Hello! How are you this evening? I am good. I told you that I was going to do a fashion and fitness post tonight. So here I am. Have been looking at sport wear at both Zalando and H&M for the past 40 minutes trying to find something that I like and can share with you guys. Lord knows I need new sportswear. When I run out of clean clothes to wear out in I work out in my bikini. That's fine for when I am at home, but I wouldn't go out for a run in the woods in my bikini. Maybe leggings and a bikini top. Maybe. LOL. But here is what I found. Both from H&M and Zalando.

Okay lets start with H&M, because you know - swedes first! Hahahaha.

I realised that I only choose sportswear from Casall on Zalando. Maybe I should head over to Sturegallerian and do some shopping?

your writer, Erika


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