3 Reasons On Why You Should Start Excirsing

I feel like I have been really mind blocked all day about what to write about. Having a blog is not easy! It is really hard coming up with new things everyday to write about. Especially nwt that I blog about a healthy lifestyle. I mean I have one topic that I can write about and that's it. It's a very broad topic but still. It's hard coming up with new things every single day.

With that being said and me having let out my frustration a little bit, I do have a topic for you guys today! I talk a lot about working out but never give you guys any reasons on why it is so good for you. I mean we all know it's healthy to exircise but why should we really do it? What are the benefits? Well below I have listed three things about why you should start working out.

1) YOU'LL HAVE A BETTER SEXLIFE! I will start with the best reason for why everyone should start working out- a better sexlife! Studies have actually shown that working out improves you're sexlife. It will improve circulation which leads to increased arousal and decreases men's risk of erectile dysfunction.

2) YOU WILL LIVE LONGER! Did you know that working out actually will improve your life expectancy as much as quttining smoking does?! Well know you know. So all of you non-smokers and non-excirsing people start moving and you'll live longer. I want to live as long as possible. If I can live to I am 200 years old then that would be amazing. I also want my friends and family to live a long and happy life. And all of you guys. Wouldn't that be awesome if humans lived longer?

3) YOU'LL SLEEP BETTER! I think that most people crave a good nights' sleep. The physical exertion that you put your body through during a workout will keep your cardiac rythm in tune. Which makes you calmer and easier for you to fall asleep at night.

I think that these are all amazing reasons on why you should start working out. There are of course tons of other benefits from working out but I tried picking the three best reasons on why we should all workout. I hope that this has inspired you.

your writer, Erika


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