Nasal Congestion

Hi everyone! I am still sick but feeling a lot better right now. I have stuffy nose and mucus on my vocal cords, which is annoying. But I made my own home made nasal spray from boiled water and salt. I learned about this last year when I was having a cold. I just couldn't seem to shake this nasal congestion that I had. So I googled how to get rid of it, and the I found myself on Dr. Oz's website. There was some early helpful tips and since it's Dr. Oz I trust that this is good advice. If you want to read about them you can click here.

I am glad that I am just having nasal congestion (the mucus doesn't bother me that much) because that meant that I could workout when I got home from work. I mean I just do yoga. Even though I kind of advanced, high intensity and you sweat a lot. It's still pretty calm so it was fine. (It's weird because this yoga routine is high intensity and calm at the same time.)

your writer, Erika


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