I went shopping today and found this really cool necklace! Isn't it beautiful! Can you see that it's Tinkerbell. I just had to buy it when I saw that it was Tinkerbell. Yesterday when I went to Kista galleria (which is a mall) I went to a store called Bredenberg. I have never been in that store before because all their clothes look like their for old ladies. Well, anyway I found this amazing green dress and when I saw it I immediately thought about her (Tinkerbell). That dress was really beautiful and expensive! I so want. If I bought it wouldn't know when to wear it. But who cares! You don't have to buy a dress just for a special occasion, you can just buy because it's beautiful!
Now the Haunted Manson starts and I am going to watch it so good bye to my loyal readers.

your writer, Erika.


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