Okay, so surround yourself with beautiful things to be successful?! I have said something like that, havn't I? I have. So this weekend I was looking at apartments. I went to a couple of showings of two gorgeous apartments at Östermalmstorg. Oh my God! I could kill to live in one of those apartments. I am more into the first one that I looked. It was a lot smaller than I thought. But if you consider the location and the beauty of the apartment it is definetly worth the price (that's if the furniture in the living room is included). Check it out for yourself. I am telling you that you're going to die when you see it -

Anyway I didn't start this post to talk about apartments. Got a little off track, sorry. My point form the beginning was to surround yourself with beautiful things to be successful. Inbetween the showings I walked around the stores nearby just to pass time. I went to Hemtex and saw these gorgeous mugs from there collaboration with artist/ designer Nadja Wedin. I fell in love because everything was so gorgeous! Amazing collaboration, I love it. Since I fell so in love with the mugs I wanted to show them to you. There was no pictures of the mugs on the website so you'll have to suffer with the carppy ones I took very quickly with my iPhone to show to my mom.

Check out Nadja Wedin's website for more of the gorgeous designs - Also makes sure to check out Hemtex's website for more stuff from the Forest collection -

your writer, Erika


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