Hi! So I think that I might have told you guys about this before, but I am really bad at cardio. That's something that I need to include more in my workout. (I should probably also start with some weight lifting, but I'll get to that when I have figured out my cardio hahaha!) So what is a good cardio workout? I mean if we try to think outside the box here and don't go for the obvious one - running. I asked a my friend Kathrine - who is a superqueen when it comes to working out - a while back if she had any tips for a good cardio workout. She actully gave me a great tip which as to pick up a sport that I like that involves a lot of cardio. The problem right there (for me) is that I really don't like any sports.

So since we are on this journey together and are here to inspire each other, I have done some research for us on how to better include cardio in our workout and how to get the most out of our cardio. I hope that you will find this inspiring because these tips have really motivated me to workout when I get home tonight!

1) JUMPING JACKS: I don't know if you're into using equipment or not. I personally don't use any since I only workout at home and try do use my body as much as possible. Plus I mostly do yoga so then there is no need for any equipment. Anyway, I read this one on Muscle & Fitness's website and they had this old school trick for including cardio in your workout. They recommended that you do as many jumping jack as you can in 30 seconds in each weight training exercise. This one is really good because can do a lot of reps in a short amount of time. Plus it's not compromising your strenght. AWESOME!

2) CYCLING: This more for those who feel like they don't have time to workout. I don't know how you get to work or school every single day. Maybe instead of taking the bus or the train or even walking you can pick up that bike that is standing in your garage. If your into focusing on your legs this one super good! Switch to a higher gear to get harder resistance. That way you get more out of your bike ride. Other than it being a a really good cardio it is also VERY environmental. You're just not helping yourself by getting that cardio but you're also helping the environment! Do this one for the environment!

3) DO DIFFERENT KINDS OF CARDIO: Since I am kind of new to this whole fitness thing there is a whole lot that I don't know. But I am learning a lot as I go. Maybe this one is a no brainer for people but not for me. I have always believed that if you find a good workout that you like that you should stick with it. When it comes to cardio you actually get more out of your workout if you change it up a little bit and do at least three different kinds of cardio a week. It's good to change it up in order to build over all strenght and endurance.

4) USE THOSE ARMS OF YOURS: If you want a more intense cardio workout you should focus on moving your arms aswell! A lot of good exercises that you can do then are jumping jacks, burpees, moving your arms while you run, jumping ropes and zumba.

5) LENGHTEN THE DURATION: Yes! Push yourself! I mean if you allways do 20 minutes on the treadmil your body will eventually get used to that and stop building resistance towards it. You always want to progress and get better. When you feel like 20 minutes is getting too easy then add 10 or 15 minutes. That's how you get better and better. Like with my yoga, I am more flexible now than I was a year ago. That's why I always try to strech fruther everytime in order to get more flexible. That's what I want and why I do yoga - I want to get better and achieve/ get more out of it.

I have definitely learned alot from writing this post and I hope that you have too! I am really excited to get home and workout now.

Happy afternoon every one!

your writer, Erika


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