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New Years Eve

A lot of wonderful things has happened this year. I've met the Jonas Brothers and seen them in real life, I've been to the HSM3 premiere in Stockholm and plenty of other stuff. I hope 2009 will be a great year. I hope the Jonas Brothers will come to Stockholm on their world tour. Today I am going to make all the same list I made last year.

Top 3 things I've done this year:
1. Meeting the Jonas Brothers
2. See the Jonas Brothers in concert
3. the HSM3 premiere in Stockholm

Top 10 music videos of 2008:
1. Fly On The Wall by Miley Cyrus

2. Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers
3. 7 Things by Miley Cyrus
4. Burnin' Up by the Jonas Brothers
5. Circus by Britney Spears
6. Tell Me Something by Selena Gomez
7. La La Land by Demi Lovato
8. So What by P!nk
9. When You Look Me In the Eyes by the Jonas Brothers
10. It's Over by Jesse McCartney

What are my hopes for 2009? Of course for the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus to come to Stockholm. Hannah Montana the movie! I can't wait for it to premier…

Soon it will all be over

In a few day this year will be over. Does anyone have any special plans for these last few days? I don't! I don't know if that's sad or not. What do you think? My mom and I are going to celebrate new years eve with one of her friends and her 5 and half year old son. I wonder if I will se the Jonas brother next year again? I hope so! I love them so much.
It just hit me that Zooey Deschanel is in the movie Elf with Will Farell. Did you know that he has a swedish wife?

your writer, Erika.

Video girl rocked my world

I made the video this morning.

your writer, Erika.


I'm thinking about giving my blog a new domain as a new years present. Maybe a cutom made, but I don't know. You just have to wait and see. The layout will be the same only the domain will be different.
So what are everybody going to do tonight? I am thinking about watch a DVD if there's nothing good on TV. I got a DVD for christmas from my moms friend. But the movie is over two hours, but I have plenty of other DVDs at home. Right now I have so many DVDs that I need a new place for all of them. The don't fit in my bookcase any more. Most of the do, but I have to have them all in one place.

your writer, Erika

La La Land

La La Land by Demi Lovato

Jonas Brothers the 3D Concert Experience - official trailer

Kill The Lights

I got Britney Spears cd Circus! Yeah, baby! I am listening to it right now. It's amazing! So what are everybody going to do today? I am not going to do so much, but tomorrow I am going shopping because then the sale starts. I hope I'll find something. I love shopping, especially when I find something cool and sassy that I know no one has. Here are the wedding dresses I saw a while ago! Ain't they pretty? I love them!

your writer, Erika.
.p.s. the wings on the first dress aren't attached to it, it's just a decoration!


Merry christmas! Have you got any presents yet? I have, Britney Spears perfume Curious from my mom and an other gift from my friend Madde. The post today will be very short because I have to get ready soon. Make myself pretty, not that I'm not already pretty, but hopefully you know what mean. So, how many presents have you bought this year? I've bought alot, but only to one friend - Madde, Katy Perry's cd One of The Boys. When I bought the cd I bought two copies, 'cause I wanted one too! I hope I get Britney Spears cd Circus.

your, witer, Erika.

Time has past by

Two days to go, I can't wait! Right now I am making some x-mas candy and listenig to some Hilary Duff songs. I love her music. I wished for a bunch of her cd this year. She so cool and such a good role model. Did you know Miley Cyrus is a big fan of her too? I liked Hilary before I knew Miley liked her. I used to watch Lizzie McGuire when I was younger, I even have two dvd's.
Did you know that Andreas Carlsson, a swedish song writer, has written a few songs for Hilary. Like Crash World, Who's That Girl and a few others.

your writer, Erika.


Finally the christmas holidays are here! No more school for a few weeks! God, the ceremony in church was awful! Non of the students who preformed could sing. One student sang better than I thought he would. But no one could really sing! It was so bad. They need to practies more and some should just quit singing. A few (1 or 2) people had potential, so they should just keep practies more.
Tonight my mom and I are going to go shopping. I'll hope I'll find something.
Once again: Don't hate christmas! Those who keep claiming that they hate christmas are weird!

your writer, Erika.

The Greatest Time of Year

Last night The Bodyguard was on TV. I didn't saw the whole movie. I saw the first hours and then I went to bed. I can't believe it's only one week left until christmas and on friday it's the last day of school for this semester. Yes! I hate all those spoiled brats the just except to get presents. Or people who haven't bought any yet. Ok, you don't have to buy early but to wait for the last second to buy them it's just ridiculous. Why wait until the last second? Do you like to stress?! Some people say that they don't like christmas because of all the stress, well here's some advise: DO EVERYTHING YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO IN TIME! I hate people that say that they don't like chisrtmas. How can not like christmas? Are you f-----g out of your mind?????? Christmas is the best time of year. You know the greatest time of year!

your writer, Erika


Live from Hovet - Stockholm Sweden, march 12-2008 (video from my youtube channel)

Official music video ft. Justin Timberlake

With Every Bit of Me

Here's Kevin Borgs new single (or it's the winning song from Idol 2008), With Every Bit of Me. You can purchase the Idol 2008 cd here and the audition dvd here and the finale dvd here. The single, With Every Bit of Me, get released tomorrow and you can purchase it here.
Right now I am listening to some rnb/hiphop song on youtube. Today it's only 10 days left until christmas! I can't wait, I am so exited. Yesterday I saw the most beautiful wedding dresses ever! I took pictures of them but I won't post them now. I'll do it later.
Now I have to go, so bye.

your writer, Erika.

Let's Do This

I knew it, I knew it, I just knew that Kevin was going to win last night. Congratulations Kevin! This the winner has two months to record the cd instead of one or two weeks. That's great! I think I am going to buy the single, I am not sure. I think Alice sang the winner song better last night. But through the whole season Kevins been amazing. So it's great that he won.
Last night the new Hannah Montana video, Let's Do This, premiered on Disney Channel. I love the song. please watch the video below:

Today's Lucia. In third grade I was the Lucia. That was really fun. I remember that I had to memories a poem. I think the whole third grade (all three classes) was in "Lucia tåget". It was fun. We sang in front of the whole school and their parents. Just because I was the Lucia I walked in front of everybody. That's a day I think I'll never forget.

your writer, Erika.

Big and Chunky

So, what's happening tonight? Well, I am watching TV and listening to song from Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. I love the songs with! He's great as Moto Moto! I wonder if Moto Moto really means Hot Hot.
Tomorrow it's one of my moms friends birthday and it's also Lucia. So tomorrow were are going to meet her and give her her birthday present. I hope that will be fun.
Oh, it's the Idol finale tonight and guess who made to the finale? Alice and Kevin of course! I knew, I knew, I just knew it! I have an eye for that kind of stuff. I hope Kevin wins. he's more talented then Alice. Last friday he sang It's Getting Hot in Here by Nelly and he owned it. He lost some words I think but, man, he owned it. He has to win! I tell you later tonight or tomorrow the he won ('cause I know he will win). If Alice wins I don't know what to do. I won't by her cd! I may by Kevin's cd. I think the cd will come out next friday, I'm not sure. I don't re…

Funny little Agnes

Hola, mi amigos! Agnes told me today that she sings Burnin' Up by the Jonas Brothers in the shower. That's so funny. You should have seen her today at school when we were baking cookies. She was afraid of putting the cookies in the oven and taking them out of the oven. She like started jumping (looked like a weird dance) and started yelling at me to take the cookies out of the oven. It was really fun. I wish I would have had recorded it. LOL! Sorry, Agnes, for telling everybody about this. I hope your still my friend. The picture of Agnes is old. from like sixth grade or something like that.

your writer, Erika.

I hate school

I hate this day! Today when I came to school I didn't feel so good or I kind of did but I really didn't want to be in school. So convinced myself that I felt good. later I got depressed. School makes me depressed right now. I can't handle it or yeah I can but I just get depressed. This whole day has been fucked up.
On the way home I called my mom and asked if she could make me some tea because it's so freakin' cold outside, but she said she just left coop and bought Absolute Christmas among other things. So that made me happy.

your writer, Erika.

Fly On The Wall

For The Record

Last night I saw Biritney Spears documentary For the record. I was really good. While watching the documentary I fell in love with her song Circus. It's so good. I've always loved Britney! She's just so fascinating. Watch the video for Circus below:

Isn't it great?! I love the video. I want her cd for christmas or just now. But I know I want it. I wish she would come to Stockholm with her tour. Did you know that I've actullay been to a Britney Spears concert before?! Well, I have. It was one of the best concert I've ever been to. I love her. "All eyes on me in the center of the ring, just like a circus".

your writer; Erika.

Cow Belles

Hi! Today my mom and I went to Gröna Lund. Right now I am watching Cow Belles on Disney Channel. I like that movie, it's really good and I love Aly and AJ. They're amazing! I Love their music. I love Aly in Phil of The Future. She's great as Keely Teslow.
I got a great top from my mom. How do you like it? I completely love it! Can you see the heart in the middle?! Well, even if you don't there's a heart.
Well, now I have to get back to my essay.

your writer, Erika.

It´s All Right Here

Right now I am writing on my spanish essay and listing to some Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers songs. Check out the new Hannah Montana video, It´s All Right Here.

I start school in less the half an hour. So I have to finish this post soon. It's only 19 days left until christmas and only two weeks until winter break. Yeah! I can't wait. Christmas is my favorite holiday. Maybe when I am done with my spanish essay I'll post it here. I am thinking about posting my english essay, that I have to turn in on tuesday, here.

your writer, Erika.

Shoes, a girls best friend

Today we saw Million Dollar Baby. It' was ok. I've seen better movies but it was ok. You should you see, if you haven't. Today I got some new shoes. How do you like them? I like them. I know that they're not the best looking shoes in the world but personally I like them. It's only 20 days left until christmas, yeah! I can't wait. your writer, Erika.

Johnny Cash

So today, tomorrow and on friday it's elevens val on my school (which is basically you getting to chose what you want to do to three day). I (and a few guys from seventh, and eight grade I think) am watching american/english movies. Today we saw Walk The Line with Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon. It's really good. I when our teacher said that we were going to watch Walk The Line I was like yeah a movie about Johnny Cash (amazing artist, Nick loves him - just had trough that in) and just saw the movie ray last night about Ray Charles Robinson (also a truly amazing artist and wow, Jamie Foxx is an amazing actor). I love both those movies. Did you know that Johnny Cash has done a cover on U2 song One. Cool, huh?! But I like the orginal version better. I love Johnnys song Hurt and plenty of other songs he's made. Linke that prison song, Folsom Prison Blues. Did you know he has preformed at a swedish prison named Österåker (I think)?!

your writer, Erika.

23 day to go

I just wanted to say hello before I went to bed, so "Hello". I hope you had an awesome day. I had fun. I just say the first episode of The secret Life of an American Teenager. It seems ok. I am tired so by.
BTW it's 23 days until christmas! Yeah!

your writer, Erika.

First in Advent

How does it feel? Not a long time left until christmas! Yeah, baby. Today me and my mom have been decorating the apartment and stuff. It's looking really nice. I love christmas. Don't you? I have finally bought every single christmas gift to everyone I am supposed to buy one for. Yes, finally.
So now I am going to watch a movie on TV.

your writer, Erika.

Ultimate Christmas pop

So I got my cd a few day ago and I love it. Especially Rocking Around The Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee. That's my fave version of the song and I think it's the original one too. So tomorrow first in advent. Yeah! Christmas is just around the corner! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. Which is your favorite?
I am so glad that Johan got voted of Idol last night, 'cause he sucks! I really do think so! I can't believe I ever liked him. Yuck! I think Kevin will win the whole thing. He's amazing, watch him singing Higher and Higher from last night. If he wins (which he will), I don't know if I will buy his cd. Even if I don't (if I will it will be the first cd I bought made buy any Idol winner) I will still think he has a lot of talent.

your writer, Erika.


Right now I am home because I am a little sick. I was kind of sick last week but I had two tests so I wanted to be in school so I could take them. I have a test on thursday so I'll have to go to school then.
It's fun being home. I'll keep myself busy with different stuff.
Last sunday I ordered a christmas gift for a friend and a christmas cd called, The Ultimate Christmas Pop. It's really great songs and artists on it. I hope the package comes today.
Right now I am working on my spanish essay about Ecuador. It's supposed to be done week 50 so I have a few weeks to finish it. I'll hope I get a good grade on it.

your writer, Erika.


So, I just had to stop by today and wish Miley Cyrus a happy birthday! Happy Birthday Miley! So now my speakers are playing Hannah and Miley songs really loud. Here's a video of Miley at Ellen last friday:

So it's only one week left until 1st december. Yeah! Tomorrow it's one whole month left until christmas! Yeah, christmas, christmas, christmas, christmas!

your writer, Erika.


You ought to hear Danny's new song Radio. It's so good. Did you know that I've met him?! It's true and I have proof (his autograph's)! It was last year at UNG08. I have videos from his soundcheck from UNG08 (2007) on my youtube. Check them out! Don't forget that it's Miley Cyrus b-day tomorrow. Do you think she's getting a car? I know her mom doesn't want her driving around but her dad, Billy Ray, seemed more ok with the though of Miley having a car. Do she even have a drivers license? Dose she even have time to take one?

your writer, Erika.

Kung Fu Grip

It was along time since I heard that song but I listened to it a few hours ago. I great. I wonder what it was for. I've heard that JB was supposed to have it on their cd, A Little Bit Longer, but got mad when it all the sudden was all over the internet. I thought it was for Camp Rock first. Today me and my mom are having dinner with her friend Åsa and her son Alex. My mom pick up Alex early from daycare today so he's been since like 1:30 pm. We made a gingerbread house. and I decorated a gingerbread look:

Today I didn't have any lesions after lunch. I didn't have music and english. My music teacher is always late or she doesn't show up.

your writer, Erika.

It's Over

Two weeks

So there's two weeks left of this month and there's plenty of fun stuff to look forward to in these upcoming two weeks. Let's start with next week tuseday, november 18th, is one of the best days of this month. I'm gonna tell you why; Jesse McCartney is releasing his music video for It's Over and Miley Cyrus is releasing her the platinum edition of her cd, Breakout and yeah, not that I can enjoy but it's Agnes birthday (no hard feelings). On wendnesday it's one month left until winter break and on friday it's the premiere of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and Twilight. I know That Harry Potter and the Half-blood prince was supposed to premiere on friday but some how WB thought it was better to change the premiere to july seventeenth. There also, if you live in Sweden, two new episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney Channel at 6pm. On sunday it's Miley Cyrus sixteenth birthday, yeah! I know she wants a car but her mom don't like the idea of he…

The Secret Life Of A Swedish Teenager

I just found out that a new show called The Secret Life of An American Teenager is starting on TV400. I can't wait. It seems really good! Oh, not tomorrow but the monday after that 90210 will start on TV400, yeah! I hope it's good. My mom said that the show have gotten really bad critic. Well I don't care. Why should I?! I just do what I want. That's how life you be ;)!
Did anyone in Sweden besides me saw Chris Rock: Kill The Messenger last night of SVT2? I did. Wow, that man is hilarious! I wish he would come to Sweden and do some stand up, I would go if he did! Charlie Murhpy always comes here at least once a year but I've never seen him. There was like a whole comedy night at SVT2 last night. I loved Spencer Brown! He was hilarious. The also show The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour and Ahmed Ahmed was hilarious. The thing about the terrorist and hotmail was kind of funny. I love comedy! I love to laugh!

your writer, Erika.

One Of The Boys

What's up boys and girls! Right now I am listening to Katy Perry cd One Of The Boys. I love her cd, it's really good! My favorite songs are probably Waking Up In Vegas, Hot N Cold and If You Can Afford Me.
Does anyone out there watch Idol (the swedish version)? I do and I am fucking sick and tired of Anna Bergendahl and John Palm. I don't like them!! I hope they get voted off soon! I want to see Alice and Kevin in the finals. They are so amazingly (I know that's not a word) amazing! I just love them! Even if one of the don't win they should get a record deal. Last friday Alice sang a Kiss song and somehow Kiss saw her performance and put it up on their website! Doesn't that just scream talent! If Kiss gets impressed by her you definitely know that she has talent.

your writer, Erika.

Gymnasiemässan 2008

Before I tell you about gymnasiemässan (which is a school convention) I want to warn you about this dangerous animal! I'll post a picture so you know how she looks like. I you see this cat be aware! She may look sweet but no, no! She will seriously kill you if she get the chance! LOL, ok, she may not kill you, but she attacked me for no reason. I have scars on my leg and my arm!
Today I went to gymnasiemässan with my school. It was so awsome and so fun! I got a cool t-shirt that says I LOVE MYSPACE. Yeah! I got a t-shirt. I loved it. There was so many school I want to go to. But some are to far away so, I don't know. I don't want to move away from Stockholm. I love Stockholm! I am going to post dome pictures from the convention on myspace if you want to see the. Oh, my hoodie that I have been working on in school is done so I'll put up some pictures on myspace of it!

your writer, Erika.

Miley Cyrus and Jamie-Lynn Spears audition tapes for their hit tv-shows

Saying hello from an other place

Hola! What's up my peeps! LOL. I came home from school about an hour and a half ago and right now I am watching Hannah Montana, We're All In This Date Together, on Barnkanalen. But it's soon over but then I just witch over to Disney Channel for an other episode. Which I just did and there's, Schooly Bully - I think that's the name of the episode.
So yesterday was Fathers day here in Sweden. I gave Kaj - I known him my whole life and he's practical my dad - a sudoku magazine. He's into that. I don't get the whole sudoku thing I'll just stick to my crosswords! That's what I am good at.
I am using mom laptop and when I told her I did she almost got mad! What's up with that?!?! She said I had to ask her before I use it. Come on! Do you think that's fare? It's not like I am going to download stuff on it. Don't even download stuff on my computer, ok, just stuff I buy. Like songs from or iTunes. Soon The Doctors starts and I am g…

Best New Act

Congrats to the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus who got second and third place at the best new act award at last night EMA's. That's huge! I am so proud!
I found some videos on YouTube:
Miley Cyrus talking about Tokio Hotel (love her)
Miley Cyrus introducing Pink at VMA's 2008
I love Miley she's so funny.

your writer, Erika.


It's less then half an hour until MTV Europe Music Awards starts. I can't wait! Well it's actually the red carpet that starts at 7pm and the actual show starts at 9pm. Yeah! I am going to watch the whole show! Mom bought more popcorn today so I can eat popcorn while watching the show. She's so nice! I can't wait for the show to start. I hope Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers win something!

your writer, Erika.

Big day, big day

What's up everybody? Today is a big day, it's the presidential election in the USA. I am rooting for Barack Obama. Not because he's black, just because I think he's better then John McCain. Last weekend when I was in shopping I went to a bookstore. When I was on my way out I saw both Obama's and McCain's books. On the cover of John McCain's book there was a picture of him when he as younger and I got to admit that he was kind of cute then. He's not cute now, he's ugly. Someone that's really cute is Travis Stork from the TV show The Doctors (and aslo - apparently - Carrie Underwood's boyfriend). You watch the show. It's really interesting. It's at TV4 mondays-fridays at 4:55 pm.
Agnes want me to upload more pictures of myself on the blog, and so here's of (that you also can find among my pictures on myspace) me and Maja:
The picture is from last year at MIKA's concert. I know you can barely see me but I like this picture. There …


I went shopping today and found this really cool necklace! Isn't it beautiful! Can you see that it's Tinkerbell. I just had to buy it when I saw that it was Tinkerbell. Yesterday when I went to Kista galleria (which is a mall) I went to a store called Bredenberg. I have never been in that store before because all their clothes look like their for old ladies. Well, anyway I found this amazing green dress and when I saw it I immediately thought about her (Tinkerbell). That dress was really beautiful and expensive! I so want. If I bought it wouldn't know when to wear it. But who cares! You don't have to buy a dress just for a special occasion, you can just buy because it's beautiful!
Now the Haunted Manson starts and I am going to watch it so good bye to my loyal readers.

your writer, Erika.

Books and music

I love to read and do crosswords. It's really fun! I may seems like some boring girl by telling you all this but I am not. I like so called "normal" stuff too. It's true. If you've been reading this blog for a while now you should understand me. Right now (not at this moment) I am reading this book called The Second Assistant by Clare Naylor and Mimi Hare. It's really good and funny from time to time. I definitely recommend it to everyone out there. It may seems like a book for girls, but guys should read it to (if you want to get inside of a girls head). I love it.
If you love cooking you should visit Matklubben. It's a swedish site and you have to be a member, but it's free so you don't have to pay anything. You can upload your own recipes to share with other. You can also save recipes in a "cookbook" and make your own menu for each day of the week. It's really fun. They also get a newsletter each week (or maybe it's twice a mon…

Not so finally friday

Look at the card I made for my friend Madde last night. Isn't it pretty! I like and I'll hope she will. It's kind of girly and it gives you a happy feeling, summer that's what I think of when I see it.
Today it's friday. If it were a school week I would be happy, but now I am not because I have to go back to school on monday. But it's only seven weeks today until christmas break or winter break or whatever you guys in the english speaking world call it, but you know what I mean. The only good thing about today is that it's Aliens In America and Idol tonight. That's the only positive thing about tonight. Thank god for that!
Right now I am listening to some songs by Vanessa Hudgens and right now it's Let's Dance. You should listen to it, it's a great song!

your writer, Erika.

Alex pirate cup

Yesterday I bought Alex christmas present at Mique. You know that pirate cup I was talking about before. I would show it to you but the guy in the store wrapped it so nice that I don't want to ruin it. Sorry! It's really cool and I know he will like it.
Yesterday my mom made Sheppards pie for dinner. I've never eaten it before and it was delicious. Yummy! If you haven't eaten it you should try it.

your writer, Erika.

New layout

So what do you think about my new layout? I've been looking for a new one for ages now! I thought it was time to switch layout because I've had the old one since the blog started in march 2007. Wow, I can't believe so much time has gone by. In a way it feels like no time at all because in some way it feels like I've had this blog forever. I think if I hadn't started this blog I don't think I would have the same grade in english that I have now. So in a way this blog have changed my life. LOL! I like blogging. It seems like everybody have a blog these days.
Just a little question: Do you think I should put some of my videos back to public on youtube? Now you may think, what you only have 36 videos. But no, no I have tons of videos. Ok, maybe not tons of videos, but alot. Tell me waht you think and your wish might just come true. LOL, got a little carried away. I do that sometimes.
Right now I am listening to some music on iTunes. I don't know why but I listen …

Burnin' Up

Just a few things about the video; Is Kevin girlfriend in the video? It kind of looks like her a little bit (the girl in purple dress that Kevin saves). When Nick says red dress (you know what I mean), that's hot.

your writer, Erika.

A new day

Today I am going to try to make my mom take me and see HSM3. She promised me that we were going to see a movie this week and I want to see HSM3 (and Tropic Thunder).
Today I will post a song a wrote a little while ago called Hello. I'll hope you like it. I do.
I am not buying those pirate tattoos for Alex because he like allergic to fake tattoos. What a bummer! But I think I am buy him a pirate cup because he has one but it's broken. I saw one that's really cool and I'll think he'll like. I feel so bad for him because the night between friday and saturday he had to go to the ER because he had trouble breathing. It's so sad because he seems to be sick all the time. He's five years old! You know he luvs the Grease movie. I remember last friday when I was picking up something that his mom was giving me he was watching Grease. It was so funny because when the dance numbers started he tried to dance like they did in the movie. It was so cute!

your writer, Erika.

Do it like Miley and Mandy

OMG, Miley's cd Breakout is awesome! I love it! My favorite songs are Wake Up America and Goodbye. They're amazing. Watch the video Miley and Mandy did for Wake Up America. It's really good.

your writer, Erika.

Lay All Your Love On Me

That's my new favorite song. If if you didn't know it's a ABBA song. Did anyone see Idol last night? They had an ABBA theme. Lars sang Money, money, money. His performance looked more like a musical performance. He was great but this is Idol and not the search for the next musical star. Anyway he looked hot.
I just thought about it next week it is only six week until winter break. Yeah!
I want the singstar ABBA game for PS2. I didn't want it before but after last night I want it. ABBA, ABBA, ABBA!
listen to this song:

your writer, Erika.

I just want to have fun

Today I went home early from school because my left foot hurts. I tried to go and see the school nurse but she wasn't there. She never at her office. Never! I think the school should hire a new nurse that's there all the time. But that's never gonna happen. If you go to my school you know what I mean.
It feels so nice to know that it is fall break next week. Yeah! Finally! I can do what I want. I just made some chocolate cupcakes and tomorrow I am buying Miley Cyrus cd Breakout. Finally. I don't know why I haven't bought it yet. It came out in july (july 22nd to exact). Is not like I haven't had any money. Weird!
I hope you all have a good, no great weekend! I love you all.

your writer, Erika.
.p.s. Don't for get to check out my myspace page and youtube channel!

A little update

I'm sorry I haven't been able to update this week. I have had two test this week and alot of homework. So I wanted to focus on that instead of blogging. But now I'm back. Yesterday HSM3 premiered here in Sweden. I never saw it because I had a test today and I wanted to study but I am going to see next week.
Here's my new favorite song It's a chipmunk version of 4 minutes with Madonna and Justin Timberlake.
If you haven't already done it cheack out the Jonas Brothers new music video Lovebug. Here's the link Oh, I just noticed it my Youtube channel is the 36 most viewed channel in Sweden this month (#36 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Sweden). I am not lieing. Because I'm onenineninethree!

your writer, Erika.

School shit

Sunday, sunday, sunday. The last day of the weekend. Sad. This weekend I've been studying for an other test that I have on tuseday. God, it's like a freaking test-season but soon it's fall break. The week after the fall break we are going to work with the presidential election that's going on in the US. The election is the week so our teacher thought it was a good idea for us to work with that. I was like yes. He's not there that week we can either work with the election our start on the next thing we are going to work with. I was like sitting quietly in my seat thinking "The election, the election, the election!". I hope you guys don't have as much homework as I do!
Don't forget to watch the Jonas Brothers new music video, Lovebug, that premieres today.

your writer, Erika.

The lovebug is in the air

I have too study for a test that I have on friday so you'll have too settle for a picture of Joe and Mandy at prom and Jonas Brothers official music video teaser for Love Bug and Britney Spears new music video.

Love Bug official music video teaser

Womanizer - Britney Spears

your writer, Erika.

Get back

Right now I am listening to Get Back by Demi Lovato over and over again. I love her music. She has such an amazing voice! I remember when I her her sing for the first time, I was really shocked. She has so much power in her voice. She's truly amazing.
Check out this live performance by her with the song Get Back:

Now to the thing I was supposed to tell to you guys, the pictures from the premiere of HSM3 are now available at my myspace page. The link to the page you'll find on the left side on this page, just scroll down a little bit.

your writer, Erika.

Cute as hell

Did you know that's a brand? Well, that guy Joe was with is as the title says cute as hell. Well I may have figured out who he is. I am not sure, 'cause on every page I search for information on didn't either have the pictures or they had them but it just stood that he was a friend of them. So, I think he might be someone from DC games. Because (if you've read their blog while they were on tour with Avril) when they were in Paris earlier this year when they were on tour with Avril Lavigne they met up with some friends from DC games who showed them the city. So it might be one of those guys. I just want to know who he is because he's so darn cute.

your writer, Erika.

We all have to go back

Tomorrow there's school again. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I haven't been to school for two weeks now and I don't feel like going back, but there's only two weeks until fall break. Two weeks, I can handle that. The reason I haven't been to school is that I have had prao. It's been fun. Maybe not fun but ok. It's fun to do something else for a change.
I finally know what I am going to buy Alex for christmas (Alex is almost like my little brother, he's my moms friends son). Pirate tattoos, fake ones of course. I can write what I am buying for all the kids because they can't read or at least not in english. So that will make him really happy. he's always wearing fake tattoos and he has a pirate room.
Before I end this post I have a question for everybody that reads this blog: Who the hell is the cute guy next to Joe and Big Rob?

your writer, Erika.

Video Girl

(it shut of AGAIN)

your video girl, Erika

All those things going on in the world

"På torsdag äts det ärtsoppa, på lördag är det fest, men fredag är den dag som känns bäst............"! LOL, finally friday and Idol again. I haven't seen it in a whole week. Good, I am glad I am still alive. My friend Madde told me today that she goes to the same school as Alice Svensson (one of the girls in Idol 2008 - she has an amazing voice btw) sister. That's cool (if it's true). No, I am just kidding of course I believe you Madde! Ok I am not gonna post the rest of the Britney song that I found yesterday, but I am going to post some videos from Miley Cyrus sweet 16 bash last sunday later on in this post. Right now I am rocking out to the Jonas Brothers cd A Little Bit Longer. I love that cd. Truly the best cd I've ever bought! I saw a preview of the Band in a Bus episode We'll be fine and it showed Nick checking his blood value or something similar. I seriously started crying. I know a five year old kid that has diabetes (he has the same type as Ni…

Amnesia (Shadow)

I found a new song by miss Britney Spears called Amnesia (Shadow).

your writer, Erika.

.p.s. I'll post the rest of the song that I found tomorrw.


I know again from the Spears family, but here's Britney's new single Womanizer from her upcoming cd Curious. The release date for the cd is Britney's b-day, December 2nd. Britney has worked with swedish producers on this cd such as Max Martin (that's not his real name) and Bloodshy and Avant who produced her song Piece of Me

your writer, Erika.

Celebrity news

Guess who pregnant, again? Jamie-Lynn Spears! She's eight weeks pregnant and when she found out she was pregnant again she cried for hours. I though being a mom was a the best thing that's ever happened to her. Ok, I know it may be the best thing ever happened to and she's 17 and think that's enough for a while. Poor Jamie. Some people think she's doing a Britney get pregnant and then crash and burn. When Sean Preston got it didn't take long until Britney was pregnant again. But I hope Jamie-Lynn is not going down the same path a Britney. I read somewhere that insane runs in their family.
Do you know Jamie-Lynn is named Jamie-Lynn? It's because When her father found out that Lynn Spears was pregnant again he didn't want to admit that it was his child. So when I finally took a paternity test and found out it was his child Jamie and Lynn decided that she should have both of their names so everybody knew she was their daughter.

you writer, Erika.

.p.s. buy Ka…

I heart JB

Guess what I tuned in on MTV when I got home and TRL was on and guess who was on it? The Jonas Brothers of course! It was a different episode then this morning. Yes! I love them so much, more then you could ever know! I want to marry all three of them! I remeber when I met them at the cd signing in july this year. They were so nice. Especially Kevin! Awww, I think I am gonna cry. I miss them. I miss their hugs! Everything about them. Don't you?!
I find out about this earlier this week, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have gotten engaged.

your writer, Erika.


I just tuned in on MTV and TRL is on and the Jonas Brothers are on! Yeah! Besides that I am looking at pictures from Miley Cyrus sweet sixteen. I love the dress and the shoes she wore.

I am so jealous at her she always looks so beautiful! I love Miley. I wished I could have had been there (at the party). But I live in Sweden so the tickets for party+plane tickets+hotel would cost alot of money (that I don't have - sadly). I wonder how her real birthday party is going to be the one she'll probably have on her birthday (23/11). Probably amazing! I have seen pictures and videos of her 15th birthday party. She so lucky to have people to plan such a amazing surprise party for her.

your writer, Erika.

My dear old friend, the TV

Tonight there's new episodes of The New Adventures of Old Christine on kanal5. Yeah! I love that show. She's so funny. The whole family, the whole cast! But I thought that show got canceled. I don't know why but I just thought it got canceled. So I am going to watch that. Before that is Ugly Betty at 8pm and after that Desperate Housewives and then there's The New Adventures of Old Christine.
Soon Living the Dream will start airing on Disney Channel. Yeah finally. But I've seen some of the first episodes. I love the one when Joe decides to take his driving license. It's hilarious!
If you haven't seen it, watch it right away:

your writer, Erika.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - HQ Teaser Trailer

Laila, Anders and Andreas

The Idol judges seem really pissed about not having the power anymore. I read an article about it and the producer said that it really important that the viewers gets to vote and they are not even going to consider it (to give the judges the power back). You could really notice that Andreas was really pissed about it last night. You could notice it on all of them. I haven't voted yet this season, but I am gonna. I going to try to get tickets to the finally.
I bought a magazine earlier this week and it had an article bout the three Idol judges. They got asks question, what kind of music they like to listen to when they are cleaning: Laila said Celine Dion or Tom Jones, Anders said Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit and Andreas said I don't clean so you are going to have to ask maid about. LOL!

your writer, Erika.


Kevin's performance from last night:

your writer, Erika.

Kevin Borg

Wow! That's all I can say after seeing his performance just a minute ago on Idol 2008. He has a good chance at winning the whole thing. He is not my favorite, but his stage presence is amazing. I like Johan because he's young and I just love young people with a great talent. That's kind of why I listen to Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato and all those others that's included in the teen scene. They just amaze me with their talent! Did you know that Kevin has been in the eurovision song contest? He did not compete for Sweden. Check out Kevin and Johan (Plam) on youtube.

your writer, Erika

Premiere of High School Musical 3: Senior Year

OMG! It was so fun! I was there at around 10am and there were hardly anyone there (ok, two girls that had been there since 7am!). When the theater opened at 11am I went inside because it was so cold. Eventually I got bored and went and bought my mom christmas gift. I can't tell you what it is 'cause I don't know if she reads my blog. Sorry guys! Then I went back to the filmstaden Sergel. I noticed something weird when I was there. At the screens where they show which movie they'll be showing all day long, I saw High School Musical 3 on the screens. I was like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Of course it was sold out, it's High School Musical 3 for god's sake.
When I waited outside I got really cold and so tired! So I sat down and I almost fell a sleep. I waited outside for hours. When Now or Never started playing in the speakers at around 5.15pm everybody went nuts. The song that got play was Now or Never, I Want It All and a song I don't know the name of. Those songs got …

Premiere of HSM3



So yesterday I asked you if you wanted me to talk about something and one girl asked me what I think about JB's cd A Little Bit Longer. I love that cd! One of the best cd's I've bought this year. I love all the songs. But my favorites are probably Sorry and Got Me Going Crazy and Pushin' Me Away.
Right now I am watching Hannah Montana and eating some cookies I made last night. After Hannah Montana it's Jonas Brothers Live In London. Yeah! I can't wait! Today I think I might buy my mom christmas present but I am not sure.

your writer, Erika.

I am amazed

I read a comment on the post JB in concert today. The girl who wrote it said that she was there and said that she was from Norway. Then I started remember that I actually met two girls and their mom from Norway outside in the line (not at the cd signing but outside the place they had the concert). Amazing memories. I want to met them again! I can't wait for sunday. Zac and Vanessa! Yeah! What a year! This is probably the best year of my life. I never thought this would happen but wow. I am amazed!
Soon it's Aliens in America and I hope there's a good movie on tonight. I am gonna tune in on Disney Channel now and see if there a good movie on.

your writer, Erika.

You decide

If you read this blog, I want to do something for me: Tell all of your friends!! I want this blog to get more readers! I know it has readers because people comment. It's fun to read the comments so keep up with that. Oh, if you have anything you want me to bring up just email me or post a comment at any post ´cause I'll read it, even it you post a comment on my first post ever for this blog. Doesn't matter I'll read it.
I may post an other post later tonight, it depends on how tiered I am. I go up so early for school every weekday so in the evening I an quite tired. I am even missed the first half hour of Heroes last night 'cause I feel a sleep for about 30 minutes.

your writer, Erika.

Pancakes for Zanessa

Right now I am making pancakes for lunch! Yummy! We are having a orienteering's day in school so I don't start until 10:20 pm today.
Oh, I just got to tell you guys this; Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron are coming to Stockholm on sunday for a preview of HSM3! OMG! I freaked out about it when I heard about it last night. First I thought they were coming here for the premiere, but no they are coming on sunday - which is even better! I was like first JB and now them. OMG! I am so there for the red carpet, not on the red carpet but behind the fence. If you know what I mean.

your writer, Erika.

High School

Today I went to a market with my mom that's once a year. I've been going to it every year since I was a little girl. It's fun.
So, I've been looking at some schools for me to go to next year (10th-12th grade). Next year I start gymnasium (which is like high school). I found this school which seemed great and when I saw where it was I was like, No way! It's in Norrköping and I live in Stockholm. It's too far away. I guess I have to keep looking. Meanwhile you should listen to this song:

your writer, Erika.

The golden wallet

Hi! Sorry I haven't been able to update so much this week, but I have had alot of homework and a test. So, study study study! God, I hate school! Blääääää! Don't you! Ok, I really don't hate school, I just hate all the homework and the study part. Seriously sometime with all the school stuff there no time to do stuff you really want to do (like shopping). I mean sometime i am so tired when I come home from school to do anything. I just turn on the TV and just lay there.
Oh, yesterday I bought this really cool golden wallet in real leather. I had my mind on getting the black one but when I got to the store it looked so boring! I got the golden one instead. Just look at it, isn't it just gorgeous!

I love it. I needed a new wallet too. My old wallet couldn't fit all my cards. OMG it's perfect!

your writer, Erika.

Good morning

Right now I am getting ready for school. Eating breakfast and stuff. Today's Nick Jonas birthday. Happy birthday Nick! I love you. I hope you have a great birthday! I hope I have one too (a great day).
Now I have to go bye!

your writer, Erika.

Tell Me Something

OMG, I love that song! I heard it a while ago on Radio Disney and thought it was great and this morning I saw the music video on Selenas YouTube. I changed it into my profile song on myspace. I justy love that song. She has such a great voice. She's so lucky!
Today I met my friend Hilda for the first time! It was really fun. She's so nice. Her school was competing in a athletics competition. But wasn't competing today so we went to the mall because it was so cold outside (the athletics competition were outside).
Right now I am watching Americas Next Top Model (it's the re-runs of the episodes from earlier this week). I didn't see them because I chose to watch Idol instead.
Have a great saturday night and a weekend!
Lots of hugs and kisses

your writer, Erika.

Friday afternoon/night

Wow, what a day! First school (that wasn't really a big WOW) as I go to every monday-friday and after school me and Agnes went to Kista and ate some nuts, ice-cream and did the last thing on our english project. We sat outside Tasty House (OMG they have the best candy, nuts and ice-cream ever!!!). Tasty House is a newly opened cafe or what every you should call it. It was really fun sitting there doing some homework instead of just sitting at home. You should try it! When we were done we went to the cinemas and took some really cool pictures!
I bet you didn't know that I was a part of the cast (LOL, just kidding I am not part of the cast but I wish) Doesn't it look cool! I think so. I can't wait for the movie to premiere! Today I saw Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds concert in 3D on Disney Channel! OMG It was so awesome I loved it! I got to buy the DVD and the CD! But I was surprised that the movie was so short. I thought the movie was longer. I guess I was …


What's Idol whitout popcorn? Idol without popcorn. LOL! But I have popcorn 'cause I got my mom to make me some!
Poppy, poppy, popcorn!

your writer, Erika

Fun night

Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol!!! Wow, I love that show!!!! and after that it's Heroes! What a great night!! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
I am so exited Idol starts in less the 40 minutes. Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol! Can you tell :)
Soon I going to start to dance around. Lalalalalala. I probably seem more exited then I am or probably just crazy. Wiiiiiiiioooooooooooooooowiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioooooooooooooowiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiwooooooooo! LOL!
I gotta go before I embarrass myself :$

your writer, Erika.

Me against the world

People actually reads this blog! I finally know that! Ok I know my friends do, but people I don't know. I know that because I've got comments. Cool! I wonder if they are everyday readers or just ended up here, because sometimes I just end up on other peoples blogs. Awesome!
I wonder how other people see me. If they hate me, like me, love me, adore me or want to kill me (like the way Agnes says she want to do with Kenza - Agnes think Kenza is perfect and that she has it made). I wonder if they think it's boring or want to be just like me? I wonder if they think I'm a normal teenager? These are the questions I ask myself.
There's this guy in my class that all the sudden thinks I'm a bitch. I mean come on. I am so not a bitch. He only says that because I talked like bitch for one whole lesson last week. I am not a bitch! Tell me I'm not!
Today it's Idol again and Heroes right after! That's something I can't miss. I love the new judges!
I might stop…

The Idols

It's less then an hour until Idol starts!!! and Americas Next Top Model. I can't believe they're are at the same time. I missed Top Model last night because I thought it was at nine! I hope that there will be re-runs this weekend. I don't wanna miss Idol. I saw re-runs of Idol 2005 today and I saw Ola, Måns Zelmerlöw and Sibel. It was Måns birthday so Tobbe and that other guy gave him a cake with the Idol logo on it. I love Olas music or I like his second cd and the song from Melodifestivalen. All of them are big stars here in Sweden now but the winner that year, Agnes Carlsson is not and she's releasing a new cd soon. Why? Sibel looks like she has anorexia now (ok she looked like she had it in melodifestivalen) but she sings really good. She has a great voice.
Soon I have to do some homework. Spanish. In our english calss we are going to do a project about our favorite band. We have to work in pair so I am working with Agnes. Since she obsessed with Tokio Hotel and…

My future husband

If it doesn't (in some weird twisted way wouldn't) work out with the Jonas Brothers....Jonathan Fagerlund. OMG, he's so hot. Just look at him!

Haaaaaa, he's so hot. He's swedish BTW. Visit his myspace at

your writer, Erika.

Just stopping by

Right now I am home. Bored! Today at 1pm we have the school jog. I can't believe we have it today 'cause it looks like it's going to rain and it's so cold! Ok it's not really cold outside but cold enough to make me not want to run.
Right now I am watching Rachel Ray. Everything she cooks looks delicious! I wished I could take it out of the TV (the food she cooks). Yummy! Today a new season of Americas Next Top Model starts on TV3 at 9pm. Yeah. I am going to go on youtube to see who wins when I come back home or maybe not. There's also a new episode of Hannah Montana today, all week actually (not saturday and sunday).

I'm popular, I'm cute, I'm better than you!
your writer, Erika.

Erika and Agnes

Did you know my friend Agnes has a blog? Well, in case you didn't know here's the link

This video is like a year old. Oh, she has a youtube too,
You know Hilary Duff song Crash World....guess who wrote it, Andreas Carlsson. When I found out he wrote the song I didn't feel like listening to it. But yesterday I was watshing A Cinderella Story and I heard the chours and I thought, WOW this song is great and then I heard it. It's a great song exepte the verses. I love the chours. It's really good.

A. Carlsson

Did you know that Andreas Carlsson has a website, I didn't know that.
Did you know that Britney Spears song Born To Make You Happy have sold over 20,000 copies here in Sweden and there for went platinum (in Sweden). That's cool 'cause the song was produced and written by swedish people. I love that song.

your writer, Erika.

Idol 2008

No one stole Agnes jacket. She forgot it at a friends place and I was like I told you so when I asked her about it this morning!
So yesterday Idol 2008 started. The new judges are Andreas Carlsson (he has written songs for Britney Spears, Jesse McCartney, Hilary Duff, Backstreet Boys, N'sync and plenty of other mega stars), Laila Bagge and Anders Bagge. I never realized that it was Andreas Carlsson because a few yeas ago when Jesse McCartney released his first cd - Beautiful Soul - there was a an interview with Andreas on Nöjesnytt and there he was blond. Ok maybe not blond but his hair was not as dark as it is now. There was one girl the sang Born To Make You Happy by Britney Spears and one of the judges - I think it was Laila - asked if that song really go that way and Andreas said yes it does and I can't believe I got away with it. When he said that I was like wait a minute did he just said he wrote that song!?! So I grabbed Britney's greatest hits cd and looked it up. O…

New shows

Tonight Idol 2008 (swedish version of American Idol) starts and right after that it the premiere of the second season of Heroes on TV. Finally! and on sunday there will be new episodes of One Three Hill on kanal5. Oh, there going to be a new game show on TV6 called Hål I Väggen. It's the same thing as Ellen DeGeneres does on her show, Trough the wall or take a fall. I can't wait for all these new shows to start!
I just want to say this my friend, Agnes, said she got her jacket stolen today. I said to clam her down that she probably left it at home or somewhere but she said no. If someone stole it, F**** YOU. Seriously how can you sink to that level. God, I don't like people that steel things. It's so unbelievably low! I hope you find your jacket Agnes!

currently listening to: Lollipop by Lil Wayne
your writer, Erika.


God!, this is so not fair! We are going to "praoa" again and we found out about it last week and we are going to praoa in a few weeks. How can they do that?!?! They usely tell us at the spring and not just a with a few weeks notice. I mean they (the teachers) used to tell the 8th graders in the spring so they have a long time to find somewhere to praoa. So all the good places are taken. All the big companys like Universal Music Group, FRIDA (ok, that's a magazine but anyway) and Warner Bros. and probably other places. I don't want to praoa at a store. I just don't. So to drown my sorrows I baked a cake and started litening to Lil Waynes song Lollipop (I heard it the other day and it's actully really good. I never really liked it before). Is there an other way. If I would like to know! It's driving me crazy, 'cause I can't think of anywhere that would want to praoa. Help me please!!! I begging you, all of you that's reading this. Ok, if it'…

All I want for christmas is....

This might sound weird but I have already started my wish list for christmas. I haven't written down tons of stuff if that's what you think. No, no, no, no. Just a few stuff (that I know I won't buy myself). Do think that's weird? I mean that I've started my list already. I already know what I am giving my mom for christmas. I am not gonna tell you what it is because I don't know if she reads this so, sorry.
Yesterday I bought the Rolling Stone issue with the Jonas Brothers. The article is really good. Some stuff that's in the article I already new about because it's stuff the the bros have written on their blog on myspace.
Today I saw a really cute wallet at Jane Norman but I didn't buy it because I've seen one that I like at Accessorize. I love both wallets. The great thing about them is that they are both in the same colour.

your writer, Erika.

There's a first time for everything

Today when we took the class picture and I had to sit down. SIT DOWN! I've never sat down at a class picture before. In the picture I'm sitting between to Agnes and Malin. I guess there's a first time for everything! I can't wait to see the pictures. Tomorrow we are taking the spex photo. That is going to be so much fun! I trashed one of my t-shirts, but the t-shirt doesn't look trashed it looks really cool! I quoted one of JB's songs, When You Look Me In The Eye's. I am totally saving this t-shirt for a concert with the bros! "WHEN YOU LOOK ME IN THE EYE'S I CATCH A GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN, I FIND MY PARADISE", and there's a heart. I wrote it on the back of the t-shirt. It's so awesome, I love so much.
Tomorrow I am going to see Get Smart with my mom. I hope it's good.
Agnes thought I should tell you guys that is was pancakes for lunch today, LOL!

your writer, Erika.

School picture

Today I am having a little spa day because tomorrow we will have our class picture taken and the individual photos and the school picture (which you barley see your self on). So I want to look good. Later I am going to dig through my closet to find something awesome to wear tomorrow. Ok, the picture is taken in the afternoon, but that means I got to be extra careful at HK (cooking class or whatever you call it). I don't remember what we are going to cook. I wasn't there last week because I was sick but my partner is Agnes and she told me what she choice. We have that class after lunch and tomorrows lunch is wholemeal pancakes, I can't eat to much at lunch because then I won't be able to eat what we're cooking.
Today at PE we had to run like 2km in the forest. But I didn't do that I took a shortcut because I wanted to shower at home (I don't like the showers at school, they smell weird. No one even shower in school, not any of my friends).
On friday Get Smart …

Great news

Agnes told me she read my blog yesterday. She said she thought it was good even tough it's on english and not swedish.
Barnkanalen and SVT1 are showing Hannah Montana mondays to fridays at 4:05 pm and is in the right order and not just any episode from any of the two seasons (like they do on Disney Channel). An other great thing is that the official trailer for Keith has come out! I saw it on Jesse McCartney's official youtube. I wonder when the movie comes out. Ok, I just looked it up on IMDb and there it says the the movie will premiere September 13th in the US. I hopes it comes to Sweden!
Now I have to end this because I have homework to do.

your writer, Erika.

Best New Artist

Today me and Agnes and the new girl - Grecia - had a funny discussion. We talked about who we thought would win Best New Artist at the 2008 MTV VMA's. Me and Grecia think Miley (Cyrus) has a better chance at winning then Tokio Hotel. I mean she bigger in the US then TH is. The event is bigger in the US to then any where else in the world. So I think Miley has a better chance at winning. But then we have Taylor Swift and some other people that are more loved and know in the US. I don't know who is going to win, but I think Miley has a really good chance at it.
I am really glad that my friend - Agnes - has gotten obsessed with Tokio Hotel. Because back in fifth grade I was kind of obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. It's true! I all the Sweet 16 books and both New York Minute books and all three Graduation Summer books and movies and magazines and posters. I think I never been such a huge fan of anyone or anything a I were to those two. It's weird, I could spend all…

Demi Lovato - Get Back - Official Music Video (HQ)

Guys x4

Hi, sorry I didn't update last night! I was really sick but I am better now so don't worry! I bought a FRIDA magazine today and there was an interview with Kevin Jonas. In the interview he said at the cd signing (they had in Stockholm back in June) there was about 400 people. He said the he was amazed that there was so many fans there waiting for him and his brothers when they never been here before! OMG, like they are surprised, what did they expect?! They are the Jonas Brothers! They are going to be one of those bands that other bands in 50 years get compared to!
Well, there is this guy (he's a Swedish singer and he's really cute and talented), Jonathan Fagerlund and he is playing on GrönaLund tomorrow, I think. There's this contest that if you are there at 12 am and say hello to his dog you could win a few signed stuff. That's so cool, so I am going to try to be there. He's so nice (Jonathan), every time I write to him on myspace he writes back! That'…