Be Proud of Yourself

Hello! So a I recently started following Pamela Reif, a fitness person on instagram with 2,5 million followers, on instagram. She just looks like the definition of perfect, which is really inspiring to look at thinking of what I want to achieve with my own body. Not that I want to look like her. It's just that seeing success feeds the successful person inside of me. It makes me more determined of what I want. Body goals and life goals wise.

Anyway, I saw this post on her instagram where she addressed a comment. I so relate to the comment, because when I first noticed her on instagram I started to feel bad about myself because I feel like she way prettier than I am and why would someone choose me when they could have someone like her. You know. Those insecurity demons start creeping and telling all kinds of stuff that's not true. It's not that I think that I am not pretty because I know that I am good looking. But once in a while you see someone on instagram or in the magazines who you think is prettier than you which makes you question yourself. She probably has that too. The thing is that you can never forget that you're pretty too and pretty is just a perspective. Someone else will not share your view of what pretty is. I think that Pamela answered this really well and I think that it is good that she did address it. I thought that this was important to share and that it's too often forgotten.

When I post pictures of myself on snapchat or here it's not that I want to show off and be like I am better than you. It's that I am proud of myself and that I just want to show my journey and maybe inspire others. I think everyone should do that, be proud of themselves!

Make sure to follow Pamela Reif on instagram @pamela_rf and check out her blog :)

Have a good evening!

your writer, Erika


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