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Picture this: a straight banana



I read something in magazine yesterday, there was this girl that complained over that she was tired of everyone calling us who like Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Camp Rock and etc childish. I agree! just because you like all those things doesn't mean your childish. I love Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers and High School Musical! just because I love them does that automatically make label me as childish?! It does not! That's just crap to say that. Give us a break!
I found this really cool video with bloopers from Hannah: The Movie on youtube, check it out!

your writer, Erika.

You want it all

I have finally put up my PS2 console on Tradera. So is you want to buy, bid and bid high - LOL!
I will put up more thing later. Oh, The books will come up tomorrow or later this evenig. I haven't decided yet. When I have put them up on the site I will post the link here. So stay tuned more updates (which you always should do)!

your writer, Erika.

What to do, what to do, what to do next

I need your help guys! What do you think I can write about in my english class. Nothing appropriate is off limits. I also have to do an oral presentation. What could I talk about that people would find interesting. I really don't care if people like what I talk about but I need a subject. HELP! I was thinking about doing a presentation about Hannah Montana, the phenomenon last night. What do you think? Does the sound like a good idea? People I know don't like Hannah Montana, except Alex but he is five and he don't like it as much as I do, but I do so it would be something easy to talk about. I could the whole pwerpoint presentaion about it at home and write my essay, novel or whatever I am going to write in school. I asked my mom last night what she thought I could write about and she gave me a few suggestions. I am thinking about them but I want to know what your ideas are. Please help me here!

your writer, Erika.

Easter break

This past week I haven't done anything special. I have just been home. Ok, last saturday I met Agnes, Grecia and her sister in the city. Oh, also I walked like 14km (8,75 miles) with my mom to ICA maxi where I bought a DVD. But that it. These last few days I have been ebjoying the sunshine. On easter saturday my mom and I had a picknick and the later had a easter feast. We also ate lunch out in the sun yesterday. I haven't done much more then that, sadly (or not).

Ok, I have watch like every single movie I own (no, I havn't but it sure feels like it).

your writer, Erika.

Wasting time

"Everyone is feeling alive while I'm sitting here just wasting time
I don't have clue but I'm still not felling blue
I'm just waiting for a moment", that's it why can't come up with the rest. To be honest that's what I am doing right now. If you have any ideas please write a comment then. I would be really thankful for that.
Tradera is actually the swedish version of eBay. Tradera is a eBay company. Two of the things that I am going to put up first on tradera is my PS2 (including three hand controls, two 8MB memory cards, Final Fantasy X -for of course PS2- and of course the PS2 console) and some Kitty books (it's Nancy Drew's swedish name). I think I am going to put out the books for 50 kr (btw it's seventeen Nancy Drew books and three books that's in the same category as Nancy Drew). So when I have put the up on the site I will let you know.
Bye, I have to go now XD

your writer, Erika

Happy easter

I hope everybody is having a good easter! I have so far have had great day. this morning I helped my mom with the laundry and after that we had a little picnic. It's so warm outside. Finally spring is here! Hallelujah!
I am going to auction out some stuff that I own on a website called tradera. My PS2, clothes, maybe books and probably other stuff. Most of the stuff is going to be clothes. Some clothes that's going sell there have I used one or twice. I have had those clothes for a few years. So this morning I went through my closet and filled a whole paper bag with "old" clothes. I have more. some clothes are from Adidas, bikbok but most of the clothes are from H&M. I love H&M's clothes! They're the best! I mean it. Ever since I was little I girl I have loved their clothes.
So when I get an account there I am going to tell you my user name so the you can check out my stuff if you want to buy anything. Everything that I am actioning out is in a very goo…

The movie

Yesterday me and my mom walked over 14 km (= 8.75 miles). What do you say about that?! That's really impressive.
Yesterday I bought Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Concert on DVD. I love watching that concert. It's really good. Miley is such a great performer. I like that movie because it's not just only a whole concert it's also behind the scenes footage. It's fun to see all the effort that goes in to making the whole show. How many people that really works with making what it later becomes. And also I get to see Miley and the JoBros. Which is that main reason why I watch the DVD, LOL.
I can't wait for Hannah Montana: The Movie to premiere here in Sweden on May 1st. I am so excited to see it. I been waiting a long time for the movie. Now I have to wait less then a month for it. the best part with the day the movie premieres is the I don't have to go to school. May 1st in Sweden is a red day. Which means it's a holiday or something like…

My birthday

I am starting to think people can't tell time, but whatever. So yesterday was my 16th brithday. I got I bunch of stuff (I wish). I got e new keyboard for my computer, a giftcard to a spa, all three HSM movies and others stuff. I am really happy that I got the giftcard. I don't know what i am going to choose. My mom (who gave me the giftcard) gave me a brochure with all the treatments the spa has. I don't know what to choose. There's so many.
The other day I saw Stuck In The Suburds on TV and Drew Seeley appeard in one seen. OMG, he look different then. His face was so round. He was not fat. He looks so much better now.

your writer, Erika.

April, april din dumma sill

Finally it's april. On monday it's my birthday and in a week it's Jesse's. I can't wait (in way). On monday people are coming over to me because it´s my birthday. Just because it's at 5:30 pm i have to serve dinner. I don't want to. So when I talked to my mom about it I said that I wanted a pasta salad and she said ok. First I said that I wanted chicken but that's a no no because of the chicken scandal that's going around. So then I said that I wanted just a simple pasta salad with vegetables, olives and "fetaost". Mom was like: "No, you can't serve people that". Sure you can! So then I said I wanted shrimps. But apparently few people don't eat that. Then I said that it could be two salads. One with shrimps and one without shrimps. And guess; my mom said no. She said I could have shrimps on the side. I said: "No I don't want that". Now my mom has decided to make some pie. I want to try that pie but I don'…