One Of The Boys

What's up boys and girls! Right now I am listening to Katy Perry cd One Of The Boys. I love her cd, it's really good! My favorite songs are probably Waking Up In Vegas, Hot N Cold and If You Can Afford Me.
Does anyone out there watch Idol (the swedish version)? I do and I am fucking sick and tired of Anna Bergendahl and John Palm. I don't like them!! I hope they get voted off soon! I want to see Alice and Kevin in the finals. They are so amazingly (I know that's not a word) amazing! I just love them! Even if one of the don't win they should get a record deal. Last friday Alice sang a Kiss song and somehow Kiss saw her performance and put it up on their website! Doesn't that just scream talent! If Kiss gets impressed by her you definitely know that she has talent.

your writer, Erika.


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