Saying hello from an other place

Hola! What's up my peeps! LOL. I came home from school about an hour and a half ago and right now I am watching Hannah Montana, We're All In This Date Together, on Barnkanalen. But it's soon over but then I just witch over to Disney Channel for an other episode. Which I just did and there's, Schooly Bully - I think that's the name of the episode.
So yesterday was Fathers day here in Sweden. I gave Kaj - I known him my whole life and he's practical my dad - a sudoku magazine. He's into that. I don't get the whole sudoku thing I'll just stick to my crosswords! That's what I am good at.
I am using mom laptop and when I told her I did she almost got mad! What's up with that?!?! She said I had to ask her before I use it. Come on! Do you think that's fare? It's not like I am going to download stuff on it. Don't even download stuff on my computer, ok, just stuff I buy. Like songs from or iTunes. Soon The Doctors starts and I am going to do the salad for the dinner so bye!

your writer, Erika.


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