3 Reasons To Choose Organic Food

Hola everyone! How are you today? I feel just fresh and fine because I just had lunch and took a long walk afterwards. Always so refreshing to take a walk after lunch. It is actually really good to take a little walk or get moving after you have eaten because it helps with digestion. Plus you will feel revived with all the oxygen that you body breaths in.

I know I talk a lot about organic food and that I try not to eat food with any artificial chemicals. But why should we eat organic food? Below I have made a list for you for why we should eat organic. First things first, what even is organic? Organic means that your food haven't been exposed to or have any artificial chemicals.

Here are my top three reasons to why we should all eat organic:
1) Better for your health: Organic food is natrually good for your health. It has grown on it's own terms without any chemicals. Because of that fruits and vegetables have more antioxidanter and vitamins. For example vitamin E and carotenoids that protects your cells againts lots of different heart dieseases. It has been shown that cows that eat a lot of grass have a higher amount of omega-3 in their meat and milk.
2) Better for the environment: If you really want to do soemthing for the environment then you should choose organic! The absence of chemical pesticides and fertilizers increases biodiversity. If such substances get into the environment they can provide plants and animals with impaired fertility and disturbed metabolism. The pesticides leak from the fields to our waterways.
3) Better for the economy: Organic production saves a lot of money and energy on transportation of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

your writer, Erika


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