How To Kick That Cold

As healthy as I am it may be hard to believe that I actually get sick. But I do get sick and I have been hit with a common cold. I have been feeling weird all day. Dizzy, and just not like myself. I guess it's good that I am sick now over a weekend so that I don't miss any work. Still, it's not fun being sick.

So what is healthy little Erika going to do to kick her cold? I do have a few things that always work. 1) Water. Abuse that shit like it's heroin! Drinking tons of water actually works. It washes out the bacteria from your body. The only annoying thing about drinking tons of water is that you have to pee all of the time. But I always say that that a good sign that everything is working.
2) Another thing is garlic. Garlic help boost your immune system and has a lot of antioxidants. (Something I just read is that garlic is also really good for your heart!)
3) Ginger! This I learned the last time I had a cold. Ginger is anti-inflammatory so it's really good for sore throats (which is what I have now). I really felt that eating ginger help my sore throat. I hope that it will do the same this time. Ginger is good for plenty of things. A study made at Islamic Azad University in Iran on female students viewed that 82,25% of the girls who ate ginger during the first three days of the period said the cramps disappeared. So ladies bulk up on that ginger!

your writer, Erika



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