National Coffee Day

This day has not started off well. My new lipgloss that I bought this weekend is evil because it think it's funny to make its mark everywhere like my chin and nose but even worse the white shirt that I am wearing today. So annoying. During my lunch break I went to Fältan because I needed to buy a couple of things that I was hoping that they would have there but didn't. I was feeling very hot so I decided to take of my sweater. As I was pulling off my sweater my shirt got pulled up as well and accidentally touched my lips so now I have a very noticeable purple stain on my chest.

It's not all negativity today because it's international coffee day. I am so happy because in my Espresso House app I had 50% of any standard size coffee but since I have worked at EH I already have 50%! Which means that I got 75% off the total price and my latte was only 10,75kr. Hahahaha. But I won't keep that staff discount forever. I don't know for how long but my boss at EH said that you loose it when you quit. No!

You know that there are actually health benefits from drinking coffee! It prolongs your life among other things. Drinking three cups or more everyday will significantly reduce your risk of getting cancer and several types of heart diseases. It can also help you to burn up to 29% more fat. It will improve your mood and make you more positive. Plus a black cup of coffee is only about 2 calories!

your writer, Erika


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