Big day, big day

What's up everybody? Today is a big day, it's the presidential election in the USA. I am rooting for Barack Obama. Not because he's black, just because I think he's better then John McCain. Last weekend when I was in shopping I went to a bookstore. When I was on my way out I saw both Obama's and McCain's books. On the cover of John McCain's book there was a picture of him when he as younger and I got to admit that he was kind of cute then. He's not cute now, he's ugly. Someone that's really cute is Travis Stork from the TV show The Doctors (and aslo - apparently - Carrie Underwood's boyfriend). You watch the show. It's really interesting. It's at TV4 mondays-fridays at 4:55 pm.
Agnes want me to upload more pictures of myself on the blog, and so here's of (that you also can find among my pictures on myspace) me and Maja:
The picture is from last year at MIKA's concert. I know you can barely see me but I like this picture. There was this girl in front of us with this really curly hair and I asked Maja if she thought I should touch the hair. She said:"No you can't do that". I was like "Of course I can" and so I did. Quite soft I remember. LOL.
Just remember to vote in the presidential election today if you live in the US.
your writer, Erika.


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