Nutrition: Protein

In the world of protein powder it may actually be hard to believe that there is protein in our food. Yeah, but there is and some foods are actually very high in protein. Today I thought I would help you guys with that. I mean listing some of those foods that are neterually high in protein and I guarantee than you have some of them in you fridge or cabinet already!

But first off why do we need protein and how much should we eat per day? Protein is an important building block for every cell in our body. Our hair and nails are basically only made out of protein. Protein builds lots of body chemicals. You also need it for building skin, blodd, muscles and bones. But unlike fat and carbohydrates the body cannot store protein, but that doesn't mean that we need to abuse it like crack. But we still do need a fair amount of it. Women need about 46g/ day and men need about 56g/ day. We still need to remember that protein is not about quantity and is more about quality!

Here is a small list of foods that are natrually high in protein (100g = 3,5oz):
1) Soy beans: 39,6g of protein per 100g
2) Turkey and chicken: 29g of protein per 100g
3) Almonds: 21,2g of protein per 100g
4) Peanutbutter: 24,1g of protein per 100g
5) Fish: 20g of protein per 100g
6) Egg: 6,3g of protein per 1 large egg (50g)
7) Feta cheese: 14,2g of protein per 100g
8) Lean beef: 36g of protein per 100g
9) Tuna: 25,3g of protein of protein per 100g
10) Quinoa: 4,4g of protein per 100g
11) Couscous: 3,8g of protein per 100g
12) Whole wheat bread: 13,4g per 100g
13) Grean peas: 5,4g of protein per 100g
14) Whole wheat pasta: 5,3g of protein per 100g



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