The Secret Life Of A Swedish Teenager

I just found out that a new show called The Secret Life of An American Teenager is starting on TV400. I can't wait. It seems really good! Oh, not tomorrow but the monday after that 90210 will start on TV400, yeah! I hope it's good. My mom said that the show have gotten really bad critic. Well I don't care. Why should I?! I just do what I want. That's how life you be ;)!
Did anyone in Sweden besides me saw Chris Rock: Kill The Messenger last night of SVT2? I did. Wow, that man is hilarious! I wish he would come to Sweden and do some stand up, I would go if he did! Charlie Murhpy always comes here at least once a year but I've never seen him. There was like a whole comedy night at SVT2 last night. I loved Spencer Brown! He was hilarious. The also show The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour and Ahmed Ahmed was hilarious. The thing about the terrorist and hotmail was kind of funny. I love comedy! I love to laugh!

your writer, Erika.


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