get better much quicker - How To Kick That Cold! Every body is different but if you start treating it as soon as you feel like something is off you will barely notice that you have it and your body will heal from it much faster. I am so glad that I got better today so that I could work out. I didn't go all in I just did that booty routine with that peppy woman from that video I showed you guys. I didn't want to push it too hard since I was just sick.

But it is actually A-OKAY to work out while you're sick. All you have to remembered then is the above-the-neck-rule. Meaning if the symptoms are above the neck like a running/ stuffy nose, sore throat, tearing eyes, or sneezing it's okay to work out. If you're feeling a little bit under the weather and tak…

Don't Be Afraid To Put Yourself First

I feel like I am very ambitious person that never likes to do nothing. I mean I want to be as productive as possible. Usually I would never just lay on the couch doing nothing because I feel like I am wasting time. It just goes against my nature, but today it actually feels good and I don't feel guilty about it at all. You have to know when to stop and take care of yourself, especially when you're sick. I don't think I would get any worse if I decide to work out today but I just don't want to. I feel like resting today and letting my body heal so that is what I am going to do.

So today is project home and project Erika. I mean that I am going to stay home and take care of myself. So far I have just laid on the couch watching Teen Wolf on Netflix and painting my nails. Sometimes you just need those days, even when you're not sick. So don't feel bad if you once in a while feel like just staying at home tuning out the world and doing nothing all day. That's he…

How To Kick That Cold

As healthy as I am it may be hard to believe that I actually get sick. But I do get sick and I have been hit with a common cold. I have been feeling weird all day. Dizzy, and just not like myself. I guess it's good that I am sick now over a weekend so that I don't miss any work. Still, it's not fun being sick.

So what is healthy little Erika going to do to kick her cold? I do have a few things that always work. 1) Water. Abuse that shit like it's heroin! Drinking tons of water actually works. It washes out the bacteria from your body. The only annoying thing about drinking tons of water is that you have to pee all of the time. But I always say that that a good sign that everything is working.
2) Another thing is garlic. Garlic help boost your immune system and has a lot of antioxidants. (Something I just read is that garlic is also really good for your heart!)
3) Ginger! This I learned the last time I had a cold. Ginger is anti-inflammatory so it's really good for …


Hello! How are you this evening? I am good. I told you that I was going to do a fashion and fitness post tonight. So here I am. Have been looking at sport wear at both Zalando and H&M for the past 40 minutes trying to find something that I like and can share with you guys. Lord knows I need new sportswear. When I run out of clean clothes to wear out in I work out in my bikini. That's fine for when I am at home, but I wouldn't go out for a run in the woods in my bikini. Maybe leggings and a bikini top. Maybe. LOL. But here is what I found. Both from H&M and Zalando.

Okay lets start with H&M, because you know - swedes first! Hahahaha.


I realised that I only choose sportswear from Casall on Zalando. Maybe I should head over to Sturegallerian and do some shopping?