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Are you a criminal or a felon? Right now I am writing an essay on why people become criminal in Sweden. On wikipedia it says that those who commit a crime here in Sweden are immigrates. I wonder why it is like that? Don't they have laws in their countries against murder, robberie and other stuff? Do they really think it is okey for they to just come to our country and destroy it?
I am not saying that every single immigrates is a criminal, because that is not true. I know immigrates and they are not criminal. They are nice careing people. Good friends.

your writer, Erika.

Amigos, σύντροφος, 仲間, 好友, freunde

I wish I could write to you in a third langauge. Like spanish, italian, french, japanese or some other language. It would be cool. I have written to you in spanish before, I think. Then I used google translate, lexikon 24 or something else.
Maybe I should take study french or spanish next year in school. I really don't want to. I want to study english and swedish. I want to getter better at my own langauge. Not that I am bad at swedish, just that I want to learn mor The same thing with english. You understand what I write and you understand what I say when I talk. But I must get better at grammar and how I pronounce words. I probaly have some grammar stuff I don't see in this text.
So I think I should get better at those langauges first before I learn a new on. Don't you think?

your writer, Erika.


I never thought I would say this but I actully like H2o: Just add water (you know the australian tv-show that airs on Disney Channel). When it first aired on Jetix I didn't like it but know I watch it everyday after dinner. First is was just a thing I did - turn on Disney Channel. After a while I just kept on watching it, but if it's anything better on TV I will of course watch it. That just remined me that The War At Home airs every weekday at 3:35 pm on kanal 9 and I forgot to watch today. And last week for that matter too.
When you think about it it seems like every australian actor has been on the tv-show Home and Away. My mom used to watch it before when it aired here in sweden so I started too. I didn't like but I kept on watching it anyway because it is so much drama. I just wanted to know how everything would be sorted out. It was addcting in a way.

your writer, Erika.

Demi Lovato 17th Birthday Party

'The Last Song' Trailer HD

By Erika

At Your Moda there is a competions going on at the moment where you can design a dress for Vero Moda. I have so far put up four dresses. Please vote for them! Click here and then you click at the dress you like and just rate it. The highest rated dress will win. The person whom designed the dress will win a 1000kr gift card at Vero Moda. I hope I will win! It would be so cool if a dress that I designed would be sold in stores!

youe writer, Erika.

Demi Lovato - Remember December - Official Music Video (HD)

In the studio making a short film

I have been in the studio all day. My partner and I (we thought a group) put our minds togther and came up with an idea. Next monday we are going to shoot it. Then we really need our third group member. Otherwise we have to ask our teacher or some one in our class to be in it. If none want to be in short film we have to make a new storyboard. I don't want to do that because we didn't get an approval from our teacher on our first one. That was because my partner didn't make such a good one.
I know we are a group but I don't like to write down everything.

your writer, Erika

Justin Bieber - ONE TIME Official Video


It's the premiere of the american tv show Glee on TV4 at 9 pm tonight. I am going to watch it. I have seen the the trailer for the show and it seems ok. It's never anything good on tv around 9 pm. I hope I like Glee because then I will have something to watch at thursdays at 9 pm. I have Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives and The New Adventures Of Old Christine on kanal 5 on tusedays from 8 pm to 10:25 pm.
I don't get why there ain't anyhting good on tv anymore. Especially on friday nights! What is up with that? I am not that kind of girl that goes out and party on a friday night so I am usally watching tv.

your writer, Erika.

Writing a short story

Am writing a short story for swedish class and it's due tomorrow. Right now am writing a artical that's going to be in the story. I have done some research about some stuff. I hope I will be done soon. Tomorrow in school I have to do correct the text a little bit because. I mean change the fonts and some other stuff. It's important that the story is good and that the text look good. It is all about perfection.

your writer, Erika.

F is for food

This fridays after school my mom and I went to a food konvention. It was so much fun. I ment to take my camera with me but I forgot to. Anyway there was sample holders everywhere. I didn't know where to start. Simon and Thomas from TV3's Sveriges Fulaste Hem (The Ugliest Homes In Sweden) where there. They were promoting olive oile and I think the other thing was olive butter. It tasted good.
There was a few cookbook book signing. I didn't buy any of those cookbooks (or any cookbook for that mather) because they seemd so boring.
I had so much fun.

your writer, Erika.



The Climb - Miley Cyrus 10/25 Concert For Hope - Miley Brings Girl on Stage