Good Morning

Today is going to be a good day! All positivity and no negativity! My colleague and I have ordered som delicious fika for the whole office for this afternoon and tonight I am going to the Justin Bieber concert. I am so excited.

Justin Bieber! It's almost exactly for years to the date since I saw him last. Four years?! Can you guys believe that it's been that long? So much has happened since then. Four years, oh my God! I remember that I decided not to buy a ticket for the North American part of the Believe Tour because I had not yet been excepted to any college. I don't know but to me buying a ticket for to see him was to jinx the whole thing. Back the my focus was 110% on being excepted into a college in the US. Then I got a ticket to see him in LA from my family as a graduation gift. Living in Cali was absolutely one of the greatest experinces that I have had so far in my life. But I am only 23 and there is so much more to come and I am looking forward to it!

Here are some throwback pictures from the last time I saw Justin when I was just a little teenager living in California :)

your writer, Erika


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